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Tasty tomatoes in a barrelWith the advent of summer, we are glad a wide variety of fruits and vegetables appeared. We use them for food in order to replenish stores of vitamin in your body gradually begin to prepare for winter, zagotavlivaya conservation for the cold season. Each family has its own secret billet conservation. But you always want to please the family with something new and unusual. How can pickle tomatoes in a barrel so that surprise everyone with their taste?


  • Secrets of salting for the winter tomato
  • Salting tomatoes in a barrel (grandmother's recipes)
  • Salting green tomatoes in a barrel (recipes)

Secrets of salting for the winter tomato

Pickle tomatoes for the winter, you can not just drums, but also in ordinary glass jars. The second variant is particularly suitable for those who live in small apartments. Salting principle is the same in all cases and only varies the amount of salt added to the brine. Usual salt proportion is at salting tomato is about 700 grams per 10 liter capacity or 200-250 grams per three-liter jar .

Tomatoes are ripe and soft varieties of salt is best in small containers up to 50 liters, and solid green tomato varieties in barrels. To ripe tomato varieties do not get crushed in a barrel with pickling, they are placed in rows, restyle with the leaves of cherry, currant, or horseradish and add more salt.

Salting tomatoes in a barrel (grandmother's recipes)

Before salting tomato barrel must soak, wash table salt with hot water and disinfected with boiling water to remove the remaining odors.

Recipe 1. Tomatoes in their own juice

  • tomatoes - 20 kg (10 kg for pickling and tomato)
  • grape leaf - 250g
  • Salt - 400g
  • dry mustard - 20 g

Tasty tomatoes in winterPickling tomatoes this way, instead of brine used tomato puree. It is prepared from overripe, but the quality of tomatoes, which are scrolled through a meat grinder. Then a mash is added salt.

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At the bottom of the barrel prearranged laid grape and currant leaves, sprigs of dill and other spices. Then laid perestilali tomatoes and grape leaves.

When the barrel is completely filled, tomatoes filled with tomato puree. Stacked on top of the leaves of horseradish and mustard are poured, to avoid the appearance of mold. On the cover you need to put the oppression that tomatoes are not surfaced.

2. Tomatoes recipe with sweet pepper

  • Tomatoes - 10 kg
  • sweet pepper - 1 kg
  • dill - 1 bunch
  • garlic - 1 head
  • hot pepper - 15-20 grams
  • Brine - 8-10 c 500-700 liters of liquid salt

The original recipe of pickled tomatoesPrepare and my tomatoes and peppers. At the bottom of the tub lay herbs and spices, as well as horse-radish leaves. Now we stack the tomatoes and chopped peppers.

Shifting the tomato and pepper leaves and spices takes place in three stages: at the bottom of the barrel, the middle and the top. At the end pour the brine, put the leaves of horseradish and sprinkle with mustard, then cover with a wooden cover and presses the yoke that tomatoes are not surfaced. After the appearance of fermentation, clean tub with tomatoes in the cellar.

Recipe 3. Tomatoes with cucumber in a barrel

  • Tomatoes - 7 kg
  • cucumbers - 3 kg
  • garlic - 1 head
  • dill - 1 bunch (50-60 gr)
  • horseradish - 1 root (50-60 gr)
  • black pepper - 20-30 grams
  • currant leaves, cherries, horseradish
  • Brine - 8-10 c 500-700 liters of liquid salt

Pickled cucumbers with tomatoes

The first step is to clean the water add salt and make a brine. Now, in a wooden barrel at the bottom put horseradish leaves, cherry and currant leaves, add the fennel, garlic, and most of the cucumber spread on the bottom.

Shift the cucumbers again leaves currants and cherries, add hot peppers, dill, garlic and spread the vegetables. Peppered with leaves again and add the remaining cucumbers and tomatoes.

