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As a child porridge we perceived solely as a punishment. But with the years we realized that it is not only tasty, but also useful. Of course, if the porridge to cook properly.

Species cooking semolina may
be multiple - cereal with milk or water. Knowing how to cook porridge, you can do it on the basis of delicious desserts, such as pudding cold,
which really is not inferior to the famous Italian panna cotta.

How useful semolina

Semolina contains a lot of vitamins and
fiber, but there are useful carbohydrates and easily digestible protein. It
is able to charge the useful energy for the whole day.

In addition, it is this porridge is recommended for people with
weak stomach, stomach problems. It has cathartic properties
therefore helps calm aggravation of chronic diseases. 

Porridge strengthens
bones and teeth, as a source of calcium. Shows semolina and those who are ill
renal failure and those with chronic fatigue. After surgical
intervention, severe diseases, physical exhaustion, and in the process of
rehabilitation, doctors strongly recommend this particular mess. In addition, this
product is hypoallergenic.

But we must remember that the semolina enough calories, so
use it to people with excess weight and follow a diet worth dosed. 

To learn how to cook porridge, as well as a few secrets of the preparation
described below.

Secret №
1: mix water with milk

Even if you strictly follow the amount of
consumed milk in your diet, porridge should always be prepared with
the addition of milk. Adding milk at least in the ratio of 1 to 3 in favor of water, you
change the taste and aroma of the best. If milk is low-fat, then add it can be
more if the body fat percentage is high, then add it to a lesser extent.

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The secret number
2: Observe the proportions

To porridge turned out tasty, it is necessary to strictly
respect the proportions of the products. It depends on whether your porridge get
too thin or too thick. In order to get ideal porridge
consistency, per liter of milk (or a mixture of milk and water) must pour 6 table
spoons semolina. That this proportion will help get to the end of cooking porridge average
of density.

Secret number
3: properly fall asleep semolina

Munk is always introduced into the milk even after
it boil. Absorb semolina need to slowly, stirring constantly. That
is the secret of porridge without unpleasant lumps. So that no lumps, there is one simple way - you need to slightly moisten the semolina with cold water and then pour boiling liquid. 

Secret number
4: improve the taste

Salt and sugar, semolina is necessary at the stage of
boiling liquid, it will improve the palatability of the future porridge. We recommend
adding a little butter, however, it should be done only in the finished
pulp. If you do not like the taste of this dish, the experiment with
additives - dried fruits, candied fruits, nuts, seeds, fresh berries, jams and fruit pieces. You can cook porridge on the scalded milk, then the taste will be more
tender and creamy with a pleasant note.

The secret number
5: boil the milk correctly

If you do not want to eat porridge baked-on, before
the way for it to boil milk, rinse the pan with ice water. You can also add a few tablespoons of cold water or ice cube before pouring milk.
After that, put on fire and do not worry that milk can
burn on.

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The secret to number
6: a more delicate flavor

Semolina cooked no more than 5-7 minutes after
boiling milk. To porridge has become more delicate flavor, it is necessary after
its preparation whisk whisk it together with a piece of butter. Your
porridge will lush and airy. In this dish ideal fresh berries.

Recipe cream of wheat with milk and


  • Milk 200 ml
  • Semolina 1 tbsp. l. with slide
  • Sol Schepotko
  • Sahar 1 h. L.
  • Butter to taste
  • Fresh berries to taste

Cooking method:

  1. Rinse with ice water pot, pour
    milk and bring to a boil.

  2. Add some salt and sweetens milk.

  3. Trickle
    Pour semolina, without stopping to stir.

  4. Cook for about
    5 minutes until complete swelling cereals, stirring constantly.

  5. Adding a finished cereal oil and mix well to
    more airy consistency.

  6. We shift into unit dose plate and sprinkle with berries.

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