Coffee mongoose

How to make coffee from a litter mongoose

I confess that I - coffee lover. Not to say that the judge, but without a few cups a day quite well, not operational. Even now, writing, and on the left comes invigorating aroma cup ... Today we have got to the heart of the island of Java in order to get acquainted with the strange coffee tradition. And it's not that the coffee produced here is the most expensive in the world, and that it is not only growing, but also extract 🙂

Here is the coffee seedlings, carefully covered with a mesh of pests and Javan hot sun.

And this is - a lonely coffee tree (the size of a bush). White flowers soon turn into berries with red cloth - the so-called coffee cherries - a treat for the Asian Palm Civet , a small animal family civet. Asian Palm Civet in the local dialect is also called luwak - the name and we will stick to.

In the wild luwak eats only the best berries (that he, the fool or something bad to eat?), Digesting the thin peel and pulp, discarding the solid coffee bean with feces. Completely natural way to natural bone reproduction. And it would be simple and not interesting, people do not start to collect luwak waste products, cleaning out of these coffee beans and brewing obzharivaya them later with great fanfare ...

Indonesian folk game "Catch luwak" . It is believed that a "special taste» ™ beverages consumed impart gastric enzymes Asian Palm Civet, which include civet ... I now wonder something else: who first guessed brew animal excrement? Looks like a great educator was! .. 🙂

Do not think that luwak eats only coffee beans. Coffee for him - a delicacy. Normal diet up papayas and bananas in large quantities, and coffee - only the dessert. Adult luwak a day can sluvachit skhomyachit no more than a pound of berries. by eDeals »> The cells behind the worker - home luwak contained on the plantation.

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"On the handle!" . Mom with kids coffee. Maybe if I feed every day for a pound of coffee, I too will be eyes like a "stretched over the globe owl" (c).

You brought me fruit? It is believed that the best luwak eats grain. In nature and can eat, but not on a plantation. Given that, even sharpens. Luwak - the animal at night and feeds only in the dark. Afternoon sitting in a cage, and if it turns out that with great reluctance, because the process of eating beans, we could not take pictures.

Coffee ordered? On plantations 180 live specimens regularly sharpening grain and issuing semifinished mountains. Here in this form luwak wrests from itself eksklyuziff.

Shrinkage and outage . The resulting grains were washed and dried ...

... and the coffee is ready for frying.

Sovochek medium roast beans.

Weigh me polchashechki ...

Actually, now about the price tag. For orientation, one US dollar - is 9500 IDR, ie kg of fecal exclusive coffee (with the purchase of the plantation) will cost you $ 180. When you export price tag doubles and sometimes triples.

We tried it. Coffee coffee. The one that we are now serving in Java - a lot more aromatic and rich taste. I will say is subjective, but I think that "luwak coffee" - the crown of creation Indonesian managers. Vparivat for huge sums of money outright (literally) gov ... well, you get - is not it an art? 🙂

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