P riceIS is a valuable product that replaces the bread, even in some countries. In order to benefit from the food, it is necessary to prepare properly. Fig has absorption function and absorbs harmful substances being natural absorbent. According to some dieticians, rice base of the food pyramid and the person it is a valuable dietary product. Another advantage of this product is a small amount of calories. Rice cooked in different ways, but there is a simple and fast way, which allows you to get a tasty and healthy rice in just 12 minutes.

Many people know that rice can be cooked for 12 minutes, but not everyone knows that there is a particular preparation. Feature is the separation process in the preparation of 3 stages. Throughout these three stages rice should be cooked at a different intensity fire. The first thing to determine is the ratio: 2 cups of rice and 3 cups of water. Rice must be washed and cover with water, tightly cover and put on fire. During cooking, you need to keep an eye on the timer.

In the first step rice is necessary to bring to the boil and cook for exactly 3 minutes at high heat. At the second stage to be boiled rice 7 minutes on medium heat, and a third step of cooking rice is minimal heat for 2 minutes. Cooked rice can not disclose an additional 12 minutes. That is, the preparation of rice in this way will take you exactly 24 minutes, 12 minutes to prepare and 12 minutes to the fact that he stood with the lid closed. Rice turns crumbly and delicious. When will the 12 minutes, you can remove the lid and add the butter and salt to taste.

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