with the ability to create their own programs

Table of contents

  1. Specifications
  2. Equipment
  3. Control
  4. Instruction and recipe book
  5. Exploitation
  6. Testing
  7. conclusions

One of the top multivarok Redmond - RMC-250 - has made another step towards the preparation of automation. Now the user is allowed to make changes to the work programs of the algorithm that allows you to easily repeat cooking, for which there was no suitable "standard" program.

multivarka Redmond RMC-250


General characteristics
model nameRedmond RMC-250
A typemultivarka
power consumption860 W
housing material plastic
Case colorblack, gold metallic
bowl capacity4 L (useful volume of 2.8 liters)
material bowlstainless steel
covering the bowl non-stick ceramic Anato
manufacturer's Warranty25 months
control typeelectronic
button typesensory
DisplayLCD with multicolored lights
maintaining temperature24 hours
Delayed start24 hours
indicatorsinclusion, heating
Additional functionsMultipovar, Chef
Weight and dimension
Packaging (W × B × T)43 × 34 × 27 cm
Weight7 kg


Multivarka comes in a cardboard box, equipped with a plastic handle. Strict black immediately adjusts the buyer of the fact that inside is a "serious" instrument that requires self respect. On the box, as is customary in Redmond, depicts a man in futuristic clothes and glasses "from the movie about the future." Also, the buyer will be able to immediately get acquainted with almost all harateristikami device and enjoy the pictures of finished dishes.

multivarka Redmond RMC-250

After opening the box, inside you can find:

  • very multivarku
  • the cup
  • Container-steamer
  • stand for steaming
  • Basket for deep frying
  • pliers to extract the cup
  • measuring cup
  • plastic spoon and ladle
  • holder for spoon
  • silicone spatula
  • recipe book
  • service book
  • instructions
  • with switch power cord
multivarka Redmond RMC-250

It is not hard to notice the number of accessories that comes with this model is close to the potential maximum - there is, and the tongs, facilitating the extraction of hot cups, and even silicone spatula - the subject, in our opinion, is necessary for those who regularly prepares multivarka. It is worth noting that a separate switch on the power cord. With it can completely disconnect the device without removing the plug from the socket.

multivarka Redmond RMC-250

Multivarka outwardly looks like a very high-quality device. High build quality, expensive-looking plastic, chrome roof opening button - all it develops in odnodnoznachno positive impression. Carrying multivarka is equipped with a special pen, which is composed in the normal state and did not interfere in the process of cooking.

It is also worth noting the presence of the mechanism by which the cover is not necessary to hold: it opens, gradually slowing the movement. As a result, no sharp sound, no effect of "jumping Multivarki", a well-known owners of cheaper models.

The inner lid traditionally is removable, in this case it is mounted on the two latches. steam release valve in the new model is removed from the inside after removing the inner cover, fastened to the latch.

multivarka Redmond RMC-250

Bowl, and other accessories

The cup member of the set, not only looks nice, but also produces a quality product impression thickened walls and heavy (830 g) not only allow to provide more uniform heating, but also smooth out temperature variations during power PETN. Due to the ceramic coating products during cooking do not burn or stick to the walls of the bowl (can not remove the bread without any problems).

multivarka Redmond RMC-250

The only disadvantage of this bowl - small volume: a total of 4 liters of which is available for little less than 3 liters (about 2.8). Above this amount there is a danger that the boiling soup will be splashed through parootvedeniya valve.

Additional accessories for this model is almost no (almost everything possible is already included in the package). Those interested can purchase additional jars of yogurt or an extra cup. But vetchinnitsu not get used to this model: it simply will not fit inside. In the future, the manufacturer promises to release additional cups model, but for now is available for purchase only one option, which coincides with the model included in the package.


