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Power mothers with breastfeeding, according to many, - heavy and monotonous routine. They begin to dream of those beautiful moments when we could afford it. There is a longing that can not even kill apple juice. But fortunately, things are not so bad. Proper nutrition - it's not boring, and a strict diet, and the opportunity to thank your body for the nine-month work on child nurturing. And that proper nutrition can be turned into something delicious, unusual and still useful. A healthy body will tell you "thank you", and the mood will be in good shape.

Fish dishes

It's no secret that fish in the diet - the key to your beauty. It contains calcium, iodine, fluorine, useful omega-3 and much more. All of this is responsible for the skin to shine and hair Spikes and bright. For fish dishes is better to choose not allergenic species (eg, salmon). Without risk to the health of the baby can be consumed in your diet: hake, pollock, cod, perch, mullet.

What is so prepared from fish, that will help to diversify the diet? Let's begin with a simple.

Boiled fish (goulash).


  • fish fillets;
  • onion (1 head);
  • green (the beam);
  • cream (2 tablespoons, fat 10%);
  • salt.

Cut the fish fillets into pieces. Place in a saucepan and pour the fish on half capacity. After water boils, add onion and green (e.g. parsley) and salt. Then add sour cream, pre-diluting it with boiled water. Simmer until tender, 10-15 minutes, depending on the number of fish. Serve with mashed potatoes or cereal porridges.

Fish with vegetables and cream sauce.


  • fish (one carcass);
  • Frozen vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots);
  • cream (3 tablespoons, fat 10%);
  • salt.

The fish is cleaned of scales and fins. Rub with salt and wrapped in foil, slightly greased with vegetable oil (tightly wrapped to the juice left in the foil). Frozen vegetables separately boil until half. Put the fish in the oven. Bake in foil for about 20 minutes (baking time may vary from a variety of fish). After carefully to get the fish out of the foil. Lay on a baking sheet, or any other dish for baking. Around the fish and vegetables put all pour cream, previously diluted with water, and fish juice obtained from a foil. Put in the oven for another 10 minutes. Thanks to the Fisheries juice and sour cream, vegetables become more intense taste.

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Fish, stewed with apples.


  • fish fillets;
  • apple (1 x);
  • butter (10 - 15 grams);
  • onion (1 head);
  • cream (2 tablespoons, fat 10%);
  • salt.

Peeled apples cut into slices. Cut the onion into cubes. Bit then apples and onions in butter. Salted fillets add to stewed apples and onions. Simmer, covered for 30 minutes. When serving pour sour cream.

And finally. On the eve of spring holidays we give another recipe, which is very useful for mothers on picnics. When all around enjoying the succulent kebabs, too, I want something like that, but you can not. But you can bake fish in foil. But before you remove it from the barbecue, turn the foil and let the dish breathe smoke. Taste will not worse kebabs.

useful recipes for lactating mothers that cook while breastfeeding, you can eat at GW

Meat dishes

Turkey meat is considered the best source of animal protein, and he, in turn, is needed for your muscles and strength. With its small calorie turkey is very nutritious. It takes cholesterol, improves metabolism, saturates the body with calcium and phosphorus.

Turkey breaded from oat flakes.


  • turkey breast;
  • yogurt (0.5 liters, fat 0 - 1%);
  • Fast Food oat flakes (300 c);
  • salt.

Rinse turkey fillet and nalezaet along (a little beat off). Pour yogurt fillets and add salt. Put into the refrigerator for one hour. Philae will be very soft and gentle. Then dip the fillets in oatmeal batter. Oatmeal can be pre-crushed in a blender or a grinder. Preheat oven to 180 - 200 degrees C. Share fillets in nonstick cookware and bake for 30 minutes.

For those who love red meat, and his life does not see without a good steak, we have prepared a couple of recipes for beef. Beef increases the level of hemoglobin. As the baby gets all the vitamins solely from your milk, you need to take care of their own food.

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Baked zucchini with ground beef and cheese.


  • ground beef (1 kg);
  • potatoes (0.5 kg);
  • small zucchini (3 pieces);
  • onion (1 head);
  • cheese (150 g, fat content - not more than 40%);
  • salt.

Mix ground beef with chopped onion. Spread on a baking ground beef. Season with salt. Rub the potatoes on a coarse grater and spread on top of the ground beef. Clear the squash from the skin, cut into rings or layers (to taste), salt. We put in a preheated 180 ° C oven and bake for about 40 minutes. At the end rub the cheese and put another 5-10 minutes to the cheese has melted and browned. The dish becomes saturated and the air is due to grated potatoes, not lined formations.

Cream soup of beef.


  • beef (300g);
  • Potatoes (200 g);
  • Young squash (1 x);
  • onion (1 head);
  • carrots (1 x);
  • salt.

Boil beef until cooked with a little salt. Remove the meat. Strain the broth. Broth put on fire again. Peel and cut into cubes of potatoes and zucchini. Add to the broth. Carrots and onions can be a bit simmered in a skillet. When the vegetables are cooked, crush them blender right in the pan. The meat cut into cubes or strips and decorate the dish.

useful recipes for lactating mothers that cook while breastfeeding, you can eat at GW

If we want to diversify the menu and make it a little easier, you can prepare this simple vegetable soup.

Cream of leek (after three months).


  • leek (1 x);
  • carrots (1 x);
  • squash (1 x);
  • cauliflower (100 - 200 g);
  • milk (0.5 liters);
  • salt.

Leek cut into rings. Semicircles cut carrots, diced - zucchini. A bit put out the vegetables in the pan. In a separate pan boil the water, then add the milk and boil again. The ratio of water and milk 1: 3. Add chopped cauliflower, boil until cooked, add the cooked vegetables and bring to a boil. Season with salt. The resultant mass was crushed in a blender.

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The soup can be eaten as hot and chilled. To decorate, you can add herbs or white crackers.

useful recipes for lactating mothers that cook while breastfeeding, you can eat at GW

All previous dishes were recipes for the body, and now the recipes for the soul. After all, we have a little sweet tooth.

Baked apples with cream cheese and cinnamon.


  • green apple (4 pieces);
  • fat cottage cheese (1 pack);
  • cinnamon;
  • sugar (to taste)

Cut the apples into the core as possible to leave the hat. Apple curd put inside (if desired podsaharennyh). Cover cap. Share apples in a non-stick or shape on baking. Place in a preheated 150 ° C oven. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Then raise the bonnet, sprinkle with cinnamon and leave in the oven for a couple of minutes.

All the same can be done in the microwave, but here need much less time.

As you can see, proper nutrition does not have to be boring. All you need - a little skill and the right products, and a delicious meal is ready. Do not forget to feed yourself, because it is - a guarantee of good mood and energy, which are so necessary when your kid comes home.


Xenia Yaik specifically for Hipsta Mama.



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