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Otitis - symptoms and causes, treatment at home

Many had to suffer from otitis media. In fact, ear infections - is a group of inflammatory diseases that can affect different parts of the ear.

Anatomically, the organ of hearing can be divided into three sections: the outer middle and inner ear. This feature of the structure affects the course and symptoms of the disease.

Otitis can be grouped under several grounds and the following types:

  1. downstream otitis disease may be an acute and chronic;
  2. depending on the location of the department: the outer, middle and inner;
  3. taking into account the root cause of inflammation, otitis distinguish infectious and noninfectious.

Ill otitis any person, at any age, but it's still the most susceptible to the disease children up to three years. On the type of inflammation otitis divided into catarrhal, purulent and exudative

What reasons can contribute to an ear infection?

Most often, otitis media develops due to:

  • frequent respiratory infections;
  • chronic nasal processes;
  • sharp differences of atmospheric pressure that occurs during flight in an airplane;
  • reducing the immune forces of the body due to fatigue, stress and change of the seasons;
  • the negative impact of external factors related to environmental degradation, and injuries.
  • getting infections from the outside.

Typical symptoms for otitis

When acute course of the process in patients says:

  • severe pain in the ear, extending to the temporal region;
  • appreciable hearing loss;
  • fever;
  • weakness, headache, dizziness, some cases have vomiting;

Children up to one year in acute otitis refuse to eat, cry, show concern. When you click on the external auditory canal or the tragus of the ear, the kid anxiety increases.

Protracted and chronic otitis media can be determined by the following criteria:

  • intense pain in the ear;
  • a sense of squeezing and filling the ear cavity;
  • congestion and progressive hearing loss;
  • periodically observed excretion of pus from the ear canal.

Methods of treatment of otitis media in the home

Let's start with effective techniques that can be applied mom for suspected otitis media in children. Until the arrival of the doctor, it can drip into the eye of the baby of 1-2 drops of boric alcohol. The rest of the traditional medicine can be used only after consulting a doctor.

Here are some popular recipes:

Walnut oil
Walnut cleaned from the shell and press out the oil using a masher for garlic. Enough drip 1-2 drops into each ear canal.

Infusion of flowers of wormwood

A teaspoon of crushed dried flower pre Artemisia filled with 70 ml of alcohol and infused for ten days in a cool place. Means necessary to moisten a cotton turunda gently lay in the ear and leave overnight. It has anti-inflammatory and warming effect. Method can be applied up to 7 days.

oil propolis

To 15 grams of crushed propolis add any vegetable oil (30 ml). The resulting mixture, stirring occasionally, warming on a steam bath for 1.5 - 2 h. When completely dissolved propolis, wax and settle to the bottom, the tool is considered ready. The preparation is used to wet a cotton swab and turundae which are then introduced into the affected ear.

Good treat otitis and in this manner:

Take a large onion and cut a hole in it, which is then put in a spoonful of mashed teaspoon cumin seeds. Cut a piece of onion close the opening, and the bulb and its contents well to bake in the oven. After cooling down, squeeze the juice and bury it in the form of heat in the affected ear.

After the procedure, close the ear canal with a cotton swab.

Excellent help with otitis thermal procedures. But they should not be done if the body temperature is above normal. You can make the floor of alcohol or vodka compress, as well as for the treatment of frequent use camphor. Means to compress it is necessary to heat and moisten them folded in several layers of cheesecloth.

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The compress is applied to the parotid region, it is placed on top of the mat, a layer of cotton wool, then all fixed tissue or diaper. It is recommended to put a compress on the night.

Good to use at home bags with heated salt and blue lamp, which the patient body is heated three times a day for 15 minutes.

An excellent result gives a warming of onions. For the procedure you need to chop the onion, then wrapped in a lot of fabric and attach to your ear. Top fix compress bandage tight and put the patient on the patient side of moderately hot water bottle.

Of course, all of the above methods can be carried out and the treatment of otitis media in adults.otitis treatment at home

Adults can recommend a very simple and effective way: tear sheet geranium away tangentially separate the third part, and roll into a tight tube, which is then inserted into the ear canal. It is necessary to ensure that the incision is inside the ear. On top of the ear to put cotton wool and wrap a scarf prifiksirovat.

Note that the air should not enter into the ear. After several hours, removed with tweezers from the ear leaf. Geranium becomes dry, brittle and covered with white bloom. The procedure can be repeated several times per day.

To eliminate the pain in the ears used lemon balm, infused vodka. Take 1 part of melissa and 10 - vodka. Need to insist week, then the solution is filtered and instilled into the affected ear 2-3 drops.

At home, easy to prepare yet another vehicle.

The beaker of boiling water to brew five pieces leafs and infuse them for 3 hours in a closed container. Received agent may be instilled into the ears or drink 2 tablespoon three times.

Prevention of otitis

Diseases of the ear is easy to prevent if from an early age to temper the organism, to observe the regime of the day, and the power, not be subjected to hypothermia. In addition, it should be time to treat pockets of infection, including runny nose, and dental caries. It is important to teach a child the child's proper nasal breathing.

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Avoid exposing your ears injury and constantly strengthens the immune system. With his long-term course of otitis sure to contact the medical institution where you will be assigned the appropriate medical therapy.

Adherence to these basic rules allows you to protect yourself from otitis, even for people who are at risk.

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