Routings Caesar with shrimps

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Caesar salad with shrimp for the delivery portion

TECHNICAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL MAP number Caesar salad with shrimp for the delivery portion




This technical-technological card is developed in accordance with GOST 31987-2012 and spread on a dish Caesar salad with shrimp for the delivery portion of the object generated by the catering.


  1. Requirements for raw materials


Food raw materials, food products and semi-finished products used to prepare food must comply with current regulations, have the supporting documents proving their safety and quality (certificate of conformity, sanitary-epidemiological certificate, certificate of safety and quality and so on.)




Name of raw materials and productsUConsumption of raw 
    1 order 
   Gross Net 
MIX salads c / p "g60,000 60,000 
Sauce / p Caesar "g30,000 30,000 
Parmesan zachisht.tert s / p "g3,000 3,000 
Shrimp Defrost purified / pg52,000 52,000 
Vegetable oil, refinedml10,300 10,000 
Extra saltg2,000 2,000 
Black pepperg0,100 0,100 
Croutons d / salad c / p "g7,000 7,000 
Tomatoes Cherry communicationg30,000 30,000 
Pesto oil s / p "g2,000 2,000 
Yield dishes (in grams):    170 




.u thawed and peeled shrimp (with tail) make an incision on the back and remove the esophagus, season salt, black pepper and fried in oil pan blur from two sides over 1.5 minutes on each side.

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2. Finished shrimps oil the pesto sauce.

3. Add salad mix Caesar dressing and mix with gloved hands, sprinkle with grated Parmesan.

4. The prepared salad in a bowl put the paste on top and sprinkle with croutons in a circle, the center of the cherry tomatoes, cut in half and spread.

5. Shrimp laid on salad tails to the center tarelki.Primechanie: 1) Salad must be clean, dry and crispy; feeding a chilled plate 2) shrimp should be warm. "



  1. REQUIREMENTS TO, sale and storage


Feeding: meals are prepared directly on the customer's request. Products sold on the stem (export) consumer orders are packed into consumer packages. As a consumer package of containers using polymer materials and lunch boxes allowed authorities for direct contact with food. For each unit of consumer packagings are placed the marking label (qualitative identity), which indicate:

  • Name of product;
  • the name and address of the manufacturer;
  • net weight;
  • the composition of products;
  • information data about the nutritional value of products; -Information on food additives and genetically modified ingredients (if any);
  • date and time of manufacture;
  • storage conditions and shelf life;
  • designation corresponding regulatory or technical document;
  • information on conformity assessment.


Timing of finished products at a temperature of 4 (± 2) ° C ischeslyayutsya the time of its manufacture, indicated on the consumer package and comprise - 12 hours.


Product delivery to the places of its consumption is carried out in accordance with the rules of transportation of perishable goods.


For the delivery of packaged products using the appropriate shipping containers and specialized transport. In use as a transport container cool boxes for transporting articles at a temperature of 2-4 ° C.


Term storage and sale in accordance SanPin2.3.2.1324-03, SanPin2.3.6.1079-01 Note: The routing is based upon the study of the act. According to the physical and chemical indicators meet the requirements of Russian GOST 50763-2007 "Culinary products sold to the population." Microbiological indicators comply with the requirements of SanPiN 2.3.2 1078-01 requirements of Russian GOST.

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6.1 The organoleptic quality indicators:


Appearance - Igridienty salad with souosm lined hill on a dish for feeding on top of them are located in the shrimp pesto, parmesan cheese -Plastic, croutons and cherry tomatoes, sliced.


Color - Characteristic of its component parts, without outside.


Taste and smell - characteristic for members of the food product, without foreign tastes and odors.


6.2 Microbiological and physico-chemical parameters:


For microbiological and physico-chemical parameters of this meal complies with the technical regulations of the Customs Union "On food safety" (TR CU 021/2011)



  1. Food and energy value


mealsezar with shrimpon1 long
     exit 170
proteins fats, carbohydrates, Calorie,
g g g kcal
13.342 30.746 10.477 371.990




Process Engineer:

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