RECIPE FOR WET Napoleon Sundae

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My firm, family favorite cake friendsrecipe I have for many years, the author - Irina Khlebnikov. Cook it 3 times a year - on New Year's Eve, on her husband's birthday and February 23, Congratulate

cake worth the timenyam2

Korzhi :

Sour - 0.5 cup

margarine or butter - 125 g

Sugar - 0.5 cups

Eggs - 2 pieces

soda - about 1/3 teaspoon of

flour - about 4 cups (cup 3 are added at once, kneaded dough, then the dough is brought to the state when it substantially does not stick to the hands, if necessary by adding some more 1 cup) of

salt on the tip of a knife.

Cream :

Egg - 1 piece

Sugar - 1 cup

flour - 2 tablespoons with slide

Milk - 2.5 cup

Sundae - 200 - 300 ml

Vanilla sugar

Butter - 200 - 250 g

This cream volume enough butt to just smudge unknown, I always do a double portion of cream, because I like very generously coat the cakes. The author, incidentally, is also advised to take a-half portion of the cream, but I went on ... and only a doubleSmile

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Add the sour cream soda and stir.

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Cut cold butter or margarine.

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Add to it 3 cups flour and all grind into crumbs.

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Add sour cream, salt, sugar, eggs and knead the dough

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Not much kneading is necessary, only it is necessary that all components are connected into a single mass. Gradually, in small portions, add the flour until the dough no longer stick to hands. It is not necessary to achieve the absolute non-tackiness. This usually takes 1 cup flour.

This option involves cake large number of very thin cakes - or rather, 15-tonyusenkoy pretonyusenkih.

So, divide the dough into 15 pieces. It is very convenient to do it on the scales.


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Here, I weighed the total test

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I got 15 balls of '75 and more manyusenky kolobochek, I will let the dusting.

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Balls to put in the freezer (not in the fridge!) For 2 hours, and then move into the refrigerator for an hour. Then, out of the refrigerator taken along one ball and rolled on the baking paper is very thin circle.

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I'm doing a circle with a diameter of 24 cm, and circumcised him on the Split bottomed shape corresponding diameter.

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Prick the dough with a fork and move together with the paper on a baking sheet (paper without it you can not move, so you need to roll it on paper). And bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees somewhere for 3-5 minutes until light golden.

While one cake is baking, you are on another sheet of paper kata another cake.

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2 will need a sheet of paper. Baked cake very gently with a spatula to hook and puts on the dish, but on this piece of paper next kata. Flour podpylyat not need anything. Korzhi thin and fragile.

Now Cream:

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Whisk the eggs, sugar and vanilla. Add the flour, melted ice cream, stir until smooth. Then pour half a glass of cold milk, stir.

The rest of the milk, bring almost to a boil and carefully enter into the cream. Put on a little fire and, stirring constantly, bring to a thickened, almost to a boil, but do not boil. Cool to room temperature. Separately, whip the soft butter and add the cooled cream portions, each time carefully whisking.

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Assemble the cake, lubricating cream cakes.

If, during the assembly, some cake cracked, then you should not frighten it, all stick together, stsementiruetsya cream.

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Top and sides I sprinkle almond petals. Since my embellishment problems Smile

cakes need to brew. 2 hours at room temperature, then refrigerated friends

This delicious cake is responsible forempathy3 girl_claping

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