Sweets with Bee

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  • Jane Moor avatar

    Jane Moor


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    I do not pay attention to them. Me "pinned" at the Institute of hunger. I realize of course that the candy not naeshsya, but I sometimes save. Snack on them before the big change. I was treated to one of these candies and she told me so much that on the same evening for the sake of them went to the store.

  • Anastasia Bird Avatar

    Anastasia bird


    4 photos
    Roshen Mad Bee. Candy like Semochko) Very fast running out.

    Have you tasted candy Mad bee? I am delighted with them! Firm Roshen pleasantly surprised by the delicious sweets, which I love so much. I think that many have tried to candy Mad Bee. Very tasty and light sweets. Price: about 30 hryvnia per kilogram, candy color is different.

  • OASIS avatar



    1 photo
    I love "Mad Bee". Composition, BZHU, Kalloriynost.

    Hello! I to you with candy. Chewy candies ROSHEN Mad Bee Here is a description of the manufacturer: Ingredients: Price: 73 UAH. per kilogram. I'm madly in love candy Mad bee I generally like all sorts sufleshki-zhileshki: marmalade, jelly, candy.

  • EvaGrinTri avatar



    6 photos
    Where fruit candy? Mad bee brought!

    Multi-colored candy "Mad Bee" from ROSHEN many are familiar with, they are bought and sold by weight (cost about 160 rubles), and that in such bright packs-packaging: The packaging that the photo, 250 grams of jelly splendor in wrappers, candy all different colors - green, orange, yellow, ...

  • Vera Golubeva avatar

    Vera Golubeva


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    Long hunt for a mad bee ended in a fiasco.

    Acquainted with candy "Brave mosquito", leaving a review and reading the comments, I wished for "Mad Bee". I am looking for a few days. and today finally bought. This bee found in "Magnit", 256 Small candy with a pretty-eyed bee)).

  • Nadin29 avatar



    Chemistry more than naturproduktov

    These candies are well known to me. At work, they have been like somechki. They went quickly and in large quantities. Candies are packed in small and cute candy wrappers with cute bees. At first I was skeptical otnesnalas them. But after a while rasprobovali.

  • Markizetta avatar



    5 photos
    Appetizing and so bad! A PHOTO!!!

    I discovered these candies quite a while, but they do not eat often painfully embarrassing candy composition. So, look nice, appetizing. Marmalade transparent and elastic! Nchinka does not come out. Oschnako, I was immediately embarrassed not really have a natural flavor, as it was before.

  • tanya-smetanka avatar



    sweet kingdom of bees + unearthly pleasure

    Sweets "Mad Bee" one of my favorite jelly candies. They simply do not have the drawbacks, they are perfect! Only the advantages of these candies: bright candy wrappers variety of flavors not cloying reasonable price very quickly eats soft candy + stuffing inside is very popular with children and light ...

  • Vikki7 avatar



    1 photo
    Delicious Bee ツ ツ ツ

    At home I randomly was a whole bowl of these sweets !!))) and because they liked me, I hasten to share with you)) They are sold in almost every store.

  • Ronet avatar



    Tired of chocolates? We fall into a rage 😉

    I can not imagine who had the idea came to be called candy "Mad Bee" but the taste is rightly can be called remarkable! cheerful multi-colored jelly can not be stopped on the package can read information from the manufacturer, that he made the candy of the products ...

  • Leandra avatar



    Vkusnyatinka! + photos

    These candies have hoisted younger brother. I'm indifferent to sweets, but jelly "Mad Bee" fell in love with all my heart! They have only one drawback - eat, eat, and everything is not enough. I would like to again and again! We bought the package of 250 grams for 42 rubles.

  • Vertokryl avatar



    2 photo
    Fruit burst of frenzied bees! Delicious funny candy, but not without flaws ...

    I sat down on the jelly candy in the summer, when I went to Belarus. It was there that they bought and for the first time. And since then, I want them all the time! I enjoy their rich flavor, a liquid filling, structure. And the price is quite budget. "Mad Bee" - who came up with such a fun name?