Multivarka is equipped with an LCD screen with three-color illumination, and is used to control the eight touch keys.

multivarka Redmond RMC-250
  • Heating / Cancel - switching on / off the heating function; interruption of cooking programs; reset input parameters
  • Delay start - enable installation of the delayed start mode; transition to the selection of the minutes / hours in this mode; Record your own cooking program
  • Start / Avtopodogrev - incorporation selected cooking program; pre-shutdown function avtopodogreva
  • t ° CC - switch the temperature setting mode and in the automatic cooking time apps
  • Menu - switch to select the auto cooking program mode; a factory reset of the selected program; Returns to the default settings on all programs
  • - | + - increase / decrease the hours and minutes in the setting modes hours setting cooking time and delay start; reduction temperatures in the automatic program
  • OK - go to the next step in the selection mode, the automatic program, set the time and the cooking temperature, the current time
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All of the buttons, and the screen itself by its size significantly exceed the average. Button labels, program names, the selected temperature and other relevant information will be able to see even people with low vision. In addition, the screen is equipped with tri-color backlit, allowing just a glance to understand that at the moment does multivarka. If the screen is lit in red - is the process of cooking; orange - cooking was over, and moved into multivarka avtopodogreva mode; green - device ready for use, or waits until the delayed start.

multivarka Redmond RMC-250

The following display appears:

  • Temperature values ​​in programs
  • preparation process (a progress bar with divisions)
  • automatic cooking programs
  • / timer indicator of the current time / delay start time
  • Mode current time / delay start time
  • timing mode cooking
  • it functions warming dishes / avtopodogreva

As we can see, the screen displays a virtually all the information that may be required in the process of setting programs or cooking. The interface also does not disappoint: start using multivarka can not even open the manual (of course, to create programs using the "Master Chef" still have to familiarize yourself with the developer's instructions - a process that is far from obvious).

Instruction and recipe book

multivarka Redmond RMC-250

The Regulations annexed to Redmond RMC-250 provides answers to practically all questions that may arise when using the device. Here you can find the table of temperatures in which it is recommended the preparation of various dishes, as well as the table of the recommended time for steaming. The instructions and a detailed description is embedded programs and a table showing the used temperature conditions (unfortunately, when the current temperature is not displayed standard programs).

Cookbook contains 200 recipes, sorted by type:.. Porridges, soups, main dishes, smoking, side dishes, dishes for a couple of salads and appetizers, bread, fondue, etc. Each recipe is accompanied by a color photograph, not only directly on the details page but also in the table of contents, so that meals can be selected "on the picture" directly from the table of contents. Almost every dish has an additional tip: sometimes obvious (serve pea soup with wheat croutons) and sometimes unexpected (to the squid in sour cream, it turns out, is best suited saffron).

Perhaps the only complaint about the recipes - the mysterious word "spices", which can be found on every second page. In most cases it assumed that you already know which spices should be added to rice, and which - in the stuffed eggplant (in some recipes, however, recommended spices listed in the "Board"). Unfortunately, Redmond is in no hurry to please us with new recipes: almost all of the 200 recipes listed in the book, already familiar to us from the book of recipes for Multivarki Redmon RMC-M150. For the average buyer of this fact is likely to go unnoticed, but to us he seems to be alluding to the fact that these models are almost identical in their characteristics.

Indeed, with regard to the available temperature conditions, they are virtually identical: from 35 ° C to 170 ° C at RMC-250 and from 35 ° C to 180 ° C at RMC-M150. Interestingly it turns out that in terms of maximum temperature RMC-250 even represents a kind of step backwards - just increase in maximum temperature from 170 ° C to 180 ° C was one of the major advantages of RMC-M150 with respect to the even older topovoy multivarka Redmond - RMC-M90.


multivarka Redmond RMC-250

It is advisable to use the first wash cup and boiled in water multivarka a half lemon to eliminate technical odor. The rest of the device is fully ready for operation.

The RMC-250 provides 21 automatic program, and the exact same 27 manual adjustment programs (which in fact means that you can independently set from 35 to 170 degrees in increments of 5 degrees temperature). Here is a list of automated programs, whose names speak for themselves:

  • quenching
  • Bakery products
  • Cooking / Beans
  • Soup
  • beam
  • Rice / Grains
  • Pasta
  • steam
  • Pilaf
  • Baby food
  • Cottage cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Languor
  • Game
  • Milk porridge
  • deep-fry
  • Pizza
  • Bread
  • Dessert
  • Express

Of these, particular attention is paid to the program "Game" intended for cooking tough meat and large cuts of meat and poultry to a temperature of 95 ° C, while then - 85 ° C, while also the new program "Cheese", allowing to cook cottage cheese at a temperature of 95 ° C (after 4 watches - 35 ° C). "Deep-fried" mode has been moved to a separate program.

