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The most popular among the population - are apples.

Since apples are the most common fruits, namely apple pie we cook at home more than any other. By the way, the preparation of the pie fillings could be attributed to a separate list of cooking.

Pies can be made from many different types of dough, including: biscuit dough, yeast dough, shortcrust pastry, puff pastry, choux pastry.

In appearance, the pies are divided into open and closed, cooking cakes in this case also differs. In an open pie fruit filling is located on top of the cake. The pie filling such closed placed between two shortcakes. Since ancient times in Russia cakes used for various ceremonies. The wedding cake was served at a wedding, funeral cake - at the wake. There is such a thing as a Christmas cake decorated for a holiday.

Especially loved the pies Russian cuisine. Russian cuisine offers a wide variety of cakes, teaches you how to cook a cake, especially such as: pie, pies, Kurniki, pies, cheesecakes, firmly. Kurnik - a traditional wedding cake.
However, like cakes not only in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Pies often appear on French and American tables.

French cake is called quiche and is a flan made of unsweetened dough, but with a sweet (or meat), stuffed. Pumpkin Pie - a creation of American cuisine. Also in the US like to serve at Christmas Pecan Pie.
Also known Ossetian pies, although they are more like cake. Ossetian pies - a thin cakes of the dough and filling open. Ossetian pies are round or triangular. Once Ossetian pies were made from unleavened dough oven. But now we know a lot of recipes Ossetian pies from yeast dough.

Pies are so popular with consumers that the sites were the special services, which are baked cakes to order delivery.


Of the recipes you can learn how to cook the stuffing all kinds of cakes and pies.
offers a wide variety of cakes, teaches you how to cook a cake, especially such as: pie, pies, Kurniki,

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