The top was covered with leaves and sprinkle with horseradish mustard, did not appear to mold. Top cover with a lid and put the yoke. Ideally, they should be kept at room temperature for about a week to ferment, and then they need to be put into the cellar for three to four weeks for prosolki.


Recipe 4. Conventional salting tomatoes in a barrel for the winter

  • Tomatoes - 10 kg
  • dill, parsley - 200-250 gr
  • tumbles - 30-50 gr
  • hot peppers - 20-30 grams
  • garlic - 100 gr
  • currant leaf - 30-40 pc
  • Cherry leaf - 30-40 pc
  • vine leaf - 20-30 pc
  • Brine - 10 liters liquid 700-800 gr salt green tomato and c for red 800-1000

Tomatoes in a barrelTo vegetables not cracked during pickling, you need to choose a barrel with capacity up to 50 liters. Tomatoes are selected one maturity.

Spices in barrels stacked in three rows: the bottom, middle and top.

Vegetables should be packed tightly, so that they are not salted.

At the end of the barrel with tomatoes pour the brine, put the top of the leaves and sprinkle with horseradish mustard in order to avoid the appearance of mold. Take out a keg in the cellar for storage, and after two or three weeks of tomatoes We serve at the table.

Salting green tomatoes in a barrel (recipes)

Recipe 1. Acute tomatoes in a barrel for the winter

  • green tomatoes - 5 kg
  • sweet pepper - 1 kg
  • Red hot pepper - 5 pcs
  • Garlic - 5 heads
  • dill - 2 beam
  • parsley - 2 beam
  • Brine - 5 l water 250-300 gr salt
  • currant leaves and grapes - 50-60 grams

Green canned tomatoMy vegetables. Pepper cut into pods. The capacity of the spread currant leaves, grapes and spices. Top pour tomatoes, sweet peppers and shaken for sealing. We shift back leaves, put the garlic, pepper, dill and parsley. Pour remaining peppers and tomatoes with fill brine. We laid on top of the leaves and sprinkle with horseradish mustard in order to avoid the appearance of mold. At the end of the cover with a lid and put the goods. To start the fermentation process, leaving the tomatoes into two or three days in a room, and then take out in a cool place and wait 3-4 weeks for their prosolki.

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2. Tomatoes recipe with lemon balm and mint

  • Tomatoes - 5 kg
  • dill - 100g
  • parsley - 100 gr
  • lemon balm, peppermint - 15-25 grams
  • hot peppers - 10-15 grams
  • garlic - 50 gr
  • currant leaf - 15-20 pc
  • Cherry leaf - 15-20 pc
  • Brine - 5 l water 350-400 gr salt

Green tomatoes for the winterBefore salting vegetables in a barrel, it must be washed and steamed. If the vegetables are too hard, then put them in boiling water for a minute or two.

We put tomatoes in a barrel rows, periodically shifting their spices and currant leaves and cherries. When laying the tomatoes will need to periodically shake the tub, so that they formed more densely and uniformly prosolilis. After laying tomatoes and spices, pour the brine prepared in a conventional manner: 5 grams of 350-400 liters of water to salt green tomato. As a result, the barrel cover with a lid and put on top of the load. After three or four weeks prosolyatsya tomatoes and will be ready for use.

Recipe 3. Green tomatoes with apples

  • green tomatoes - 5 kg
  • Apples - 1 kg
  • dill, parsley, horseradish - 150 c
  • black currant - 50g
  • cherry leaves - 25 grams
  • Garlic - 3-5 gr
  • red pepper - 7 gr
  • salt - 350 c
  • water - 3.5 l

Tomato recipe with applesCapacity before salting soaked, washed and steamed. On the bottom of the barrel spices spread sheets currant and cherry. Now laid the washed vegetables and apples, while shaking the barrel, so they fit subsided.

Top placing a second green part and fill brine. If the keg stands in a cool place, then began to ferment quickly, pour the hot brine. From above, in order to avoid mold, put the leaves of horseradish and mustard, then cover and oppression.

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