Coffee at night

Does drinking coffee at night? Someone convinced that refreshing drink at night just will not sleep. Others believe that the coffee drunk before bedtime, has a certain hypnotic, sedative action.

For many years, doctors believed that coffee - a beverage that has only a tonic effect, and drink it at night is not recommended - may otherwise have problems with sleep. However, recently there have been several "if" - it turns out, coffee harms sleep is not always.

Much, for example, depends on whether the "lark" man or "owl" . So if a coffee lover prefers to go to bed earlier and get up earlier, coffee can actually cause sleep problems. In other words, the "Lark" coffee at night is better not to drink. Those who live in the "Owl" mode, the coffee is not so bad - they can drink a cup before going to bed without any harm to fall asleep and sleep quality.

One more thing - this is what quantities people drinking coffee . If a day to drink 1-2 small cups, the coffee will only have a tonic effect, and its use for the night is likely to cause problems with sleep. Contact situation for those who drink a lot of coffee (3 cups or more). In this case, coffee can actually give a weak hypnotic effect at night and in the evening. The fact that large amounts of caffeine may produce the opposite effect - not crisp and braked, relaxing.

However, to strive for this is not necessary and, in any case, even if the coffee "helps" you to sleep, it is better to find other means. Coffee at night - not the most useful option , since even if the drink will help you fall asleep, sleep quality is likely to be not very good, you will not be able to fully relax.

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