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Dear hostess, at a forum charlotte many recipes, but I have never met.

This is my favorite recipe sharlotki.Sostav simplest, can cook even a child-so simple it is prepared! And the taste ... .. good2 good2 good2just melts in your mouth !!! nyam2 nyam2 nyam2

We will need:

9 tablespoons vegetable oil odorless

half cup sugar

cup flour

3 eggs

apples 6-8 medium size pieces

1 teaspoon soda slaked vinegar


Corolla, beat eggs until foaming, then add sugar, baking soda hydrated, keep vzbivat.Dobavlyaem butter.

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Little by little add the flour, whisk, and then interfere with a spoon as dough thickens. Consistency enough liquid and this tyanuchaya.

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Washed apples directly into the dough Chica knife, pieces of random-large melkie.V generally different.

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Peremeshivaem.U we get no apples in the dough and the dough in yablokah.Po mind this apple salad with sauce.

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Form (I was 26 centimeters in diameter), the lubricating oil. We pour out our smes.Stavim in the oven, preheated to 200-220 grams 35-45 minutes. It depends on duhovki.Gotovnost check with a toothpick.

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And here is a piece!

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Very tasty to eat both hot and in a hododnom! girl_in_love(For me it is cold even tastier nyam2)

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