Handmade chocolates Bolette

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    And what could be more delicious? -For me only akkondovskie mushrooms. My passion, love, a dream for any occasion! .. and this gave me on March 8 small box)) +++ appetizing pictures

    Good evening, dear readers! Today, 7 March, in anticipation of our International Women's Day, I want to write about my sweet mini gifts.

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    Presentation of Chuvashia - tasty and beautifully 🙂

    Hello, thank you for coming in this review. In December, we visited Cheboksary, and I could not get past the corporate store Akkond. Choices out there big enough eyes run, bought several kinds of candy (by weight) and moved to the box, which had planned to take as a present kin ...

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    In appearance feast for the eyes, not candy

    Hello)) I'll tell you about another one of my purchase, it's - Candy Akkond Boletto. This handmade chocolates, for a gift is a very good option. Price: about 300 rubles for a box of candy weighing 225 grams, or 10 candies.

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    Divine mushrooms for the sweet tooth !!!

    The first time these wonderful candy for many, many years ago, we brought my father's friend from Cheboksary. It was there that they do on "Akkond" factory. Even then they are impressed with our whole family, including even those who do not like sweets.

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    Adelaide Paradise


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    The most delicious "bird's milk"

    Name: Handmade Chocolates "Bolette" Brand: Akkond Country: Russia Packaging design and shape of the wonderful candy is the first thing that attracts attention and makes you want to buy.

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    Ah, here would be a real milk chocolate (photo)

    I like something different and unusual shapes, these candies, I even liked the adult and children especially sweets are sold in boxes of 225g - 10 mushrooms and 400g - 18 of mushrooms and in bulk.

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    Very good analogue of the "Bird's milk" (photo composition)

    These candies battered me as a gift a few times, and with a large time interval, but the candy, or rather the formulation has changed over time in a little part of what at the moment there are no rast.zhiry (more cocoa butter equivalent) in chocolate (in a hat), but but "add" ...

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    Sweets are not my cup of tea

    I love the sweet, especially sweets. In the store I was attracted by the bright BOLETTO box of chocolates. It attracted me not only the design of the package, but also the fact that handmade chocolates. Manufacturer of sweets "Akkond", Chuvash Republic Cheboksary.

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    Delicate, delicious candy !!!

    This unusual handmade candies, made in the form of mushrooms. "Cap" candy-mold coated with chocolate glaze (chocolate of excellent quality) and leg covered with poppy seeds, so they have an interesting look! A taste of ... It's just a fairy tale !!!

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    magic mushrooms

    In general, I am absolutely indifferent to sweets and chocolate, and indeed to the sweet: no matter what tried, does not come across anything. But then I happened to stay in Cheboksary, which houses Akkond confectionery factory, and I decided to try local products.

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    A strange hybrid of bird and marshmallow milk.

    All readers Good day! Now I will tell you we're able to do you? about his impression of interesting handmade chocolates «Boletto». PACKAGING: Box usual, like most other chocolates.

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    These candy has been actively appearing in stores, however, the weight can only be purchased in retail outlets Akkond. Describe the standard features I think it makes no sense. If we talk about the benefits, then it is, of course, manual work.

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