HOW meatballs in kindergarten IN THE OVEN RECIPE

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Step by step recipe for meatballs with rice in a sauce as a kindergarten with photos


60 min.
4 servings

meatballs in kindergarten


Meatballs in kindergarten - the dream and fond memories of any adult. Their gentle unforgettable taste with nothing can not be confused, and so want to prepare their own such meatballs for their loved ones. In order to help you prepare this dish at home, we have prepared a simple step by step recipe with photos. Cooked to the recipe meatballs with rice in tomato-cream sauce can be your specialty. Obtained hearty balls even tastier than burgers and meatballs all because we do not just fry in a pan, but also will simmer in the sauce.

From this recipe, you will learn not only about how to cook meatballs themselves, but also about the process of creating a proper gravy. As a result, we should get a very tender, juicy and tasty meatballs with rice, which can be supplied completely with any side dish or even have just bread. Proceed to cook meatballs from minced meat in kindergarten.


  • ground pork photo
    Minced pork

    (500 g)

  • Round grain rice Polished
    Round grain rice Polished

    (1/2 century).

  • Fresh Onions

    (1 pc.)

  • photo chicken eggs
    Chicken Egg

    (1 pc.)

  • cream photo

    (2 tbsp. L.)

  • product description
    Wheat flour

    (1 tbsp. L.)

  • water feature

    (1 1/2 Art.)

  • product description
    Bay leaf

    (3 pcs.)

  • What is the nutritional value of the product?
    Black pepper

    (to taste)

  • white salt
    Common salt

    (to taste)

preparation steps

  1. For the preparation of meatballs, we first need to thoroughly wash the specified amount of rice, and then another, and boil it until soft. Stuffing sure to cook your own pork or beef, or better half. Rinse the selected piece of meat, pat dry and finely chop it. Then mix the meat with a pre-cooked rice. Bulb onion peel and grate on a medium grater or chop in a blender. Add the onion to the remaining ingredients, to send the same one egg, salt and black pepper to taste.

    preparing stuffing

  2. Stir thoroughly minced until smooth state. Several times repel it on a clean countertop or wall of the same bowl: so he received dense enough for further cooking.

    knead minced

  3. Wet hands forming from the resulting mince small balls as shown in the photo. After each throw out a ball in the flour on all sides to the frying process does not spoil the shape of meatballs.

    forming meatballs

  4. Heat the frying pan with vegetable oil and fry meatballs workpiece thereon to a confident golden brown.

    fried meatballs

  5. We shift fried meatballs with rice in a deep pan. In a separate bowl breed tomato paste in water, a little salt and pour this liquid balls in a pan. At this stage the ship to meatballs bay leaf. Within 10 minutes simmer meatballs on low heat under a closed lid.

    simmer meatballs

  6. Now prepare extra sauce. This quantity of cream breed in a half glass of cold water.

    sauce for meatballs

  7. Carefully poured into the cup one tablespoon of flour, mix thoroughly in order to avoid lumps formed.

    We fall asleep in the flour sauce

  8. After 10 minutes, pour the sour cream sauce Get the meatballs in the pan, close the lid again and keep them simmer another 20 minutes to complete cooking.

    pour sauce meatballs

  9. The finished dish can be served with a variety of side dishes, and only in the form of hot or warm. Now that you know how to cook meatballs with rice as they were trained in the kindergarten.

    delicious meatballs

    Bon Appetit!


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Comments and reviews

User Avatar (Guri) Peskov Constantine

Thank you!
You must have worked, otherwise how do you know the secret recipe in kindergarten? ))))))))

And what is the amount of rice that ???? not indicated !!!!!

Avatar User Info Xcook

You will need 1/2 cup of milled rice Round.

Avatar User Mosiyenko Victoria

In fact, it is very tasty, and the truth as a child) my daughter loved it! Thanks for the recipe!

Thank you for the recipe. Now I prepare for the son.

rice should be boiled until half -gotovnosti

cook always very tasty and no heartburn after meatballs

Avatar User Nemkovich Natalia

Thank you!!! How much tomato paste? Not indicated

Figure Set 1/2 cup. Unknown how much water and tomato paste to fill croquettes. I was told to do in the "eye" of tomato and water, so that almost all were filled. Thank you for the recipe. I made, and my husband loved it. Very tender and tasty turned out!)))

Thank you very much for the recipe. I often make this dish, the daughter comes to visit and enjoy reminiscing about his childhood, but it turned still do not quite like. Thank God think to look in the internet, it got awesome delicious!

Thank you very much for the recipe turned out very tasty and true taste of childhood)

And here I am now in the process. Expectant last 20 minutes))) I hope will Nyama. I want to feed a toddler son and wife (I'm afraid the first refuses, as problematic to get to eat only sweet)

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