  • plohaya_koshka avatar



    2 photo
    Superkonfetki Mad Bee by Roshen

    Sweets do it rarely, but it is not candy, it mermaids with a liquid center. These sweets are ideal for those with sensitive teeth and who are tired of luscious chocolates.

  • Grenade avatar



    Delicious honey bees with fruit! 🙂

    Jelly candies unglazed called "Mad Bee" from the brand "Roshen" I liked the first time, and now I occasionally indulge yourself a treat with an unusual filling!

  • silver Avatar



    Taste and price change not for the better

    These candies have hoisted the children a couple of years ago. Most of all I liked the taste zelonenkie, but they have always been less likely. I noticed an interesting thing: in school, when the children in the class handing out candy on your birthday, "mad bee" s most uspehom.V recently they ...

  • Ikbe avatar



    3 photos
    Why are they all so fond of? Especially children? They are also harmful.

    I can not recommend, as his son is a favorite candy. Already I remember who brought them home and gave it a try, but since then he has not parted with bees. I try to give it to him as little as possible, not more than 1 time per week and the number of candy 2-3. Ask why? Look composition.

  • Marina Konoplitskaya avatar

    Marina Konoplitskaya


    Delicious and natural !!! Composition + PHOTOS!

    Generally, these candies, I really like - 6 different flavors (orange, grapefruit, lime, cherry, strawberry and wild berry lose them impossible -. They are like seeds - eating one - eat all ostalnye.Beshenaya bee, Shalena bdzhіlka, Crazy Bee - this same konfety.Konfety jelly filling with liquid ...

  • Momoko avatar



    Do not blame me! Spodvigli to review positive reviews

    Silly as a hysterical scream do not buy, because like it a lot. Plus there: colorful fun name and a nice wrapper for liquid filling soft, but it is so-so pros, in my opinion, when it comes to food products.

  • catwoman207 avatar



    2 photo
    Expenses like seeds))

    These candies are eaten mahom.Sev one single piece of candy, you can not stop)) I was most amused by the name of the candy "Mad Bee" .Konfety really cause a mad craving for yourself))) Candies are in a bright obertke.Napisan only address proizvodstva.Sostav It was found at the ...

  • SvetaPodgorniak avatar



    Favorite vkusnuypirogek))

    Hello! Today I want to write about their favorite candy "Mad Bee". I quietly devour these vkusnyashek whole mountain) Very much they legenky and delicious, like seeds. Candy look like this: Bright involucel, with a cheerful bee is very appealing and attracts eat.

  • Helolai avatar



    I love these candies

    Description: in the mix "Mad Bee Frutti" is 6 flavors of fruit jellies direction: orange, grapefruit, sour cherry, wild berry, lemon lime and strawberry.

  • NyanKoi avatar



    4 photos
    Very good! [Photos inc]

    Lyrics: I have a sweet tooth with the experience. But lately tastes began to change frequently, then, that more recently brought pleasure may simply be sick at one point. Therefore, once again, walking to the supermarket, I not been able to choose what to buy.

  • mestalla758 avatar



    1 photo
    My personal grade of the drug!

    Hello! Today I want to talk about sweets - meet "Mad Bee" by Roshen! In the bright packaging of 250 grams of the bright, colorful candies: red, yellow, orange and green. Launched each candy from the package, but I do not put yellow. Apparently, such a "defective" packaging.

  • lady_staysy avatar



    The most favorite))

    How many changes undergone these candies ... At first they were in the clear with green tips of the wrapper, then - in the yellow-red, then they even changed the shape and taste (and in this period I have them all there could not - so they became nasty, there was a marked flavor chemistry), well, and now ...

  • Yulechka Mashkov avatar

    Yulechka Mashkov


    1 photo
    Vkusnyuschie zheleshki))

    They replaced me toffee - these nice little bees really mad)) Fantik bright with the image familiar to all Roshenovskoy bees)) Composition is on the site of factory Yeah. many things stuffed ...

