FIRST Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine - one of the richest cuisines in the world. Despite the influence of European traditions and the traditions of the peoples of the Middle East, it is incredibly distinctive, and many of the dishes are unique in it. The Georgian cuisine is especially tasty cooked meat and vegetables. For example, the Georgian National spicy soup kharcho long been brewed in many countries, prescription online it easy to cook at home, using beef broth, rice, and optional walnuts. Kitchen West Georgia is famous for its homemade cakes made with cornmeal and millet, which are well suited to soups, main courses and appetizers. Along with the beef here eat mutton and poultry. The country is famous for its dishes of beans, young nettles, spinach and beets. An important place in Georgian cuisine occupy sauces and seasonings. The most famous of them: sacivi, satsebeli and tkemali. Georgia is known for its sweets. For example, a dish pelamushi, gozinakami and churchkhela, which traditionally snack spirits.

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