The article presents the main dishes, appetizers, dessert and their approximate weight to the organization festive table for 10 people.

  1. cold appetizers
  2. The main hot dish
  3. Dessert
Menu birthday (for 10 people)

What a festive event not scheduled, the calculation of the product remains unchanged. Based on many years of experience chefs and restaurateurs calculated that the average rate of food for one person during the feast should be between
one kilogram and a half . If the mass of products for one consumer will be less than one kilogram, guests with half-starved birthday leave. If this figure will exceed half a kilogram, you will have a long time to eat up the remaining products.

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In drawing up the menu for the day of birth it is necessary to take into account the time of year. In the heat of summer it is better to eat light food, such as vegetables, seafood, fruits, requires more soft drinks. In winter, you want something hot and hearty. Paying great attention to the serving of the holiday table, and registration and meals. Do not forget the condiments and beverages, there should be a lot of the most diverse.

cold appetizers

During the celebration of the birth of the first cold dishes appear on the table. There should be several types and in sufficient quantities, as they are on the table until the end of the event. They are comfortable as a light snack between meals as a snack to alcohol. You will need a loaf of white and black bread.


Traditionally, the table is cutting. It should be varied - cold meats, cheeses, vegetables and herbs. 

  1. Meats served at the rate of 100 grams per person. It is easy to calculate that 10 people will need to buy a kilogram of sausage and meat products several species. 
  2. Cheeses need a little bit less, can be cut into 3 kinds of cheese, 250 grams each.
  3. For 10 people is enough to submit two pieces of chopped herring, decorated with greens and onions.
  4. On a plate, place vegetables cut into slices or a plate of tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers. Enough to buy 500 grams of tomatoes and cucumbers, a few bright fleshy peppers, green beam.

Salads on the menu

In the menu of any holiday table are sure to salads. The minimum number of them must be equal to three, one to be minced, the second - the fish, the third - vegetable or exotic. The required amount of lettuce can be calculated based on the rate of consumption of food per person per 200 grams. Therefore, it is necessary to apply to the table
three kinds of lettuce weighing 700-800 grams each. It is more convenient to put two small salad with each salad by placing them on different edges of the table.

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  1. Salad "Moroccan oranges" - excellent dish has a delicate taste and bright view. Unusual, is not bored combination of products will be enjoyed by many. To make it, you'll need two large orange, 300 grams of smoked meat or chicken, three boiled eggs, 120 grams of ham and hard cheese, two or three fresh cucumbers. As spices are mustard beans, lemon juice, olive grass. Salad spread on a dish, the laid green lettuce and dressed with olive oil. Before serving, it is desirable to decorate salad chopped almonds and orange slices.
  2. It will not go unnoticed at the festive table salad "Emperor of squid" with red caviar. He lives up to its grandiose name, has an exquisite delicate taste. To cook it you need 700 grams of boiled squid, 3-4 eggs, peeled sour-sweet apple, stalk leeks, red caviar and mayonnaise. Grind all ingredients, add salt, season with mayonnaise and mix. Arrange the salad in tartlets, garnish with parsley sprigs and several fish eggs.
  3. Very tasty original salad can be prepared from cabbage rolls with omelet. To prepare the omelet batter by combining egg, mayonnaise and flour in equal proportions. Bake some pancakes, hot grease them with mayonnaise, pritrusite chopped parsley and dill, roll roll. Refrigerate. Bowl or bowl semicircular Cover the cling film tightly Put the resulting rolls.
  4. Chop cabbage, remember with salt, add the boiled chicken, shredded carrots and diced canned corn. Season with mayonnaise. Arrange the salad in a bowl on top of the rolls. Seal, cover with foil and chill thoroughly in the refrigerator. Before serving, cover the bowl with a flat plate, flip it over. Unusual light salad will please all.
  5. Food lovers will appreciate the exquisite salad, which includes smoked eel. Tear the spinach leaves and different varieties of lettuce hands, place on plate. Cut triangles and cubes of smoked eel and papayas. Place the lettuce leaves around, lightly grease with a mixture of horseradish and mayonnaise. Garnish with lettuce halves of cherry tomatoes and fresh strawberries.
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You can cook for the holiday table meat or liver roulade, festive sandwiches, tartlets with various fillings, canapés, stuffed tomatoes, snack on chips. But in this case it is desirable to reduce the amount in the menu of salads and slicing.

After cold snacks on the table there are hot dishes. As hot snacks can be fed into julienne personal cocotte, stuffed peppers, hepatic cakes. Weight servings of hot snack must not exceed 100 grams.

The main hot meal for his birthday

Hot dishes on the holiday table can be one or two. If you choose the second option, though one dish is meat, and the second - fish.

Meat dish

Pork with mushrooms and cheese , baked in the oven - a great treat for my birthday. You will need 1 kg of pork fillet, half a kilogram of mushrooms, 400 grams of hard cheese, 2-3 bulbs, sachet of mayonnaise and spices. You first need to boil the mushrooms. Then cut the meat into thin slices, repulse, salt and season with spices. The meat is laid in a refractory bowl and covered with a thin layer of mayonnaise on top of it is sliced thin semicircles onions, mushrooms, a layer of grated cheese. Treats baked for 40 minutes in an oven supplied with hot. As a side dish you can offer baked potatoes.

Fish baked in foil

The oven can bake and
fish , such as trout, salmon, pink salmon. The dish has a spicy sweet and sour taste due to the presence of honey, garlic sauce. Pieces of fish literally melt in your mouth.

The total mass of the hot dishes per person should be approximately 250 grams in view of the garnish.


It is difficult to imagine a birthday without a cake with candles, it is an essential attribute of this holiday. You can move away from tradition to cook for dessert cakes, muffins, cupcakes, ice cream. Without a doubt, everyone will like curd cheesecake, cake soufflé with fruit, tiramisu. On the one person should have
150, a maximum of 200 grams of baking . If the board will be just a cake, its mass must be 1500-2000 grams.

Put a bowl of candy, a saucer with sliced lemon, sockets with jam and honey. On the table must be
fruit . You can place them in whole form in a two-tier bowl and can be arranged on a platter beautiful bright cutting. Do not forget to sprinkle with sliced apple and pear with lemon juice to the fruit is not darkened. To cake served tea or coffee at the request of guests.

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We hope our tips on drawing up the menu to help you cover the festive table, and have a great time.

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