Salmon (Atlantic salmon) - the fish species from the genus salmon. Migrating form of aquatic inhabitants of the Atlantic sea. During spawning, the river comes from Spain to the Barents Sea.Its habitat is very wide ranging from the North Atlantic Ocean to the western part of the Arctic Ocean. Lake salmon live in the territory of Russia in the islands of the Kola Peninsula, in Europe - common in Norway, Finland and Sweden.

Salmon can grow up to 1.5 in length and 45 kg weight. Life expectancy can reach 13 years.

It is a valuable food product, not only due to the nutrient-rich and useful properties of meat, but also caviar. To date, widespread cultivation of salmon in vitro (fish farms).

Their structure is similar to that salmon Clupeiformes. The body is long, compressed at the sides. It has fine scales, which easily separates. On the back there are 2 fin, the latter located opposite the anal fin is the typical hallmark for salmon.


Salmon meat has excellent taste. Gently orange color with a characteristic odor. It is easily divided into veins. The salmon contains only skeletal bones and large rib (small in Qarase - does not come across). In the food consumed meat salmon in various forms, it is very much appreciated by gourmets and takes pride of place in the world's kitchens. Very popular are the salmon steaks steamed, grilled, salted and marinated meat consumed as part of a snack. Raw fish prepared as tartar and used in sushi.

Salmon fillet is very easy to prepare and has lots of useful properties, so it should be included in the diet, even the children. It has become fashionable to buy a steak this delicious fish and marinate your own her house. The result is a superior salt and salted salmon bellies or at home without harmful food additives, which also carries the nutritional value of health.


Calorie Salmon (100 g)

proteins, r fats, g Carbohydrates, g kcal
20 8.1 133

As you can see, the meat of salmon is considered to be medium-calorie, in its composition has about 70 grams of cholesterol. Depending on the preparation, calories only will increase (the exception is fish steamed 138-140 kcal).

Vitamins in salmon fillet (100 g)

vitamins Content mg ​​(mcg)
BUT 41 mcg
E 1.8 mg
WITH 2 mg
V1 0.22 mg
B2 0.24 mg
RR 5 mg

The presence of minerals in salmon (100 g)

Macro- and microelements Content mg ​​(mcg)
Potassium 421 mg
Calcium 16 mg
Magnesium 26 mg
Sodium 46 mg
Phosphorus 212 mg
Iron 0.9 mg

Useful properties of salmon

  • the presence of phosphorus in the meat of salmon helps to improve and speed up the brain cells, enhance memory, prevent this dangerous disease such as atherosclerosis. It is recommended to use this fish with systematic and severe mental stress;
  • magnesium contained in brackish and salty salmon, help in the normalization of the functioning of the nervous system. In the same margin of this useful mineral has meat and tilapia (and it is much cheaper);
  • potassium strengthen the cardiovascular system, to adjust blood pressure;
  • useful for using salmon meat in order to prevent problems with eyesight, as it contains enough vitamin A;
  • frequent consumption of salted salmon has a positive effect on the strength and health of nails, teeth, hair;
  • has anti-aging effect at the cellular level and on the organism as a whole, if the food to eat salmon belly flaps you can get a good supply of essential fatty acids;
  • will benefit from immunity, strengthen him, to help in the fight against vitamin deficiency and anemia;
  • It is involved in metabolism, and normalizes it;
  • the most valuable are natural varieties of fish, not reproduced in an industrial environment;
  • It has beneficial effects on the skin, giving it a fresh and smart appearance;
  • Melatonin helps to overcome insomnia;
  • milt and salmon meat itself in moderate amounts used in diets.
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Harm and contraindications from using salmon

  • the most important caveat is allergic to seafood, can be harmful to health;
  • young mothers is contraindicated during breast-feeding in the first months of baby's life;
  • salmon meat is able to accumulate heavy metals such as mercury. It should be a cautious approach to the choice of product.

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