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Despite the fact that its cheeses are renowned for France and Italy, Georgia does not lag behind them in this matter.

Georgian cuisine has a lot of different kinds of cheese and more variety of dishes from it.

Say how many exactly, it is impossible, because there is their every small region unfamiliar to the rest of the recipe.

To date, the country has officially registered 14 types of cheese: Dambula hacho, chogi, cheese tenili, Kalta, Kobe, Ajarian chlechili, meskhuri chechili, Mingrelian suluguni suluguni Svan suluguni, Hood, Hood Tushino, cheese Imereti, Georgian cheese.

For lovers of cheese is a great temptation - to try the cheese map of Georgia in the local restaurants, because it repeats the diversity of the world famous cheese.


Mainly prevalent in the country, pickle Georgian cheese.

They can apply for a reason or added to the first and second courses.

Georgians are also very fond of fried cheese. This is a great snack to blame.

Methods for the preparation of cheese is very different.

One or another type can crush, soak, bake, tenderize in milk, toast.

This feature is that the cheese in Georgia - it is rather an ingredient rather than a one-piece product.

One of the most famous Georgian cheese is imeruli Kweli, we know him as Imereti cheese.

It is made from cow's milk using rennet and heat treatment.

Here is the recipe of Imereti cheese at home.

For the first time to prepare this type of cheese began in the western Georgian region of Imereti.

It was believed that the cows in the area was more into the air and grass, so they can continually produce good milk.

Today, of course, we imeruli Kweli prepared in all regions of the country.

Each sign is a Georgian cheese as suluguni.


The birthplace of the cheese - Samegrelo (West Georgia).

It is made from fresh cheese Imereti, heated and then kneaded the dough.

Thus, the cheese turns a layered and acquires its full-bodied taste.

Once the cheese is cooked, it is cooled and for a time put in brine.

Eat suluguni can be in any form. Proper cheese spongy, plastic (not brittle), moderately salty, slightly "rubber" on the teeth.

In addition to the brine cheeses also include Georgian cheese, Adygei, Yerevan, dinner.


Now tell about the lesser-known Georgian cheese.

Chogi - Tushino cheese, popular among the local population, which is prepared from mid-summer through August of fat sheep's milk.

Tenili cheese - one of the most delicious Georgian cheese, it is produced in the Samtskhe-Javakheti and even included in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

It has the most sophisticated manufacturing technology, very fat and resembles a long thin strand.

Kalta is common in the highlands of northern Georgia and resembles parmesan. This creamy, crisp and very sweet cheese curd mass nadugi.

Dried head of the cheese take with them the shepherds, it is well satisfies hunger, but also a good antiseptic.

Serve it with nuts, fruit and honey for dessert wine. Like all mountain cheeses, Kalta is kept slightly less than eternity.

Nadugi - gentle Georgian cottage cheese, Caucasian analogue of Italian ricotta.

The best that can be done from nadugi - is to mix it with dried or fresh mint and wrapped lumps of the resulting mass into a sheet suluguni.

This type of conventional suluguni differs only in the structure - a thin cheese pancakes. The cheese thin and pliable, so, of course, better.

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Kobe manufactured from skimmed or partially skimmed cow's milk by adding milk of sheep. By this cheese is ideal Kakheti Tonis Puri (Kakhetian bread).

Adjara chlechili in appearance resembles a long rope, it is done in the summer from skimmed cow's milk. In a similar way, and made cheese meskhuri chechili.

French camembert like dampali Kweli, which translated means "rotten cheese". He is white with a mold membrane on top and butter in the middle.

There is one kind of cheese, which is known to the unit. We are talking about cheese Hood.

Make this type of cheese in the mountains of sheep's milk on the same principle as a Imereti.

Hood kept for 20 days in sheep Wastewander then served to the table.

The cheese has a specific smell, feeling that not everyone decided to try it.

By the forgotten types of cheeses and related cheese Svan - narchvi and cheese pre-mhali who do in Kvemo Kartli region of yoghurt.

It is spread on bread as oil, used for soups, add onion, cook a delicious sauce.

The most expensive is a Georgian cheese curd Dambaev Hacho. Dried cheese balls, lightly smoked and then stored in clay pots, where they are covered by the moldy crust.

Eat cheese either that, or melting the butter and dipping in curd bread. To wash down this Georgian Foundation made zhipitauri - fruit vodka.

Cheese in Georgia eaten all day - with the bread, with sacivi, salad, tea, etc.

Georgians joke: "If you do not have cheese, then you are dead."

This is one of the most popular products, which in this small country annually produces up to 80 thousand tons.

Underestimate the Georgian cheese is not necessary.

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On the contrary, they are really considered to be some of the most delicious in the world.

Moreover, many of the dishes can be a much tastier if you use in the recipe or that pickled cheese. Do not deny yourself this pleasure.

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