When you want to change the taste of familiar dishes, the sauce can become an indispensable tool of cooking. Recipes so much filling and each dish there will your option, but the cream sauce - is universal. It is prepared simply, and to transform it not worth much effort - just to add a little spice or add the sauce well blended products.

Chicken in cream sauce in a pan - general principles of preparation

• In a frying pan in a creamy sauce often cooked chicken, but it is possible and options when parts of birds used. In any case, pre-fried chicken that came on pieces of golden crust. Prepared in this way the bird has a distinct taste and when extinguishing is not boiled in the sauce obtained.

• When the cream should pay attention to expiration dates and product quality. Fat content can be selected based on your own taste. For a thicker sauce suitable cream 20% fat, can be prepared from slabozhirnyh lighter variants thereof.

• Fillet of chicken breast stuffed frequently and add the vegetables to the sauce, garlic, mushrooms, cheese, tomato.

• Spices - one way to improve the taste characteristics of food, but in this case they should be used very sparingly. You can add fresh herbs - basil or dill most acceptable. Pepper goes well with both chicken and cream sauce. For greater effect, it is better to grind just before adding.

A simple recipe of chicken fillet in cream sauce in a pan with vegetables


• Fresh chicken breast - 600 gr .;

• 20% cream - 150 ml;

• onions;

• fresh tomato;

• 20 gr. frozen cream;

• refined oil - 2 tablespoons;

• Two Bulgarian pepper (red and yellow).

Cooking method:

1. obsushivayut washed in cool water fillets. Cut its neat cubes, chetyrohsantimetrovoy length, at a thickness up to one and a half centimeters.

2. A bulb cut in half, shinkuem finely polukolechkami and fried in a frying pan on a mixture of cream and vegetable oils. We do not give burn on - often stir, cook on low heat.


3. As soon as the onion strips acquire the amber color, add the chicken pieces. Slightly amplify heating fry fillet lung podrumyanivaya to about seven minutes.

4. Sprinkle with pepper, a little prisalivaem. Put the tomatoes in a pan with pepper. Simmer over medium heat for five minutes, and pour cream.

5. On average, heat bring to a boil, set the minimum flame. Cover, simmer chicken in a creamy sauce for three minutes.

Chicken in a creamy sauce with mushrooms in a pan


• medium-sized fresh mushrooms - 200 gr .;

• 300-gram chicken;

• small onion;

• 200 ml of low-percentage cream;

• teaspoon "Peasant" oil;

• 30 ml corn oil;

• garlic;

• chilli - small pod.

Cooking method:

1. We clean the dirt from the mushrooms, washed and cut into plates. Cut into middle-sized pieces of fillet, shinkuem on half rings onion.

2. In a frying pan, a good warm up vegetable oil, dissolve the butter fat. Drop into scorodite chicken pieces and fry on all sides over high heat. We place the onion, fry the fillets with up to transparency. Put the mushrooms to the pan and cook for 5-7 minutes more.

3. Lightly prisalivaem chicken, season with pepper, sprinkle with flour and mix thoroughly. Warm up for two minutes, add a quarter of a spoon of crushed chili peppers.

4. forced through a garlic press the two teeth, with a fillet and stir pour cream. Bring to boiling, remove from heat.

Chicken fillet in cream sauce in a pan stuffed with feta cheese


• salted cheese - 125 gr .;

• 400 gr. chicken;

• srednezhirnyh cup cream;

• postnoe oil;

• fresh chopped parsley and dill - to complete a spoon.

Cooking method:

1. brynza thoroughly mash with a fork and rub on medium grater, add fresh herbs, mix well.

2. wash the breast, wiping the excess water with a towel. With a thicker edge while making a deep cut. Do not cut the edge and the other side, we need a pocket, into which we put the stuffing.

3. Laying the resulting hole in the stomach with green cheese, farshiruem fillets. Wooden skewer (toothpick) firmly embedded in the edge, closing the filled pocket.

4. Heat the pan in about 30 ml of oil, it is omitted in the stuffed fillet and fried on each side until uniform staining.

5. Fill the chicken cream, add quite a bit of salt and about a third of a spoon pounded pepper. Bring to a boil, then lower the nagerv and leave for fifteen minutes under the lid.