The rest of the suite of programs is fairly standard for a modern multivarok Redmond (this is easy to make yourself by comparing the program to those used in Redmond RMC-M150.

Multivarka allows pre-disable function avtopodogreva. Avtopodogrev also will not turn on when cooking at the level of less than 75 degrees, which is quite logical: if you are going to handle the product at such a low temperature, in addition to heat it at the end of the program is unlikely to be required. In normal mode, the function "Avtopodogrev" will work for 24 hours. At the same time, you can set the function "Delay Start". Installation step will make up 5 minutes.

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Delayed start timer delays the start preparation time to 24 hours. In this case, due to the possibility of the actual time of installation, the user will not have to calculate how much you need to start cooking porridge to get it to 9 am. Note: in the RMC-250 does not need to specify the time of the beginning of the cooking and the time at which the dish should be ready .

In case of power outages in multivarka, there volatile memory, which ensures the preservation of all the custom settings (including delayed start setting) for 2 hours. If during this time the electricity supply will be resumed, multivarka will continue to work in the specified mode.

The "Master Chef"

multivarka Redmond RMC-250

"Master Chef" - the one feature that distinguishes the RMC-250 from the previous models. "Master Chef" allows you to replace any of the preset programs (except software "Yogurt" and "Express") on their own, including up to ten sequential changes in temperature and an indication of the cooking time. This feature can be very useful, for example, in the case of regular cooking, want to perform a sequence of actions. For example, you create a separate program for soup comprising a pre-frying onion or vegetables at a high temperature, and then - lowering to the desired temperature for the boiling water.

Unfortunately, the setup program using the "Master Chef" is only possible directly in the preparation of dishes. So set consecutive sequence of numbers such as "10 minutes at 150 degrees, then 1 hour at 110 and then for another 30 minutes at 85 degrees" does not succeed. I have to honestly wait until multivarka run for the allotted time.

However, in this method, there is a logic: if we cook soup for the first time, it is unlikely to be able to advance up to a minute to guess how long it will take to onions roasting and through much time to pour water. And when you set up the program directly in the preparation of the result is the most similar to it, as if we were repeatedly exposed manually temperature and time using the "multipovar" function.

As a hint to cook at each change of operation mode multivarka will supply the conditioned signal (squeak characteristic). For the same soup, for example, this can mean different stage of cooking: frying onion and vegetables, adding water, etc. As the "master chef" allows you to change the temperature in increments of five degrees, and the time - in increments of a minute, then.. using a short-term increase or decrease in temperature can be customized special events, reminders, allowing time to add in the same soup ingredients requiring bookmarks 15 minutes before end of cooking.

Surely you can think of a few more of these "tricks" that allow to use the "Master Chef" as a timer with a bell. Because this functionality is relatively new, open spaces on the World Wide Web contains not so much information about the cases in which it is the most popular. So be prepared to improvise. Of course, any program at any time to return to its original state and reprogram again.

Care multivarka

multivarka Redmond RMC-250

Multivarka Redmond RMC-250 requires the standard of care: the case and plastic parts is recommended to wipe with a damp cloth, bowl, basket for frying and plastic accessories may be washed in the dishwasher (although cup in most cases easier to wash up in the sink, because cooking for her nothing sticks).


Since the recipe book is virtually identical to the one supplied to the multivarka Redmond RMC-M150, our choice was not particularly great - not to cook the same dish for the second time? For testing, we chose the following dishes:

  1. Tomato cream soup
  2. Casserole with bacon
  3. Salmon with white beans and cream
  4. corn bread
  5. sunflower Halva

Tomato cream soup

multivarka Redmond RMC-250

In this recipe, sliced ​​tomatoes, onions, pepper and ginger, as well as tomato paste, olive oil and adjika for 40 minutes to cook the program "Soup" and then whipped blender until smooth. It turns easy, fast and delicious. In summer, when the heat outside, a soup can be served cold. Winter - can be heated to a quick snack, coming in from the cold. The recipe is easily modified and scaled depending on the amount of vegetables in the house.

The only thing that we would like to draw attention - a danger to miss with the amount of ginger and adzhika. We soup turned too sharp and could easily be called "Mexican." But we still enjoyed it.

