Beef sausage PREMIUM

I decided myself "pampered" on International Women's Day and make sausage
also use the recipe from the book Yukhnevich 
sausage cooked kopechenaya beef premium (TU 49 RSFSR364)
Beef tendon removed the 1st grade 20%
Beef tendon removed bold 80%
raw meat, I had 954 grams (groin )
Salt nitrite 29 g
Sugar 2 c
Pepper black or white 1.5 c
allspice 0.5 c
nutmeg or cardamon 0.3 g
Water to 5% (possible)
I chose the second option of the technological scheme of production of cooked smoked sausages, namely: cooking meat. Since I kutterra no, I double-cranked meat through a very fine grating grinder, add salt and seasonings, mix well. Then in a blender drove the meat to a paste. Periodically add crushed ice to keep the temperature to rise above 4-5 °. After it folded in a meat blender bowl combine hook and kneaded until a homogeneous mass.

Further filled shell, I have a protein shell of 43 mm circular, meat, and hung in the refrigerator for a day slump. I got 3 sausages.

After the refrigerator sausages I have hung in the kitchen for heating for 2 hours. 
Then I cooked sausages on the pair at a water temperature of + 75 ° to achieve a temperature within +70 ° loaf.
After that I have a sausage 3:00 was in the fridge and only after that I smoked it. But there was "confusion", one sausage slipped off her "shirt" (right), apparently due to the fact that has been punctured during printing, to remove the air.

Well narezochka (black vkrapleniya- this allspice)

Bon Appetit!!!

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