Stewed chicken in cream sauce in a pan with cheese


• chicken carcass, up to 1.5 kilograms;

• half a liter of 11% cream;

• 50 mL of lean, winterized oil;

• «Dutch" or "Kostroma" cheese - 120 gr .;

• small onion;

• garlic;

• Spice "For dishes of chicken";

• dark soy sauce.

Cooking method:

1. A bird rinse under running water. Trim off any excess fat and skin, remove the remains of feathers and chopped into small pieces. Laying chicken in a bowl, season with pepper slices or special spices. Add salt, pour three tablespoons of soy sauce, mix well and put them in the refrigerator. Pickle long - quarters of an hour will be enough.

2. In a large skillet, pour very little oil and place on a small fire. Omit the chopped onion and sliced ​​prizharivaem to transparency. Not browning - stir often.

3. Add chicken, slightly increasing heat, simmer for five minutes, then pour the cream into the pan. Slightly prisalivaem, you can put a little spice. Good warm, add melkotorty cheese, crushed garlic, two large teeth. Stir, cover and leave the chicken simmer on low heat until tender, about half an hour.

Chicken in tomato-cream sauce in a pan with basil


• kg of chicken (breast);

• two medium-sized onions;

• 300 ml cream;

• white garlic;

• nearomatnoe postnoe oil;

• tomatoes - 350 gr .;

• fresh basil.

Cooking method:

1. Chicken cut into small pieces. Not cubes and squares, it is desirable that it was for slices chops, but smaller.

2. Clear the onions and garlic are two large teeth. Rinse them with water and ground - bulbs shinkuem thin half-rings, and garlic presses through a special press or rub the smallest grater.

3. Water running washed tomatoes, scalded with boiling water. On the part of the stalk incision peel and carefully remove it. Cut the flesh into small cubes.

4. Good warm vegetable oil, spread it quickly fillet slices and fry both sides until golden coloring. We are making the maximum fire, so as not to dry up the tender chicken. Prizharennoe fillets spread in a deep frying pan.

5. In a pan pour a little oil and fry the onion on it. Cooking, stirring frequently, and preventing burn on. Once the onions will turn amber color, add the tomatoes and garlic. Slightly prisalivaem foundation sauce, stir well, simmer for two minutes. Pour the cream and cook the cream sauce over medium heat until thick. Necessary after the introduction of the cream, bring the sauce to a simmer.

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6. Ready tomato-cream sauce to pour filet. Add the finely chopped fresh basil leaves. All mix thoroughly, put on a strong fire. When the sauce begins to boil, and set the minimum heat chicken stew in the sauce for 25 minutes. Be sure to cover with a lid!

Chicken in cream sauce in a frying pan: the recipe flavored, juicy fillet slices


• Four chicken breast fillet;

• small lemon;

• large garlic clove;

• Two tablespoons sweet-cream butter;

• a bunch of fresh basil;

• 70ml srednezhirnyh cream;

• polstakana chicken broth;

• olive oil or sunflower oil is a very high quality;

• large onion;

• a quarter spoon of ground red pepper.

Cooking method:

1. Fillet wash, obsushivayut, sliced ​​wide centimeter. Then, evenly, without effort, to repulse and prizharivaem pleasant golden coloring.

2. squeeze of lemon juice. Combine it with the broth, add the crushed clove of garlic press and a little grated lemon peel, well heated.

3. In a clean pan, spread finely shredded onions, add a little oil. When we bring a medium heat until the onion slices transparency and adds to them the broth mixture. Stirring, evaporated within 8 minutes.

4. Remove the pan from the heat, lay it in butter. Stir until it has melted. Then, pour the cream, prisalivaem and mix well, put the sauce on small fire. We warm up, but do not boil.

5. The hot sauce omit previously fried chicken and stew in it for twenty minutes.

Tricks cooking chicken in cream sauce in a pan - tips

• Chicken is better to fry in vegetable oil. Special effect can be achieved, if that use a mixture of fats - Add a little hot vegetable butter. Ruddy crust is softer, but the dish itself will be more fragrant.

• Do not worry if the sauce turned out too thick. It can always be diluted directly into a pan of boiled water or chicken broth. You can also enroll in the event that turned the creamy filling enough.

• Do not beat chicken. Tender chicken, braised in cream sauce, and so will tender. An exception may be fighting off pieces to impart the desired shape or breast.

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