Salmon with white beans and cream

multivarka Redmond RMC-250

In a bowl Multivarki laid canned beans, fresh or frozen broccoli, shredded carrots added, after which the whole mixture is poured cream. Laid on top of pieces of salmon (fillets), who sprinkled with grated cheese.


After 45 minutes on the "Quenching" program, the dish is ready. As in the case of soup, all too easy, fast and delicious. It is thanks to such dishes Multivarki began to enjoy a well-deserved popularity. Judge for yourself: no more than five minutes on the need to grate carrots and cheese, and no more than five - to release a piece of fish from the skin and bones. Total ten minutes of pure time - and excellent second set. Soup from a previous prescription required no more.

Total only 20 minutes spent in the kitchen, you can get a complete meal.

Casserole with bacon

multivarka Redmond RMC-250

For this dish is consistently used two cooking mode. First on the program of the same name boiled pasta. During this time, you can just manage to beat eggs with milk, salt and spices. Then, after the water is removed, sliced ​​bacon and pasta are mixed and filled milk-egg mixture. The dish will be ready in 30 minutes spent on the program "pastries." The result was predictable: Imagine pasta, baked omelette. We would recommend to increase the amount of bacon: 150 grams per 200 milliliters of milk, 3 eggs, 150 grams of pasta - it's still not enough.

corn bread

multivarka Redmond RMC-250

This recipe we have tried once to cook during testing Multivarki Redmond RMC-M90. Then we did not work due to technical inconsistencies between the recipe and the program Multivarki. During the Redmond-250 testing we have decided to close the gestalt, and still get to the end in the difficult task of baking. The same recipe was taken: 550 g of wheat flour, 220 g - corn, milk, yeast, vegetable oil, sugar, salt. The dough is kneaded, and then placed in multivarku.

Bread baked three hours where the first hour, in accordance with the work program rules "bread", proofing the dough occurs at a temperature of 35 degrees, and only then begins, actually, the baking process. After the second hour required to turn the bread.

Despite the fact that this time multivarka worked as expected, and bread propeksya result we have still not pleased. Unleavened bread turned too dry inside and crusty outside sufficiently rigid.

What was the reason - you can not say for sure (too many nuances have dough and baking process). Our conclusion, therefore, is that for baking in multivarka must be approached without excessive optimism and remember that the production of bread - not based on a function of the device.

sunflower Halva

Sunflower halvah - perhaps the most interesting for us, though not quite "multivarochny" recipe. According to the instructions, 400 grams of seeds need to fry on the program "Hot" for half an hour, stirring occasionally, and then - to grind until smooth in a blender. The next step - roasting 150 grams of flour.

Thereafter multivarka preparing syrup consisting of equal amounts of sugar, butter and water (100 grams), and which are filled with all ingredients. After repeated mixing decomposed by weight cups and sent in the refrigerator for two hours.

The result - an excellent paste, well familiar to all from childhood. The same taste.


multivarka Redmond RMC-250

Apparently, in regard to e-filling, Redmond RMC-250 is as close to the ceiling multivarok opportunities (in the sense in which we used to take them). In just a few years, these devices have evolved from simple steamers, rice cookers to a sufficiently sophisticated instruments that allow the user to first put their own modes of operation (function "Multipovar"), and now - and create your own program (function "Master Chef").

The next logical step would be to support Bluetooth wireless technology, so we can control the process of making devices with the mobile app. We can "download recipes" in the truest sense of the word - loaded memory device and smart kitchen helper can communicate with us by sending to your smartphone that the time has come to add to the bowl the next ingredient, or invited to the table when the meal will be ready.

You think it comes to that more soon? In fact - much faster than it may seem to many. In 2014, the public was presented the first Multivarki to support Bluetooth, and the sale of such devices, apparently, will be in the second quarter of this year.

Thus, Redmond RMC-250 may be called a transitional link between classical multivarka and "computerized" multivarka from the future.


  • High quality materials and workmanship
  • A large number of recipes
  • A large set of accompanying accessories


  • A small volume of the cup
  • You can not use vetchinnitsu
  • Inability to "pre-program" function "Master Chef"
  • The relatively high price


Average price per
$ 97 (150)
The average price according to Yandex.Market
Offers Redmond RMC-250 according to Yandex.Market
Multivarka Redmond RMC-250
is provided for testing by Redmond

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