Seasoning for kebabs KAMIS


Barbecue - a popular dish, which is considered the birthplace of the Caucasus. There are various ways of making it. Typically skewers are prepared from lamb, pork or beef tenderloin, and poultry. Specially selected ingredients kebab seasonings give unique taste and aroma.

Use seasonings for barbecue and kebab, shawarma and other meat dishes.

Ingredients: Garlic, salt, coriander, red bell pepper, black pepper, sugar, carrots, oregano, white mustard, juniper, allspice, onion, nutmeg, bay leaf.

Spices and seasonings Kamis - this is quality in everything:

  • The highest quality of raw materials, strict control of its biological and mineralogical purity
  • Sterilized, raw materials - unique for the Russian market of raw processing procedure for the destruction of bacteria and germs
  • Full sterile production
  • Unique, improved formulations over the years
  • Packaging, providing better preservation of spices
  • Bright, modern packaging design
  • Premiums and BRC certification.

  • * The manufacturer has the right to change the packaging of the goods without prior notice!

    * The item in the picture may differ from actual product appearance.

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