Kvass with mint and currant

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    And you tried to brew white currants and mint? What it looks like and what color white kvass tell and show in a response)

    Hello! Finally, in the middle zone of Russia it was summer, and on a hot summer day many will want to freshen up a refreshing kvass. So I reasoned standing at the counter with soft drinks, and for some reason I wanted it kvass.

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    An unusual and refreshing. My favorite brew of "Ochakovo"

    Good day! This brew is sold in our town in the hypermarket "Line", and stands at the moment, 54 rubles. The first time we tried it last summer, and since then has periodically buy, especially in hot weather.

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    White kvass? Seriously ... ✲ Family sekret✲ currant mint. Find out what kind of drink ㋛

    Greetings, readers! On the street the summer ... the sun ... the heat. Many people spend these days on the river, and someone is resting at home. But for all of us, it is important in this hot season to drink more to avoid dehydration) Each of you would say, drink vodichku and you will have happiness))) Yes, the water is really ...

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    Original new, pretty nice and unusual taste! Photo kvass and composition

    One scorching hot day, and we have them, believe me, very often had this summer, and is still going on, my husband and I went to the store and decided to buy kvas, he chose the traditional, and I saw a novelty White kvass and decided to try it.

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