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Porridge and breakfast cereals: the right start to the day

Breakfast - the most important meal of the daily human diet. That breakfast "launches" our digestive tract in the morning and sets the body to work. So the morning meal should be as correct and helpful. Experienced nutritionists recommend starting the day with cereals, namely - with cereals and other grain dishes.

Why cereals? The fact that the grains are rich in fiber, B vitamins, vegetable protein, and, most importantly, the "slow" carbohydrates. It is these carbohydrates are the basis of good porridge as the first meal: our body feels longer satiety without a serious burden on the stomach (unlike, for example, the effect of fast food when hunger comes pretty quickly, even after a large amount of food eaten).

Most easily absorbed by the body rich in carbohydrates oatmeal . A little longer to digest buckwheat, which, however, is rich in iron, potassium and magnesium. The most nourishing porridge for breakfast is rice, which, among other things, coats the stomach "film", protecting it from the harmful effects of all kinds of snacks.

As an alternative to porridge in the morning and can be eaten dry cereal breakfast . Various flakes, spheres, shapes that so like children, are also prepared from cereals -. Buckwheat, rice, corn, oats, etc. For manufacturing such food manufacturers cooked cereals steamed under high pressure. What we simply pour cereal with milk, yogurt or kefir, and enjoy the use of "slow carbs".

Quality breakfast cereals and porridge from well-known manufacturers can be ordered online in the online supermarket "glutton." We have - a wide selection, affordable prices and the fastest delivery. Porridge and breakfast "Beefeaters" - an easy start to your day!

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