Why, despite the government's promises to reduce prices, the meat on the shelves of Kharkov continues to rise and whether Kharkovites beef and pork shortfall is not threatened? With these questions, "Evening Kharkov" addressed to the experts.

As previously wrote Vgorode,  in Kharkov has risen in price meat

In the meat department of a supermarket crowded Kharkov. However, people are in no hurry to buy food - many are looking at, ask the price, groan and complain about high prices.

"When the meat has become more expensive stops? - asks a rhetorical question cashier Antonina. - Salary added - and still is not enough to have at least once a month, like a real meat cutlet pampered. And the price will jump even after the New Year. "

"And what you want - suddenly explodes silently been listening seller claims. - cows and pigs in povyrezali meat in short supply. That's the price for it and growing. A cattle grow how much it costs? I am from the village - I know. And food, and medicine ... And you all cheaper Give. It will no longer be cheaper, no matter what anyone has promised. "

Head of the department of animal husbandry and breeding work of the Department of Agricultural Development management of agricultural production Hoag Alexander Masuk confirms that the number of pigs and cattle in the Kharkiv really decreased. Why get rid of farm animals and how it affects the price of meat?

pigs is returned,

Combine "Slobozhanskiy" - the largest enterprise in Ukraine on cultivation of pigs - completely changes the population and, of course, for some time ceased its activity, he explained the situation, Alexander Masuk.

"Therefore, given its weight in the region, which is 70% - of course, did not stock. But now he began to slowly recover. Next year will be restored completely and work in full force. pork production volumes will be twice as much as in the current year, - encouraging Alexander. - The fact that we can not at one and the same place for years to breed animals - over time this will lead to the crazy deaths due to health conditions. Therefore, livestock have to be changed periodically, to update, to carry out sanitation and so on. And when in the only large complex with more than half the proportion of temporarily pauses - once sypyatsya indicators. In the presence of such large complexes - it is quite normal wave that comes up - down. " 

In addition, the official said, because of the plague of pigs businesses get rid of this kind of activity, so as not to suffer losses.

"Thus, the number has decreased significantly, pork production decreased - respectively, and the price is greatly increased", - says Alexander Masuk.

Beef pulled pork

But with cattle the situation is reversed, says Alexander Masuk. 

"Due to the fact that the number of cattle decreased - beef production just grew. Since cattle are cut and allowed for meat ", - he explained. 

According to officials, businesses do not want to deal with cattle, just eliminate the industry.


"Why? It is the owners - they are explanations were not allowed, - he says. - Especially since it was dairy companies and dairy industry we absolutely profitable for all these years. Even in the difficult 2016 it was profitable, and in 2017 it will be profitable. That is, who wants to develop, who invest money in production, the training of its professionals, not just sucking out the last juices industry - he gets very good results on a par with European and Israeli. And in the Kharkiv region have such enterprises - they even thought does not occur to quit. " 

Masuk Alexander explains: beef in the Kharkov region is represented in the main by-products - when slaughtered for meat dairy cattle, which has already worked his age. A specialized enterprises for the production of beef in all three. They, by the way, continue to work.

"In the US, for example, enterprises specialized in the production of beef to 80 percent, if not more, and the rest - milk. We, on the contrary. So we have to focus on the production of beef, knit it with livestock - it's even properly ", - he says.

But since now realized slaughter more cattle - that, in fact, it somehow must and beef price appropriately reflected. But this "cows" cost meat continues to grow.

"In fact, here the laws of economics work a little ill - agrees Alexander Masuk. - However, there is an explanation for this. The fact that beef is always more expensive than pork, can not be such that the beef cost 50 hryvnia, and pork 150. And as pork has risen significantly, then it is pulled and the price of beef. Moreover, against the background of general scarcity of meat is increasing in price. Because the balance of meat we share. Besides meat and the production cost increases, which also leads to his rise in price. "

More milk - prices are higher

Thus, the main direction of the cattle in the Kharkiv region - a dairy. And every year, according to Alexander Masjukov, milk production is growing due to modern technology, modern approach to the management of production activities, feeding the animals, and so on. D. 

"The profitability of some of our farms for the production of milk is even higher than in Europe. Europeans simply have nowhere to grow - and they are working on the minimum performance level of profitability. And we have much to develop, - he says. - And many owners who really want to make a profit and to feed their country with quality products - absolutely develop normally and are at the end of the year a very good profitability. " 

And again the question: if the volume of milk increased, why the price for it continues to grow?

