How much salt per kg Minced meat

Interesting new heading - culinary questions. In cooking, as elsewhere - it would seem, everything is clear and not difficult, and we are ready for the knurled often without thinking what, how much and where to put, but sometimes fall into a stupor in elementary situations. Today I cooked minced pork and when it's time to add salt - could not remember how much it should be added, since the stuffing myself, I rarely cook. Then I came to help my mother, who is certainly remembers how much to pour salt into the meat.

Depending on how many stuffing you are cooking, add either one teaspoon of salt (no slides) to 500 g (0.5 kg) of minced or two teaspoons of salt to 1 kg. minced, respectively. Guaranteed not to overdo. I also added a bit of dill and parsley (a very small pinch), and no one complained about the insufficient salting.

Do not forget that even the teaspoons vary in size, but as for me - better sympathetic insufficient salting than to overdo. You can still carry out the experiment and used mustard, though to a lesser proportion, one teaspoon without top 1 kg. minced. Well, consider the spices, which use, they are also partially replace salt. All tasty burgers and meatballs chic!

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