Do not trust the test preparation of pies, bought in a store. It is almost tasteless. The best recipe for dough pies with milk - made with their own hands. To get it perfect, adhere to a few recommendations:

  1. Is always mixed with each other ingredients same temperature. Better warm.
  2. Wet mixed with moist, dry and dry. Then merge the two substances in one leisurely circular motion.
  3. Knead the dough by hand for fifteen minutes, no less.
  4. If you want the dough for pies with milk yeast, yeast check in advance.

The presence of milk in the test often implies the presence of yeast. Because milk is no such lifting "abilities", like yogurt or whipped eggs. Instead of water, it is added to the dough to obtain a gentle creaminess. It is recommended to take the compressed fresh yeast and not dry, because they are more viable and active. And the dough for fried pies with milk will rise faster. Remember, not past the expiration date on the package is not a guarantee that the yeast is still alive and raise your dough.

The five most commonly used ingredients in recipes to test milk for pies:

ProductCalories kcal per 100gProteins g per 100gFats g 100g100g Carbohydrate g

style="vertical-align: inherit;">The more ingredients in the dough, the more difficult the yeast to raise it. This is especially true of eggs and fats. Correctly calculated the amount of yeast - the first step towards a perfect test. It is important not so much do not report them, how many do not shift. Their excess baking gives an unpleasant bitter taste.

Five fastest recipes dairy dough for pies:

name of the dishCooking timeCalories kcal per 100guser Rating
Yeast dough Pyrozhkov bezoparnym just15 minutes 25760
Dough for pies with dry yeast, kefir2 hours 277+265
Dough for pies with milk and sour cream2 hours 10 minutes 241+1
Soft dough for pies in the oven on milk2 hours 15 minutes 29432
Pyrozhkov dough dry milk and dry yeast2 h 20 min 270+3
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For patties can be prepared on the dough sour milk, as well as on dry powder, to condensed and concentrated. In all cases, the taste of semi-finished product will be different, as well as the structure of pies. If you choose to sour milk, which is somewhat similar to the "unfinished" kefir, your dough for pies with milk without yeast will cost. Instead, add baking soda or baking powder.

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