Favorite drink almost every Greek, invigorating and illuminating frappé coffee at any time of year, but especially during the summer.


Greek coffee

The main ingredients - coffee, sugar, water and ice cubes. Frappe was accidentally invented in 1957 by Dimitris Vakonidiosom in Thessaloniki.
Creating this type of coffee by accident. During the annual International Fair of Thessaloniki. An employee of Nestle Yannis Dritsas introduces a new product for children - chocolate drink, which quickly dissolved with milk when whipping shaker.
D. Vakonidios had the habit of drinking hot Nestle instant coffee. In its report, the break could not find hot water to drink and a coffee made with cold water, add sugar. Everything is whipped in a shaker and created the first in the history of frappe. A few years later, Vakonidios said that could never have thought that this simple experiment was the invention of the famous drink in Greece.

Frappé word of French origin and means punch or confusion. French frappe - a drink prepared in a shaker of milk or fruit juice, but no coffee. Also, this word can be described and "carelessness" of the Greeks, with which they can sit for hours in the coastal cafe, and not just to play backgammon and sipping coffee for hours. This behavior I call talent, I personally have never been able to drink coffee for hours.


iced coffee

Outside Greece frappe can be found in the Greek institutions, as well as on flights of Greek and foreign airlines that carry out flights to Greece. In recent years, in Germany in the supermarkets you can buy a similar drink called Frappucino. Frappe also offer in Bucharest, Bilbao, Oslo, in tourist shops in Istanbul. And in Thailand and Malaysia drunk in small quantities. Balkan countries also offer frappe, but his "performance": in Bulgaria instead of water added to Coca-Cola (do not know if it's true), and in Serbia - ice cream.

The drink is gaining popularity among tourists in Greece on a par with traditional Greek ouzo. But frappe not caught on in our family, I do not know why, probably because how much strong. 🙂

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March 26, 2014

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