"Yes, because rising costs. It's all tied to electricity, energy, fuel, as feed produced with the help of field machinery. And veterinary medicines prices are rising. Again, the wages of workers increased APK - even the official statistics it shows "- says the official.


And the demand for dairy products, according to him, in spite of the increased offer, not falling.

"If there was no demand - and supply, this was not to be. And it is crazy - it is necessary to look at the shelves in supermarkets. After all unsold consignment do not throw - they dismantled buyers means, - said Alexander Masuk. - It is good that the imported goods displace local - again because of the jump in the exchange rate. This served as a kind of support for domestic producers. So we have the Ukrainian products - by the way, very good quality - was a lot more. And that is great".

What to expect from the eggs to the new year

But the production of chicken and eggs in the Kharkiv region increased. 

"Our biggest poultry farm in the Kharkiv region, stopped two years ago, he has launched this year. It works is not at full capacity, but it is enough for the production of eggs has increased almost one and a half times ", - says Alexander Masuk.

However, to predict the price of eggs to the official New Year is not taken.

"The fact is that due to uneven demand is such that a large number of eggs left in the warehouses. And how many of them there - no one but the owners themselves do not know. And when they throw away the eggs on the market - of course, they are cheaper, which is a loss to the manufacturer. And to realize you need to have not deteriorated, - says Alexander Maslyuk. - Plus a huge number of eggs brought to our region from the Kiev region. Still, perhaps the prices are dictated by a monopoly and interconnected in all enterprises. So it is difficult to predict - there is no particular logic ... If the surplus could be at any time to sell abroad - then there would be a steady growth in production and the price would somehow kept, - he says. - But, unfortunately, our production has not yet reached the European level so that we can sell it to the highest bidder. These price spikes occur, and depending on whether sold or not, how much is left and so on. "

Need government support

Is it possible to revive the cattle population in the region? And in general - whether the need is the Kharkiv region?

"I never become attached to so-called tail. I believe that if there is a positive dynamics of productivity, it is the intensification of production. Do we really need the extra tails? In fact, the Kharkiv region itself is 100% provides neither milk nor meat - so it would be desirable. But is there any interested people who want to engage in animal husbandry from scratch "- says Masuk.

According to the official, this is a very complex industry. Here much depends on the weather conditions (because they feed mainly of plant origin), which man has not yet learned to control.


"This is a crazy force majeure - recognizes Alexander Maslyuk. - Will someone from the ground up to take these risks - that is the question. And those who today already available in the livestock - in the area there are companies - they are expanding, building complexes. And that is great".

To develop the production of cattle - need stronger government incentives, says Alexander Masuk.

"Now they come back, and the profile ministry is planning to expand their range. This year is already running a program to support producers in the next scheduled to run two more. The money for the next year, too, already in the budget - larger amounts than this. Therefore, support will be. So far, however, not all industries, but at least a start has already been made, - says the official. - But how do these programs will go to work? Enterprises need to believe again government. After four or five years ago, people have received grants, and then they tortured solid checks. So just nobody wants to communicate. But now it seems to have leveled these facts that have influenced the rejection of state aid. What will happen next - we'll see. "

in terms of figures

According oblstata amounted to 196.5 thousand heads (including cows - 89.3 thousand) on November 1, 2017 in all categories of farms in the region the number of cattle, pigs - 164.6 thousand heads, sheep and goats - 78, 8 thousand, poultry - 8.2 million heads. Compared with same period last year, the number of poultry has increased to 360.9 million heads (4.6%), sheep and goats - 0.1 million heads (0.1%); the number of cattle has decreased by 9 th goals (4.4%, including cows by 2.4%) pigs - at 107.2 million heads (39.4%).

During the ten months of this year the rural farms of Kharkiv was produced 94.4 thousand tons of meat, 456.2 thousand tons of milk, 476.7 million eggs. Compared with the corresponding period 2016, the production of eggs increased to 33.2 million units (7.5%), milk - 2.3 tons (0.5%). meat production (live weight) decreased by 10.7 tonnes (10.2%).

According to Director General Ukrainian association of suppliers of retail chains Alexei Doroshenko, YTD fat has risen in price by 67%, pork - by 37%, beef and chicken - at 27%. For ten months of this year, pork and lard added to the price of UAH 27 per kilogram, beef - 24 UAH, chicken carcass - 11 UAH.

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