  • FoxRed avatar



    Zsuzsa Zsuzsa! The best candy in the world!

    "Mad Bee" were treated to colleagues at work. This jelly candies with different flavors and fruit jelly inside. I have in the short "coins" are sold at 170 rubles a kilogram, and all three flavors. although I know that there are more.

  • diamond3009 avatar



    Stop narcotic! Tasty, but very bad candy

    Candy ROSHEN Mad bee we usually take for the kids when they need to bring the school a treat on his birthday. Take them as an addition to other sweets and immediately a large package to everyone went to "bees" more.

  • Vera007 avatar



    This is the best jelly candy that I have ever eaten! (+ PHOTOS)

    Good day to all! Who does not like candy)) And I am no exception! Sweet tooth with the experience! Do not really like it jellies, many of them do not eat, but Mad Bee by Roshen is just something! Very tasty! Soft, with amusing liquid filling!

  • Liliyaz avatar



    Eaten at a breakneck pace !!!

    I love sweet. Love marshmallows, like marmalade. Sweets "Mad Bee" type of jelly, jelly soon. Taste quite sugary, light, say-even indescribably unforgettable. On the weight they are light, so that buying a pound of candy you can get a large volume bag of sweets.

  • Vlada134 avatar



    Candy jelly with stuffing "Mad Bee frutti"

    "Mad Bee" frutti company ROSHEN - it chews with fruit juice vnutri.Upakovany 250 grams in a bright package. Candy wrappers wrapped in bright and have different fruit fillers. Marmalade candy is not elastic and very soft.

  • Mariya_22 avatar



    Mmm, vkusnuypirogek)

    Good day! Other than candy! Chewy and filled with different flavors. I bought them before, and very often they are very bystro.Pokupala eats candy in bulk or in transparent bags of 250 grams.

  • Tanya @ avatar

    Tanjuşk @


    4 photos
    Delicious candy! For fans of marmalade! A photo!

    In fact - it mermaids, inside which is a kind of liquid filling. But the title is on upakovke- jelly candies with filling uncoated. Soft candy, chew well. Palatable. Inside is a watery filling. Like a fruit juice, but with a white color.

  • NadinSauter avatar



    mmm ... it is not possible to come off! but why?

    For lovers of jellies and marmeladok Mad Bee just a dream. Having tried once, you will not be able to stop them from eating and whole kilograms seem a little! Do not you wondered why?

  • Marinadaminika avatar



    1 photo
    Our favorite Bee. How correctly it has to get the full enjoyment of (advice from the kids)

    Continue its list of budget products. Where it came from I described Sdes, and Coffee. Bread already in a review. What kind of tea and coffee without vkusnyashek? More than one trip to the store, we did not pass without buying something sweet.

  • Helga163 avatar



    Oh .. this Mad Bee ..

    Generally I'm a lover of all kinds of sweets and when I buy I try to pay attention to the manufacturer, so here I am sweet by Roshen factory has never tried to not tasty! and candy Mad Bee are no exception - they are incredibly delicious, colorful and fun with funny candy wrappers!

  • YuliyaMMMah avatar



    1 photo
    Interesting tasty candy

    Hi all around. Today I want to share their opinions about such a sweetie as crezy bee, which in a mad bee. And I can say, really mad. Different flavors of chocolates: orange, grapefruit, sour cherry and many others. Candy sold in cuts.

  • Fleurcristal avatar



    Tasty, but is it worth it?

    I do have a sweet tooth and a lover of sweets (almost all) of Roshen. At first I liked the name, and therefore bought a furious bee. Immediately surprised that marmalade was quite soft and almost did not stick to the teeth.

  • Elena Oseeva avatar

    Elena Oseeva


    And it is not mad!

