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Tasty and quick kebab with honey and mustard

Natural desire to cook delicious kebabs, poses the question: how to prepare a tasty marinade? Tasty and quick kebab with honey and mustard - repeatedly proven recipe! Marinade of honey flavored and spicy mustard gives the divine taste of the meat. Seductively delicious, rosy, juicy, incredibly delicious barbecue all have soul. The unusual combination of ingredients for the marinade provides a unique taste and memorable barbecue pork. Spicy piece of the barbecue just melts in your mouth, and the heady aroma of crazy. Do not believe me? Let's prepare together - and you will see for yourself!


  • Pork - 1.5 kilogram;
  • honey - 1 tablespoon;
  • mustard - 1 teaspoon;
  • bow - 0.5 kilogram;
  • salt;
  • seasoning shish kebab.

Tasty and quick kebab with honey and mustard. Step by step recipe

  1. We will use pork (for barbecue meat for this recipe you can use any that you have or that you want) to prepare an incredibly tasty, tempting tasty barbecue.
  2. Very good cooking skewers of fresh meat, not frozen. During freezing the meat loses its flavor and juiciness. And for a tasty barbecue juiciness very important criterion.
  3. Barbecue meat thoroughly and cut away my hymen (if necessary).
  4. Insofar barbecue will cook on the grill, the meat cut into cubes not, and small pieces so that each piece of meat on the barbecue went well and evenly roasted
  5. Onions cleaned from the husk, wash and cut into half rings (if you will cook kebabs on skewers, we can cut into rings).
  6. To marinate the meat for the barbecue, we need a deep dishes (in my case - it is a deep bowl).
  7. The prepared tank ship pork, chopped mash half rings (rings) onion and all mix well. Skewer is very "loved" the bow, so onion should be plenty.
  8. Marinade for barbecue pork is no less important than the good meat. Different recipes use a variety of marinades for pork. Below is the fastest and delicious recipe for a marinade for barbecue pork: on the basis of honey and mustard.
  9. In a separate container, combine mustard and a tablespoon of honey (honey can be taken a little more, it all depends on the amount of meat), and all mix well until smooth.
  10. In the mustard mixture add seasoning Barbecue: and again all thoroughly mixed. If you do not want to use a condiment for barbecue, you can take your favorite seasonings that you and your family like.
  11. Meat with onion salt to taste and mix thoroughly (stir very well need to salt evenly distributed throughout the quantity of meat).
  12. Stunningly delicious marinade into the container ship to the meat and onions, and once again all mix well (so that each piece of meat was marinated, I stirred the meat with his hands).
  13. Pork leave to marinate for one hour under oppression.
  14. After this time, juicy meat with onions marinated spread on a barbecue.
  15. To kebab was succulent, grill meat originally put on the grill with a little bit of fire and bake the pork on both sides (thus on skewers formed flavorful and tender crust and juicy and fat left inside barbecue).
  16. When the skewers on both sides a little zapechetsya, extinguish the fire with water and continue to cook until cooked skewers (skewers should be soft and golden).

Divinely fragrant, moderately spicy, incredibly delicious barbecue cooked pork melts in your mouth. Marinade, prepared on the basis of mustard and honey can be used for any meat. Honey marinade makes the meat incredibly tender. Properly marinated meat will give you an unforgettably delicious barbecue. Following our step by step recipe, barbequing get even for beginners in cooking. "Very tasty" wishes you a good appetite and good spending time in the family circle.




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