How much is preparing carp in the oven? Cooking time depends on the size of the carcass, cooking recipe, the quality of the fish product.

Rather, in theory, should keep up the fish fillets. Semi-finished product is usually baked in foil or sauce in a sealed container. Please note, if you want to fish on the surface formed the characteristic golden crust, then in the last 15-20 minutes of incubation in the oven cover must be removed, as in the case of foil - to deploy.

It is necessary to expect that for the preparation of fish dishes in the oven at the proper temperature conditions will need from 40 minutes to one and a half hours. Karp - a freshwater fish, hence, the product often has a characteristic odor of marsh.

Getting rid of the smell and the small bones

It is best to cope with the characteristic odor of fresh-water fish salt and lemon. First, the fish need to be cleaned and rinsed, and then treated with salt. The product should be given a few hours pomarinovatsya, and then washed and dried.

Small bones, if you are going to cook the steaks or fillets, you can try to remove from the pulp.


A good way to get rid of small bones - voltage was fish. On the skin makes a lot of cuts and then the fish is fried in a large amount of oil.

Carp cooking time in the oven: for a variety of recipes

If you ever do not prepare the fish, then follow the advice of those who had to do it before. Experienced hostess know exactly how to cook carp in the oven.

However, the quality of the oven, temperature and recipe preparation of meals depends the heat treatment of fish.

Let's start with the simplest - the size and weight of the carcass. Oven carp weighing 1 kilogram, it will take less than 40 minutes at normal temperature. If you're worried that the fish will burn or dry up, the temperature is maintained at an average of 50-60 minutes the product.

More important in determining the optimum baking time to consider the thickness (density) of fish. Large carp require more time - at least 80-90 minutes.


If you are cooking only the fish themselves and not quite sure of your oven can in 40-50 minutes to sniff, look under the foil, to try to plug, that is, to determine the degree of cooking "by eye". The fish is better to overdo than not doderzhat, is safer for your stomach.

How many carp bake in the oven: fish with garnish

Fish with garnish - stuffed or vegetable cushion - is baked in the oven for at least 1 hour 20 minutes. Before you put the product recommended by the oven heated to 200-220 degrees. When the fish is being prepared, the temperature should be gradually reduced to 180, and in some instances, and 160 degrees (160 degrees when baked carp in the test).

On stuffed carp require different times for roasting, stuffing it all depends on the technology.

If you are stuffed with minced fish specially prepared, the ingredients of which have already been partially heat treatment, then baking at an average temperature need an hour - hour and twenty minutes.


Intact carcase, stuffed with vegetables and buckwheat will be baked for at least 80 minutes at 200 degrees, and if the carp plump - the 90-100 minutes.

You do not come to a common denominator, how many carp bake in the oven as long as the first time you try. Note that many housewives say that the same technology for the preparation of a dish they spend different time baking.

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