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Cocktail of celery for weight loss


Cocktail celery zhiroszhigayuschim refers to products that are used for effective weight loss. But it is not necessary in this case to neglect physical activity and proper nutrition. By combining the various components of the drink, you can find the most suitable composition of an individual in taste preferences.

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Fruit ofoschnaya mixture may consist of juice from the comminuted plant or its parts to a state of slurry.

Cocktail of celery for weight loss


  • properties cocktail
  • How to cook
    • The classic version
    • Celery and tomatoes
    • Cocktail of celery root
    • Cocktail with grapefruit
    • Cocktails on the basis of yogurt
  • How to drink a cocktail

properties cocktail

Drink celery is unique in that the body spends more calories to digest it than it receives. The use of such a mixture in order to weight loss is due to the substitution of a low-calorie high-calorie food product.

Improving properties of vegetable mixes aimed at weight loss by adjusting an organism to the proper functioning of all the organs, their cleaning and replacement of harmful components in the cells for utility. Drink quickly absorbed by the body, speed up metabolism, nourishes and cleans the cells, strengthens the immune system.

Vegetable fibers vegetable mix allows for a long time to be fed and therefore it often replace breakfast or dinner.

With daily use of celery drink weight will go away steadily at 1.5-2 kg per week, which is the month you can lose up to 8 kg of fat. And it is a few centimeters in the waist and a couple of dress sizes.

People who have an increased acidity of the stomach, may be substituted for fruit and vegetable juice mixes that they are contraindicated.


How to cook

In addition to the main product of the cocktail may include apple, carrot, kiwi, lemon and other fruits and vegetables as desired. Also introduced into the mixture a small amount of honey that would supplement the vitamin and mineral composition. The most popular slimming mixture of celery and apples.

For the preparation of the beverage is mainly used celery stalks, but possible to apply juice plant root. Water use filtered or mineral, but should not use boiling water.

The classic version


  • One green apple (large or two small);
  • 4 celery;
  • Lime juice (lemon can be replaced);
  • 100 ml of water;
  • Frost as desired.

Apples peel and core. The amount of lime juice should be taken to taste. Celery rinsed in running water. In a blender chop the stems and fruit, then add lime juice and water and mix well. Ice in powdered form to add in a glass and pour the finished mixture from the blender.

Celery and tomatoes


  • Half a kilo of celery stalks;
  • 250 grams of green apples;
  • ½ cup of tomato juice without salt;
  • Parsley.

Apples and celery stalks washed, passed through a juicer. Connect with tomato juice cooked, stir. Parsley to take necessary, chop and add to each glass with a drink.

Cocktail of celery root


  • 2 tablespoons celery juice;
  • ½ cup of the juice of green apples;
  • Juice of 4 pieces of carrots;
  • 6 leaves of spinach.

The washed spinach leaves in a blender grind to a pulp. Add to blender celery juice, apples and carrots. Mix.

Cocktail with grapefruit


  • Two celery stalks;
  • Small grapefruit;
  • 3 stalk tarragon;
  • 100 g of ice.

Washed grapefruit split in half and remove the pulp. In a blender to grind all the ingredients except the ice. Ice is added separately to the glass before drinking a cocktail.

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Cocktails on the basis of yogurt


  • 50 g of skim yogurt;
  • 4-6 celery;
  • Lime.

The stems and wash with half a lime (can be less guided by its taste) crushed in a blender. Add yogurt and mix. In the ready-mix can be added bran and replace them breakfast.

How to drink a cocktail

Fruit and vegetable mixes used in the day-long unloading times a week or as a mini diet for weight loss (no more than three days). Steady weight loss is achieved by substituting a cocktail of some dishes with a common table: the richness of the soup, a hearty dinner. Also, a drink made from crushed on the blender celery and other ingredients can fully replace the dinner, as it will contain vegetable fibers. Such a replacement is effective for weight loss.

It is impossible for the rapid weight loss cocktail replace all of the daily ration, as a shortage of protein foods will lead to an imbalance of metabolic processes.

celery drink


The drink is contraindicated in cases of gastritis, gastric ulcers and colitis. Just entering a part of the mix of different ingredients must be weighed against the possibility of allergic reactions to them. Such products should be replaced. After an active workout recuperation is better to use a mix based on yogurt or kefir.

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