Marshmallow cake RECIPE STEP BY STEP

Step by step cake recipe from Zephyr without baking
30 min
200 kcal
5/5 (4)


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Kitchen appliances and utensils:  for the preparation of the cake, we need a mixer, a blender and mixing bowl cream.

What is the easiest way to cook a cake? Of course, the one that does not need an oven. Preparation of dough and baking cakes is very time consuming. And I'll tell you how to make a cake without baking of the marshmallow. If a man wants to surprise his beloved, but does not know how to cook this recipe for it. Dessert cooked very quickly, just 30 minutes.


zephyr500 g
Walnuts200 g
shortbread200 g
bananas3 pcs.
condensed milk2 cans
Butter300 g

It is said that the ancestor of a marshmallow candy, which was prepared in Russia since the XIV century. The structure of pastes included applesauce with sugar. Later there began to add egg white. But it is not whipped, because it was added to improve the color, rather than the form.

French confectioners, trying to reproduce this dessert, add the beaten egg whites. And as a result we received an unusually gentle zephyr. With this exciting story and we start preparing our cake.

Choosing ingredients

What is the composition of the marshmallow most natural and right? This apple puree, sugar and beaten egg whites. This recipe is still used, with only one new feature. It began to add pectin. Along with applesauce use different fruits and berries, which is also quite acceptable. If you are buying a marshmallow white, then it should not be a dye. Artificially colored white marshmallows dye can not be natural.

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Zephyr for marshmallow cake without baking

Good marshmallows in itself must have a white color. The basic rule for choosing one marshmallow - the less chemicals the better. This also applies to condensed milk and butter. If you want to cook a cake without baking of marshmallow cream and make the sour cream, the cream must be chosen fairly thick.

Cake with marshmallows and fruit without baking

  1. Ingredients:
    - Marshmallows - 500 g
    First prepare marshmallows. Cut it along into two parts. Flat pieces will go into the middle of the cake, and the upper part of the leave for the final.Cut the marshmallow cake
  2. Ingredients:
    - Shortbread cookies - 200 g
    - walnuts - 200 g

    Cookies and nuts need to grind in a blender. They are useful for pouring the cake layers.Grind nuts and cookies in a blender

  3. Ingredients:
    - condensed milk - 2 banks.
    - Butter - 300 g
    - Bananas - 3 pieces.

    Cooking cream.
    To do this, beat with a mixer boiled condensed milk and butter. Oil before cooking should be little to stand in a warm and soften.
    Bananas cut into slices.

  4. Form a cake.
    We take pre-sliced marshmallows and spread on a plate of one layer. Cake height depends on the width of plates: it is wider than, the cake below. Cover layer of marshmallow cream, biscuit sprinkle with nuts and spread on top sliced banana.
  5. The next layer is doing the same. At the very top of spread of curly top marshmallow.
  6. Smear cream, sprinkle with remaining cookies with nuts.
  7. Keep the cake in the refrigerator for several hours.

Cake without baking of the marshmallow with condensed milk is ready!

Video Cooking cake

This video shows you how to cook a cake with marshmallow biscuits without baking:

decorate the cake

Decorate a cake can chocolate frosting. I usually decorate desserts with strawberries and kiwi, it seems to me that is ideal. This is a very beautiful fruits, and they look just fine sliced.

On the cake you can put a variety of options for chocolate decorations. From chocolate petals to conventional chocolates. To cake like children, make interesting figures from the mastic. Children love when the dish is not only delicious, but also beautiful.

Marshmallow cake without baking with condensed milk

As a child my mother cooked delicious cheese cake without baking. I still remember the taste. Cake just melted in the mouth. Of the recipes for the lazy housewives I still have a step by step Anthill cake recipe without baking. It is also very easy and quick to prepare cake.

Advice for housewives

I heard that some cooks recommend marshmallow cake put in the fridge for a few days. Then it is better treated and will be even tastier. This is the right advice, if you have the willpower. Zephyr dense enough for impregnation need more time.

In my recipe, there is no essential ingredients, other than a marshmallow. Cake ingredients may be different. The cake that is prepared without baking, with marshmallows, you can use carrots instead of cookies.

How to make a cake without baking marshmallow

The cream can be prepared custard, chocolate, cream, fruit, etc. Cookies and nuts are also added as desired. It can be used not only to nuts walnuts, also here suitable hazelnuts or peanuts. Bananas can be replaced by any other fruit or vegetables in general refuse. Zephyr can be varied , any color and flavor.

Our cake without baking can be made of marshmallow. It all depends on your personal preferences.

I hope that my recipe is useful to you. I welcome your feedback and comments. Bon Appetit!

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