Broccoli with egg on a frying pan - perhaps the most simple and also quick dish that you can cook this not only tasty, but also useful vegetable. Broccoli is a close relative of cauliflower for this reason these vegetables are very similar in taste and all the recipes for cauliflower can be safely applied to broccoli.

Fry broccoli in a frying pan can be a variety of ways. For example, vegetables, mushrooms, cheese, meat or eggs. Today we look at how fast to cook fried broccoli with egg in a frying pan. On the palate, this is similar to broccoli broccoli fried in batter, but it turns out it is still more delicate, as the batter contains in its composition of flour and pieces of cabbage are obtained with a lot of dough.

No less delicious is obtained and broccoli with egg and cheese fried in a pan . How to prepare it, I will tell in the end of the main recipe. I did not bother to take a step by step recipe for fried broccoli with egg, because it is very simple, and I think that describe everything will be very clear.


  • Broccoli - 400 gr.
  • Eggs - 2 pcs.
  • Salt - on the tip teaspoon,.
  • Sunflower oil for frying - 50 ml.
  • Cumin or sesame seeds - a small pinch,
  • Parsley - a couple of sprigs.

Broccoli with egg on a frying pan - recipe

Broccoli florets, divide into branches for broccoli salad with tomatoes and cucumbers. Plaque water in the pan. In boiling water add salt. Lay sprigs of broccoli. Uncovered pot cabbage let boil for 4-5 minutes. Inflorescences during this time are soft and twigs are still hardish. Boiled broccoli in a colander fold.


In a small, deep bowl, whisk the egg with salt and black pepper. Chilled broccoli on a plate. Frying broccoli in a frying pan with an egg put poured into it with sunflower oil on the stove and heat it. Sprigs of broccoli dip in the egg and place in the pan. After 2-3 minutes, turn the cabbage shovel. Thus fry and bottom inflorescences. Then another fashionable flip broccoli and roast it from different sides until golden brown.

1_brokkoli with an egg in a frying pan

At this stage of the preparation of meals to the cabbage can add cheese. Hard cheese for that rubbed on a medium or large grater and sprinkle them already fried in egg florets of broccoli. Pan covered with a lid and simmer stand for 2-3 minutes to allow time for the cheese to melt.

Served ready fried broccoli with egg hot. Plate in its sole discretion can be decorated with fresh herbs. Interestingly, even after boiling and frying, strong enough thermal processing broccoli florets remain beautiful green color. I prefer broccoli before serving sprinkle with sesame seeds white or black cumin. Enjoy your meal. I would be glad if this recipe fried broccoli with egg in a frying pan you enjoy. I recommend to cook well and cream of broccoli soup with cream.

3_brokkoli with an egg in a frying pan

Broccoli with egg in a frying pan. A photo

4_brokkoli with an egg in a frying pan

5_brokkoli with an egg in a frying pan


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