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Salads - always a good thing, tasty and tempting. And even better, when these salads are delicious and prepared quickly.

These are the recipes we have collected for you. Diversify the menu of these delicious dishes!

10 fastest salads that are prepared in 10 minutes
1. Salad from crab sticks with tomatoes

+ crabsticks - 150 g
. Tomato + - 1 pc,
+ garlic - 1 clove,
+ hard cheese,
+ Mayonnaise - 20 g.

Crab sticks cut diagonally into strips.
Tomato cut into strips (excess liquid can be drained).
Cheese rub on a coarse grater.
Squeeze the garlic.

2. Salad "Lady"

+ 300 g of chicken,
+ 150 g cucumbers
+ 150 g of canned peas (1/2 banks)
+ 150 g sour cream,
+ beam dill
+ salt.

Preparation of
Chicken fillet boil for 20 minutes after boiling. Cool.
Cucumbers cut into medium-sized cubes.
Finely chopped dill.
Chicken fillet cut into medium-sized cubes.
Fold in the fillet salad, cucumbers, dill, pea.
Add the sour cream, salt and mix well.

3. Quick salad with beans and crab sticks

+ red kidney beans in their own juice 200g
+ 2-3 boiled eggs,
+ crab sticks 200g
+ sour cream, salt, pepper and herbs.

With beans drained juice.
Crab sticks, eggs and finely chopped greens.
All mix, salt and pepper to taste and add sour cream.

4. Quick and tasty salad with smoked sausage

+ -1 raw carrot pieces,.
+ Cheese - 100 g
+ smoked sausage - 100 g
+ garlic - 3 cloves,
+ mayonnaise - 2 tablespoons
+ Canned corn - 1 small bank
+ salt and pepper to taste .

carrots and grate the cheese.
Sausage cut into strips.
Stir in carrots, cheese, sausage, corn, garlic and mayonnaise. All mix well.
Add salt and pepper and mix again.
Garnish with herbs.

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5. Salad "French"

All ingredients are rubbed on a grater directly into the salad bowl.
+ 2 apples,
+ 4 boiled eggs
+ 2 fresh carrots,
+ mayonnaise
+ onions
+ cheese.

1 layer - scalded bow (bow is possible without), mayonnaise.
Layer 2 - 1 apple, grate, with mayonnaise.
Layer 3 - 2 eggs, grate, with mayonnaise.
Layer 4 - 1 carrot, grate, mayonnaise.
Layer 5 - cheese grate.
Repeat the layers: 1 apple, 2 eggs, 1 carrot, cheese.

6. Salad "Quick and tasty"


+ Cabbage (preferably Beijing)
+ fresh cucumber
+ onions
+ sausage (what you like),
+ mayonnaise
+ spices.

cabbage chop.
Cucumber cut into thick strips.
Sausage cut into strips.
Onions cut into half rings.
Add mayonnaise, salt, pepper, all mixed.

7. Salad with smoked chicken, apple and pineapple

+ smoked chicken breast - 300 g
+ sour-sweet apple - 2 pcs.
+ Fresh or canned pineapple - 250 g
+ Mayonnaise - 3 tablespoons,
+ salt, pepper - to taste.

Preparation of
smoked chicken breast cut into strips. You can take and other chicken parts, such as the hip, but it will need to first understand the meat separated from the bones and skin.
Apple peel and cut into strips.
Pineapple cut into half rings.
All the ingredients combine in a salad bowl, season with salt, pepper and mayonnaise.

8. Salad "Riddle"

+ cheese
+ salami sausage and raw carrots in an amount equal to
+ 1-2 garlic cloves,
+ egg pancakes (4 eggs and 1.5 tablespoons starch).

First, fry the pancakes. To do this, beat the eggs with the starch, add a pinch of salt. It turns about 5 pancakes. Pancakes cut into strips.
Hard cheese and raw carrots grate for Korean carrot. Sausage cut into thin strips. All the mix. Mayonnaise, add garlic to taste and give the salad brew.
Salad can not salt: salted pancakes, sausage and cheese in salting do not need.


9. Salad "Minute"

+ 1 fresh tomato,
+ 100 g. white bread crumbs,
+ 1 processed cheese,
+ greens
+ 1 garlic clove,
+ mayonnaise.

Tomato cut into strips, cheese grate, chop herbs, squeeze the garlic, add the breadcrumbs - all to mix. Mayonnaise.

Salad 10. "Nocturne"

+ chicken breast
+ squid
+ cheese and mayonnaise.
Products are taken in equal proportions.

boiled chicken breast to make out on the fiber (can be substituted for the ham).
Squid boil 3 min., Cleaned, cut into strips.
Cheese cut into strips.
All together, add salt, pepper and mayonnaise.

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