    Gummi candy Mad bee (Ukraine, ROSHEN) - fruit jelly candy "yogurt" (feeling) filling. Candies have a delicate taste nepritorny unobtrusive. Delicious, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. Over time, you can eat a dozen - for someone, of course, is the lack of ...

  • Sweetheart Li avatar

    Sweetheart Li


    No one would suggest these candies, some poluplastilin.

    While this is the most tasteless jelly candies that I was able to buy))) Judge: I have not been able to eat them all, despite the fact that they were at work, where I want to always sweet.

  • yulyakiss avatar



    Mad love !!!

    I remember they brought in unever my closest friend, and of course I gave a whole Zhmenya. I for sweets, and generally indifferent to sweet ... .a here just fell in love !!!)) I just do not know if they are a mixed drug there))) I really liked the bees, soft, juicy, sweet with ...

  • tiramisu avatar



    Caution! Addictive!

    Quite famous sweets from the Ukrainian manufacturer Roshen. "Crazy bee". One name brings a smile. I wonder who came up with a name that a candy and why? I have my own version of this bill. After trying their man goes mad and well-read to eat these snacks like mad!

  • DVIJOK avatar



    We in Ukraine, when you ask a frantic bee, sellers blunt ... Shalena bdzhіlka she called

    Generally called candy Mad bee it is necessary of course to manage. Just think what it means mad bee? A kind of Maya, with a skewed face and protruding tip catches on the flower and rapes him sucking all the nectar and tumbling out about such a mug.

  • happyng avatar



    Onishchenko on strike against pcholok !!!

    Our family bribed the pack with "frantic" bees on the packaging. We decided to try and bought. and we were pleasantly surprised. They have a very pleasant sweet-sour taste. They have bright colors and the filling melts in your mouth. The whole family simply obazhaet!

  • katerok98 avatar



    Candy Mad Bee. As seeds not otorveshsya!

    Dear sweet tooth, my tip for you! Candy "Mad Bee" - a godsend for fans of jelly candies! This yummy, does not come off! Candy small, one tooth, so drag them as seeds. What distinguishes them from the majority of jelly sweets - is the presence of the filling.

  • AnnyMars avatar



    Vkusnyashki) Nyamka!)

    Delicious sweets!) Small zheleshki with delicious stuffing viscous) There zelonenkie, yellow, red) Incredibly delicious. They write that the structure includes natural juice, but do not really know) Total 224 calories that sweets are very few) This due to the fact that the candy does not include chocolate, nuts and ...

  • staind13 avatar



    We like

    Once my husband and I we bought this candy. I remember my mother used to buy the same, but in a different wrapper. They were then without filling inside. New zheleshkami were filled, yummy.

  • Venerica avatar



    Low-calorie vkusnuypirogek))

    Sweets "Mad Bee" bought a few days ago, 200 grams - on trial. Are inexpensive - about 170 rubles per kilogramm.Byvayut are several flavors - strawberry, citrus (orange, grapefruit) and apple, with sweet filling.

  • Hikari Nikko аватар

    Hikari Nikko


    4 photos
    One of the favorite sweets. Now, if still no composition and caloric content of ....

    Today I will write about a mad bee jelly candies from Roshen frutti producer. To begin with, I do like a lot vkusnyashek produced by them)) and jellies I adore. They are very tasty, I especially like the stuffing. True, I found negative.

  • Kot1 avatar



    Tasteless, and in the middle of byaka. Pop zheleshek best!

    Once I had my mother in varus, see candy and cookies. I chose the candy, because they had a discount. Thought to be to your taste, because Dad brought a few pieces, I found them delicious. When they struck at the box office, we went outside and I immediately began to try and was disappointed.

  • Anna M. Plotnikov's picture

    Anna M. Plotnikov


    I love them)))

    Very much I love these candies. Despite the fact that I think a lot of sweet cloying, this does not apply to this candy. A lot of different flavors. I love stuffing inside candy. They are sooo quick end. And still less that they want more and more.

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