HOLIDAY Honey Spas 2019

HOLIDAY Honey Spas 2019

From year to year the whole Christian people in the end of summer marks three of the Savior: Honey, Apple and Walnut. Dates have not bridge, celebrated in the same number.

Honey Spas in 2019, as in any other year, we will celebrate on August 14. It is considered a great holiday for the entire Christian people.

On this day remember several events that took place in the old days. Honey Spas (it is also called the first or Makoveev Spas) between paganism and Christianity acquired a number of traditions and will, of which you will be able to learn from our article.


  • history of the holiday
  • Folk traditions Honey Spas
  • Signs and bans on Makovey
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history of the holiday

The roots of the festival go back to ancient times, when it celebrated by pagan rites. On this day, our ancestors began an intensive summer gathering honey. And to thank the gods for a bountiful harvest of the first cell in the victim gave the departed spirits.

With the advent of Christianity, the feast acquired a new meaning, but some notes of old folk festival still remained.

The Orthodox Church in this day remembers the events taking place in Constantinople in the IX century. At this time, it was very hot, which contributed to the active development of various infectious diseases. Since the medicine was not yet developed so people get infected died.

Death did not spare anyone, poor and rich, old and the youngest were all subject to its destructive force. In order to somehow prevent this evil church attendants carried the Cross to which during the execution of the Savior was nailed, and marched him around the city. Everyone who touched the Cross, once healed, and the epidemic has receded from the city.

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honey rescued in 2019 the number of

Since then, the tradition has become to hold religious processions. In honor of this event and was given the name of the Savior of the holiday, that is "saved" people to be saved with the help of the Holy Cross from death.

I remember that day and other events, which was another name for this festival - Macovei. Many believe that the name was coined from the word "poppy", but in fact this day is revered family of the Maccabees, taking the Lord's martyrdom.

Events were held in the days of the Old Testament. The Syrian king Antiochus Epiphanes decided to introduce in Jerusalem and in all Judea pagan rites. In the temple he placed the statue of the pagan god Zeus Olympic and forcing people to worship him. However, the Maccabean family - seven brothers and their mother, having a strong faith in God, refused to bow down before an idol. For what the king ordered to bring them to martyrdom in the eyes of the mother.

When they executed six sons, and it came to the last, the very young, the king called the mother to persuade her son to give up the Lord, and thus save their lives.

holiday honey saved

But the mother did not do, and vice versa further strengthens its faith, the young man himself, too, did not accept the word lord and refused to worship the deity.

Seeing this, the king ordered the martyred and youngest son. Standing over the lifeless bodies of his sons, the mother prayed to God, and unable to withstand the mental anguish and went to the Lord.

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Folk traditions Honey Spas

Honey Spas! Even from the very name smells of honey. That same day, beginning beekeepers collect honey. It was believed that if you wait, the sweet treat pack of neighboring bees. Until that day, the honey was forbidden to eat.


Since beekeepers people are very superstitious, even to collect honey they approached very seriously, according to all the traditions of our ancestors established yet. The first cell was pulled in the morning to bring them to the church for the consecration. Then the fun begins the festival.

Orthodox honey saved

Hostess cooked with honey variety of sweet and savory pancakes, muffins, pies, cakes, drinks. And the owners of hives gifts to the kids a treat with fresh crop.

One of the main ingredients on a festive table was also poppy. Large head-domes at this time has ripened. They also carried into the church consecrated and baked with it delicious pastries.

Furthermore honey and poppy hallowed bunches with herbs, which was collected the day before. For a bunch of added marigold, rue, mint, thyme, cornflowers, marigolds. Sanctified bunches kept at home for the images until the spring. It was believed that they protected the home from all sorts of evil. Give healing potions and ill pet.

By the evening the youth arranged festivities in honor of the holiday. Circle dances, sang songs, sprinkled with poppy seeds each other and just having fun. In some areas, young people set the cross on which he put in a pumpkin head with carved eyes, nose and mouth. Inside, lit a candle, and on top adorned with flowers and poppy heads. It called this facility makoveevskim cross. Around him all night festivities were held.

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Signs and bans on Makovey

HONEY SPAS 2019 event

There are a number associated with the holiday will:

  • On the day Macovei should help the poor and widows, to treat their delicious dishes and honey from the new crop, then the Lord will send a blessing in any case.
  • If the shower house consecrated poppy, then it will not be able to proceed with any evil spirit.
  • After Honey Spas horses to the river to bathe longer drove.
  • On the first day of the Savior was saying goodbye to women every sin which they have repented.
  • If Macovei rain will mean fires will be almost no.
  • At Honey Spas summer ends and autumn time began with rain and wind.
  • Very noisy behavior that day is not accepted, as any noise can scare the bees.
  • Get out of a holiday home was prohibited, as were banned any work in the fields.
  • After the Savior began Dormition fast, so on the holiday table should not be greasy food.
  • On this day, with no one, under any circumstances, you should not swear, or wish evil to another person. All negative energy emanating immediately boomerang returns to spewing negativity.

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