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Candy stand
You think what to give your friends at the next party? Again you are going to present flowers and chocolates? Combine those two attributes of a holiday in one gift and try to do a bunch of chocolates with their own hands.

A delightful composition of candy, paper flowers, lush bows, ribbons and other decorative elements will be an unforgettable gift to your loved ones. Make them not so difficult as it seems at first glance. To convince you of this, we have picked up some detailed workshops on the creation of candy bouquets.

Elegant bouquet of poppies

Beauty can and must create his own hands. Conventional candy with the help of simple manipulations are easily converted into a luxury bouquet of poppies.

Master of bright and beautiful bouquets of chocolates: 15 turn-based workshops
To work need:

  • 7 in the form of sweets truffle;
  • corrugated paper;
  • Polypropylene wide and narrow strip;
  • decorative mesh;
  • scissors and clippers;
  • Floral wire;
  • wooden skewers;
  • teip tape;
  • ornamental foliage;
  • lush bow.

Divide each piece of wire into 4 equal parts. Cut thin tape into strips 25 cm long.

Corrugated paper cut 7 rectangles with sides of about 18 * 12cm.

Of each rectangle cut trapezoid as in the photo.

Place the trapezoid onto a rectangle in the middle, place a piece of candy. Fold the paper tight rolls.

Insert the roll of wire from the base candy without puncturing it. Wrap the paper around the wire and fix teip-tape.

Tie the ribbon roll near the top candies.

Spread the edges of the paper, forming a poppy petals.

Similarly prepare another 6 florets.

Pin obtained poppies to wooden skewer teip-tape. Between colors, add in any order greens.

Flower wrap mesh preform and gingerbread bow tie.

Simple tulip from Rafaello

Tulips - a traditional gift for March 8. However, their beauty quickly fades. To avoid disappointment, try to make these elegant flowers of delicious chocolates.

Tulip of Raffaello
To work need:

  • candies;
  • hofrobumaha;
  • Floral wire;
  • scissors;
  • double sided tape;
  • thread;
  • teip tape.

wire loop end of the bend, so you do not accidentally damage the candy.

Wrap it with tape and stick candy.

Cut paper strips about 3 cm wide.

Each strip was cut into 3 parts. In the middle of each strip cut thinning, it would lead to more realistic petals.

Twist the strip in the middle. Then fold it in half, slightly stretching the middle. Thus do 2 more petals.

Ready petals wrap around candy, superimposing them on each other. Secure them with thread and trim the ends. Base bud wrap tape for a more reliable fixation.

For the leaves need 2 rectangles 10 * 3cm. Cut the leaves from them the desired shape, you can use a cardboard template.

Start winding wire teip-tape.

Opposing leaves attach and secure them with tape.

It is a beautiful tulip.

By the same principle do rest of the flowers in the desired quantity.

Tulips from gofrobumagi
Sweet Tulips can be assembled into an elegant bouquet and decorate it with ribbons, paper bows - a perfect sweet gift ready.

Candy stand tulips

Photo: Tatiana Risk

Tulip bud, from which it is easy to get candy

If you are wondering how to get the sweets out of the flower, without destroying man-made beauty, be sure to check out this master class. Step by step pictures will tell you how to collect the tulip bud with captured by the candy .

captured by the tulip bud with candy

Photo: Larisa Teplyakova

Make beautiful flowers and you can on wooden skewers. To gather them into a bouquet, it is better to take advantage of a convenient frame. Its easy to make your own hands from cardboard and foil from the cylinder or food film.

Instructions create a stand looking at a photo.

framework for the bouquet

And you can make a bag cute, see photo instructions:

bag for a bouquet

bag for a bouquet
bag for a bouquet

Fantasy flower with chocolate midway

If you are afraid to start work on the complex compositions, read this u. Detailed description and incremental images can help even a novice to create a suite design his first unusual flowers.

