JUICY turkey fillet IN THE OVEN

Fillet of turkey in the oven, you can bake several ways. For example use foil or a sleeve for baking. Even more juicy fillet get cream or sour cream. As well as potatoes, tomatoes and cheese.

Meat is considered a dietary and very helpful. Calorie turkey on average 276 kcal. Keep in mind that calorie breast and, for example, the hip will be different. Therefore, if you are dieting, opt for a low-calorie dinner, less fatty parts of the carcass.

Who is often on my blog, know that we love the bird and often prepare interesting dishes from chicken. Today Let us examine step by step the most delicious recipes for roasting turkey breast in the oven. These dishes fit for the holiday table, and on each day. Choose what you like best and cook with pleasure.

In this article:

  1. Baked in foil in the oven turkey breast fillets - Yum
  2. Turkey breast marinated and baked entirely
  3. Turkey in the oven with tomato sauce with potatoes and vegetables
  4. turkey breast in a sleeve with sour cream flavored and juicy
  5. Turkey with apples and oranges with honey sauce

Baked in foil in the oven turkey breast fillets - Yum


This recipe is good for turkey breasts and thighs. Amazing, juicy meat get through kefir marinade, cheese and tomatoes.

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What is needed:


  1. The meat is washed and obsushivayut paper towels. If the fillet pieces are large, then make shallow incisions on the surface with the edge of a knife.  file-indejki-zapechennoe-v-duxovke
  2. In a deep bowl pour kefir and to squeeze the lemon juice. I salt, pepper and pour the seasoning "Provencal herbs" You can add the curry, but I ended up) Stir to dissolve the salt. I soak in the marinade all the pieces of meat. Marina hour - a half.file-indejki-zapechennoe-v-duxovke
  3. Marinate the meat. Each piece of middle fillets spread on a sheet of foil. Even adding some on spoon marinade. And wraps up the corners. A little curl on top of the foil wrapper and as a component in a roasting pan. Embark on a warmed up to 200 deg. oven.file-indejki-zapechennoe-v-duxovke
  4. After 40 min. I got a roasting pan and unwrapped the foil. Each piece of meat laid out on 2 - 3 tomato slices and a pinch of grated cheese.file-indejki-zapechennoe-v-duxovke
  5. And so in the clear bake for another ten minutes.  Here's a yummy turned. The foil was formed a lot of juice. Spread on a plate and pour the juice. Treated to family and friends!file-indejki-zapechennoe-v-duxovke

Turkey in the oven with tomato sauce with potatoes and vegetables


The longer the marinated meat, the juicier and more tender will be the finished dish. Keep this in mind when thinking of cooking. In the recipe I forgot to specify garlic. Take much like it.

What is needed:


How to cook:

  1. My breast and obsushivayut towel. Garlic cleaned, cut in half. And nashpigovyvayu garlic meat, making incisions with the edge of a knife.file-indejki-zapechennoe-v-duxovke
  2.  Mix in a bowl the mustard, vinegar, oil, salt and all the spices. Prepare the marinade. This marinade thoroughly coated with a piece of meat. Covered and left in the refrigerator for 12 hours. If you can not marinate for a long time, at least not less than two hours.   file-indejki-zapechennoe-v-duxovke
  3.  Marinate the meat. I spread the entire piece in a roasting pan and put in, heated to 200 deg. oven.file-indejki-zapechennoe-v-duxovke
  4.  Fried a big piece will be about an hour. Three or four times during the cooking water the carcass precipitated juice. An hour later, I take out, cool, and you can eat. That's so simple, delicious and festive!  file-indejki-zapechennoe-v-duxovke

The following recipe indyushatinki with potatoes, onions and tomatoes from the channel Natali Li


turkey meat in the oven with tomato sauce, potatoes and vegetables - Video Recipe

The following recipe is my favorite. The sleeve is impregnated with a wonderful meat juice and spices. I cook up his sleeve any turkey. Always turns out great!

turkey fillet baked in a sleeve with sour cream; fragrant and juicy


I have a fillet of turkey thigh. The meat itself is juicier than breast. And when cooked in the hole, it just melts in your mouth. In addition, I added a bit of butter and sour cream.

This recipe can not be called low-calorie.

If you do not want excess fat, and can eliminate the butter and sour cream. All the same, the taste will be - delicious

What is needed:


How to cook:

  1. The washed and obsushennoe meat incised in several places. I rubbed on all sides with salt and pepper. The shallow torochke rub orange zest and squeeze the juice. I mix in a glass of orange juice, spices, mustard and olive oil. Zest until left on the sidelines.  file-indejki-zapechennoe-v-duxovke
  2.  Now we use the sleeve for baking. I fix one end of the hose. I lay to the meat and pour the marinade directly into the sleeve. I distribute the marinade over the entire surface of the meat. Tightly knotted the other end of the sleeve.file-indejki-zapechennoe-v-duxovke
  3. I leave the meat to marinate. Once again, the longer the meat is marinated, the better the result. 2-3 hours took. I open one side of the sleeve. Careful not to marinade emerged, take out the meat. Now in those cuts, which I did in the beginning, I invest a small piece of butter.file-indejki-zapechennoe-v-duxovke
  4. Coated with sour cream on all sides and lay back in the bag with the marinade. Now, to get enough sleep to the same finely chopped garlic cloves and orange zest. Again hermetically close the package. I put it in a roasting pan and place in oven at 200 deg. for half an hour. After half an hour to cut and remove the package and let the turkey is baked for half an hour more. Subtract temperature to 160 deg. Yummy indescribable! Be sure to try a little idea for this recipe.turkey breast

Finally, on the channel "naguglit GnBob» delicious, festive dish with fruit and honey.

Turkey breast with apples and oranges with honey sauce

That such mouthwatering recipes we can offer you today. At this until all.

Many thanks for visiting my site! I thank all those who prepared me today. Who ate - Bon appetit!

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