At the time I stick to the rules of mushrooms: take only what I know. So I tried to just mushrooms and porcini mushrooms. But this year, in July, neighbors nahvastali us several new mushroom recipes, and my father and I scored syroezhek. Fungi were very tasty, and we decided to continue the experiments: cut mushroom language . Neighbors claimed that he - the best in the forest and tastes like meat. I decided not just to cook it separately from the rest of the mushrooms (for the purity of the experiment), but also to make a photo report for you, my dear guests. What if someone else interested in mushroom recipe language! Photo mobile (not taken to the country the camera - in vain, of course) ... But all will describe in more detail how it is possible.

So you cut it and it is in your basket!

CAM01311 CAM01312

And rightly so, that the cut! In the wild mushroom language (second national title - hepatic fungus) is considered a weed, because it destroys the trees, which grow - most often oaks. So, dear tongue, get out-ka you from the tree, but perhaps in the pan - there you belong.

How to clean the liver mushroom?

Hold it in your hands. The lower part of the fungus is hard, and the upper - soft, a little jelly to the touch. The soft part should be cut - for food, she does not go. Clean off her with a knife, starting from the outer edge of the mushroom, and going to the inside, ie the leg.

CAM01316 CAM01323 CAM01325 CAM01328

(Hands Black ... Already two baskets chanterelle looked over ...)

Now, cut the mushrooms into several parts. The flesh of his fair-haired. Soak in water ... Water can instantly turned red, as if you were soaked meat and separates the blood (which is why it, in fact, called hepatic fungus). Maybe you need to change the water.

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CAM01331 CAM01334

How to cook mushroom language?

Boil the tongue 30 minutes.


Discard mushroom in a colander.


Now it can be cut into small pieces, thin stripes or leave it like it is - slices. I cut into cubes.

Fry hepatic mushroom onion in vegetable oil is about 10-20 minutes, at the end prisolit, add pepper and bay leaf.

CAM01352 CAM01357

One mushroom with palm get one or two servings. Language is great for potatoes, pasta or buckwheat.

On the palate it is - something in between mushrooms and smoked ham. Well, it looks like you fry doctor's sausage, ham or the most. Can even deceive the home: say that the sausage cooked and tasted it will suddenly mushroom!


Here's an interesting Mushroom! Not to say that it tastier meat (still compete with a kebab language does not survive), but he certainly is not worse or chanterelle mushrooms. So we will take!

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