To work need:

  • chocolate candy without candy wrappers;
  • Cigarette paper color;
  • scissors;
  • wooden skewers;
  • teip tape;
  • Scotch;
  • glue gun;
  • cardboard cylinder, e.g., from foil or an edible film;
  • transparent packaging film.

Cut the packaging film (it must be suitable for contact with food products) in the squares 15 * 15 cm. Pierce a chocolate skewer, wrap film and fix the tape.

Cut a large rectangle of tissue paper to its entire width. Screw it in several layers on the cardboard cylinder. On both sides , slide the paper to the center , forming folds.

Carefully remove the cylinder. The resulting accordion fold bagel and cut the excess paper.

Insert the ring in a candy on a stick. Primotat paper taped to the skewer.

Cut an oblong sheet of green paper. Stick it to the skewer using a glue gun.

Wrap the stem of a flower teip-tape.

As you can see, the original flowers are collected at home is a snap. Of them can make a beautiful bouquet, which is exactly win the heart of any sweet tooth.


The queen of flowers is deservedly called the rose. Her elegance and grace worthy of the Incarnation in sweet masterpiece. Of corrugated paper and candy circular shape can be assembled exquisite rose bud.

Such delicate flowers, gathered in a beautiful bouquet of candy, will be a great gift for an anniversary, wedding or any occasion. Steps of manufacturing such a flower shown in incremental photographs.

bouquet of roses and chocolates
If you want to become more familiar with the technique of execution and rose bouquets, see the detailed video tutorial.

Candy bouquet with decoration Organza

If you want to emphasize that it is giving a bouquet of candy, not a flower composition from gofrobumagi - stop your choice on the option open candy. For him, you can choose any candy: toffee, candy, small chocolates. The main thing that they were in a nice wrapper, as it is part of the composition.

bouquet of chocolates Ferrero Rocher

Photo: Tatiana Risk

To work need:

  • Ferrero Rocher chocolates;
  • metallized and plain gofrobumaga;
  • organza;
  • Floral wire;
  • double sided tape;
  • thin golden ribbon.

Metalized paper cut small rectangles on the number of sweets. Wrap them candy, closing half the bottom excess paper twist.

At the tip of the wire make a loop, nanizhite candy without piercing it, and secure with tape. Wrap the wire on the entire length of the tape, and then the paper ribbon.

Organza cut into squares of approximately 20 * 20 cm (depending on the size chocolates) and fold each half. Wrap preform obtained rectangles folded down the middle of the tie and gold ribbon.

Now it is necessary to collect a bouquet. Lock stems adhesive tape, to form the composition held.

Wrap your masterpiece in gofrobumagu, it is desirable to select the tone organza.

You can show imagination and to add the bouquet ribbons, bows or beads. To do this, cut about 2 meters organza turn in its top 1/3, and wrap the bouquet (like candy wrapped in small pieces of organza), tie tightly. Organza obtained in 2 turns. You can add beads, put them on a hot glue, making "zazhimchiki".

Pineapple from bottles and candy Ferrero Rocher

Bottle of champagne and box of chocolates - the perfect gift for any occasion. You think it's trite and boring? Want to impress your friends or to win someone's heart? Spend a little time, show imagination - and the usual gift set will turn into a nice pineapple. With such culinary souvenir handle even an absolute beginner for a design business.

Pineapple of Ferrero chocolates and a bottle of champagne

Photo: Anya Zhuravleva

To work need:

  • the beverage bottle;
  • Ferrero Rocher chocolates or other round in a golden wrapper;
  • sisal yellow (palm fiber);
  • aspidistra green ribbon;
  • glue gun;
  • twine.

Glue on the bottom of the bottle layer sisal.

To this paste the first row chocolates close to each other.

Glue the second row of sisal and candies, place them offset from the first row.

Keep a bottle of paste under this scheme to the neck. The latter should be sisal.

Pineapple leaves cut from the tape aspiridy.

