Salad with tuna and celery and apples

tuna salad ingredientsSalad with canned tuna, stalked celery and apple is also preparing quick and easy, just like any other salad with canned fish. The basis for salads with tuna are ingredients such as cucumbers, eggs. These basic ingredients are added to any other at your discretion (potatoes, green peas, tomatoes, and so on. D.)



Today I have a salad of canned tuna with the addition petiolar celery and apple. Celery makes our salad even more useful, and an apple, in my opinion, gives the salad an extra touch of freshness and originality.

Salad recipe with canned tuna, celery and apple


  • Canned tuna 1 can (without oils);
  • apple 1pc (clean).;
  • 1/2 red onion;
  • 3 celery sticks;
  • cucumber 3 pcs .;
  • eggs 3 pcs. ;
  • black pepper (to taste);
  • Salt (to taste);
  • mayonnaise (to taste).

For less calorie mayonnaise embodiment can replace the 10% cream or plain yogurt.

How to prepare a salad with canned tuna, celery and apple

salad with tuna Photo

Apple, celery, eggs, cucumbers, cut and join in a separate bowl. Tuna (drained oil from a jar) mash with a fork and add to the other ingredients, add the spices. Stir. Add to the salad mayonnaise, stir again and serve.

Tuna salad

And if you put a tuna salad in the refrigerator for 2 hours, then the salad taste becomes even more fresh and juicy.


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