Salmon must necessarily be present in a dietary ration. Despite the relatively considerable caloric value, this dish is valuable content of essential fatty acids that are essential for our body and that help lose weight properly.

Healthy nutrition is impossible to imagine without the fish. This product not only contains a number of useful properties, but also a product № 1 in a dietary ration. There are many varieties of fish, but none of them can compare to the salmon, which is considered as the most useful fish. The benefits of salmon, about how to include it in the diet menu, today women's magazine tells about diets Dietaklub.

Useful properties of salmon

Beneficial features

Salmon - a fish of the salmon family. This saltwater fish should always be present in the diet of both adults and children.

Use salmon, primarily due to the large content of omega-3 polyunsaturated acids . These acids improve heart function by reducing the risk of heart attacks and heart attacks, as well as help normalize blood pressure. With these helpful fats salmon, and various skin diseases, so the fish is recommended to include in the diet of patients with eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis. Omega-3s have anti-inflammatory properties help to prevent joint disease and even asthma.

Recent studies have shown that the beneficial properties  are indispensable in the fight for beauty and youth. The thing that makes salmon excrete free radicals which accelerate the aging process, and has an antioxidant effect.

When tense and active mental activity be sure to include salmon in your diet. Salmon improving brain function, enhancing the elasticity of blood vessels and increasing the oxygen consumption of brain cells. In addition, the salmon will help you conquer stress and depression.

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Salmon contains many vitamin D, E. From the nutrients should be noted calcium, iodine, sodium, zinc, magnesium, fluorine and phosphorus.

Calorie salted salmon, the benefits of omega 3

Nutritionists advise to include salmon in food during pregnancy, as the fatty acids have a beneficial effect on fetal development.

Salmon: calorie content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates

One of the main advantages of this fish - it is the content of easily digestible protein , which is rich in amino acids. The 100 gram contained 20 grams of protein. For comparison, the average daily rate of the adult human protein intake is about 1.5 grams per 1 kg of body weight. That is, for a person of 60 kg body weight daily rate will be equal to 90 grams of protein. 200 grams of salmon accounts for nearly half the rate of protein per day. As for the fat content of the fish, in contrast to other varieties of fish, fat content is quite large. 100 grams of salmon accounts for about 15 grams of fat, but, as we said above, these fatty acids are very useful for our body and do not go to any comparison with other fats. But carbs this fish does not contain all. As for calorie, it is quite high - 100 grams for about 220 calories.

Because of the relatively considerable caloric  and fat content, this fish is sometimes not included in the diet menu that is in vain.

Do not forget about dietary ways of cooking this fish. After calorie will vary depending on whether you fry it, steamed or boiled. Dietary menu is best suited and steaming decoction. By the way, such methods of preparing salmon is not only to reduce the caloric content of the final, but also allow you to save a maximum of nutrients in the fish.


Calorie salmon, protein content, fat carbohydrates

Calorie boiled salmon is about 167 calories per 100 grams, it fits perfectly into any diet menu. Salmon is good to eat for lunch and dinner along with a portion of fresh vegetables

Most often, we are accustomed to eat salted salmon, and for good reason. It is in the salted salmon retains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals. But the smoked salmon should not be abused, especially in the diet, as smoked products greatly delay the fluid in the body. Salted salmon can be prepared in a large number of dietary dishes, but, first of all, it concerns the salads for weight loss, as well as sushi.

harm salmon

Despite all the beneficial properties , it should be noted that salmon is quite allergenic product and is contraindicated in people with allergies . An allergic reaction is often due to the fact that low-quality manufacturers often embellish the fish to make it more presentable. Better to avoid too much red salmon on the cut. Also, damage is often explained by improper storage, transportation of the fish, cooking method, which can lead to food poisoning. You can not abuse the salted salmon and people with kidney disease and high blood pressure.

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