To do this, take 3 strips 10 cm long and 15 cm.

Fold each strip in half twice.

Cut the top corners, mimicking the paper.

Obtained here are toothed workpiece.

Break them into separate leaves.

Glue to the top of the bottle 3 rows of small leaves, then 3 rows of large.

Wrap bottom tow leaves, sinking to the layer sisal, secure adhesive.

If you could not find aspiridu, manufacture leaves of crepe paper or felt .

Such a sweet pineapple handmade not ashamed to present for any occasion.

pineapple from sweets

strawberry berry

Round candy can magically become more and delicious cheesecake. You will need quite a bit of time and materials. Just get acquainted with photos microns.

Photo: Larisa Teplyakova

Still have questions? See a detailed video tutorial. In it, you are sure to find not only answers, but also a remarkable idea of ​​children's bouquet.

Bright sunflower

You want to surprise your loved ones original gift? Prepare for them unusual sunflower of ordinary chocolates. This sweet flower is a perfect and memorable gift.

sunflower of sweets and gofrobumagi

photo: Julia

To work need:

  • round candy wrappers in the dark;
  • orange and green crepe paper;
  • green organza;
  • toothpicks;
  • glue gun;
  • double sided tape;
  • stationery and nail clippers;
  • Styrofoam;
  • knife cutter.

Cut from a thick foam with the desired range of size of sunflower. Obkleyte green blank paper.

Of orange paper, cut a strip of such a length that it was enough to turn three bases. Bandwidth - petals desired length.

Glue a strip of the base.

At each revolution of the paper in turn (on each layer) to make transverse cuts.

Nail scissors, cut the petals of a sunflower.

Double-sided adhesive tape fix the tails of sweets, so they are not stuck. Prepared candies stick to the base.

Cut small squares of organza. Each of these fold in half and glue to half toothpicks.

The resulting paste cornets and midway between the petals of a sunflower.

It was the turn of green paper. Cut a strip out of it on one turn around the base.

Cut it into segments across the width of about 1.5 cm.

Cut the petals, giving them a thumbs convex shape. Glue obtained item to the base.

Each yellow petal is slightly bend the fingers and tighten up for a more realistic look.

sunflower made of sweets
Remarkable sunflower ready. As you can see, you can make it even without practice, and special skills.

sunflower made of sweets
Another idea of ​​such a bouquet on a stem:

sunflower made of sweets on a stalk

A bouquet in a vase

We offer one embodiment of sweet bouquet, which can be manufactured with the child. This interesting composition will please my mother, grandmother or sister on March 8 and birthdays.

To work need:

  • candies in bright candy wrappers;
  • colored cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • wooden skewers;
  • green gouache or acrylic paint;
  • double sided tape;
  • glue gun;
  • opaque vase.

Color skewers green, let them dry. Cardboard draw contour flower with 6 petals. As a template you can use cookie cutters.

Cut the preform. Glue each flower to a painted stick.

Glue candy on cardboard blanks do seredinku contrast.

Cut the petals of green cardboard and glue to the skewers. It remains to put the flowers in a vase. For greater stability can be first put into it a piece of floral foam, or foam, and then stick the flower stems.

sweet daisy

Cute daisy field - another idea of ​​sweet show. She can please a woman of any age. With the process of its assembly you look through Photo-master-class.


Christmas trees

Candy Christmas tree is a perfect gift for the winter holidays. Bright and elegant, she is sure to cheer up his happy owner. You can stock up in advance in bright candy wrappers, and in his spare time to draw such sweet we launched together with the children.

Christmas tree candy

A few ideas for inspiration

the idea of ​​man's own hands bouquet of flowers, nuts and beer

Now that you know how to do a bunch of candy, and can please your loved ones a sweet creativity. Stock up on sweets, improvised materials and good mood - elegant complex compositions and completely unpretentious flowers will be a wonderful gift to you dear people.

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