Several ways to cook eggs of carp

Caviar crucian carp shallow, looks unattractive and unappetizing. But with the right choice of prescription and adherence to technology it is possible to prepare an original delicacy that adorn even the most refined table.
caviar carp recipes

Caviar crucian prepared main dishes and snacks
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  • Servings: 6
  • Preparation time: 20 minutes
  • Preparation time: 20 minutes

What to prepare caviar crucian

Fish roe that is rich in proteins, microelements, polyunsaturated acids. In any form, it can with equal advantage to use to enhance immunity, prevention of atherosclerosis, reduction of cholesterol levels. With spring warming and early summer the females mature up to 400 thousand eggs. They can be found when cleaning caught before spawning carp.

Fry the eggs along with fish meaningless. It is too dry and tough. An interesting solution would be cooking hamburgers from this product:

    1. Peel the eggs. Remove it from the fish while brushing, dipping for 10 minutes. in hot water, remove the film from it.
    2. Cook ground beef cutlet. Stir the eggs with a fork, connect with eggs, chopped onion, herbs, semolina, add salt and spices. Without ceasing to stir, gradually add flour until the consistency will not resemble thick cream.
    3. Fry the patties. On a heated pan, pour vegetable oil and a spoon lay out the stuffing, fry on both sides. Lay patties into the pot, add a little water and bay leaf, simmer for 10 minutes. on low heat.

    Cutlets obtained delicate and airy. Serve them hot with a garnish and green salad.

    Recipe salting carp caviar

    This caviar quick pickling and use for sandwiches and snacks as the original. She's not to your taste, like salmon or sturgeon, but at a low cost can be a good alternative for them. For the preparation of such products will need:

    • Eggs - 500 g;
    • salt - 2 tbsp. l .;
    • pepper black pepper - 5 pcs .;
    • Bay leaf.
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    Choose a suitable, freshly caught fish, clean. Reach for the eggs carefully to avoid damage. Cook in this sequence:

      1. Hold the caviar hours in the freezer. This recipe does not provide sufficient heat treatment, and freezing will reduce the likelihood of infection.
      2. Peel the eggs. Rinse well and remove the film pass through a sieve or through a meat grinder. Pour in 5 min. boiling water, sit fine sieve.
      3. Prepare the brine. Dissolve the salt in water, add bay leaf, bring to the boil and cool to 70 ° C.
      4. Pour brine eggs. Leave them for 30 minutes. cool, stirring periodically.
      5. Strain spawn. Stir well and pour the brine into a colander with cheesecloth folded into 2 layers. Wait until the water is completely drained, place the eggs in a jar and refrigerate.

      Egg color is beautiful, a little gold, and the taste of salt in moderation. To smear it on bread and butter and mix with mayonnaise and use as a snack.

      Caviar goes well with potatoes and boiled rice, favorably emphasize its taste. Dishes prepared from it quickly, well absorbed, are not very high in calories.

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