how do you know how many calories in corn cooked


  • 1 The content of useful substances
  • Damage from maize 2
  • 3 Should I use a product or a "six facts about corn"
  • 4 Corn diet
  • 5 Contraindications:
  • 6 How to choose the right product, what to look for
  • 7 Product specification day
  • 8 Recipes healthy dishes with corn
corn CalorieThe number of calories per 100 grams
The crude86 Kcal
The boiled123 Kcal
The fried441 Kcal
In cooked in the microwave131 Kcal
The canned119 Kcal
The popcorn325 Kcal

Golden corn grains are a favorite summer treat. However, people who adhere to a balanced diet, the last few years has covered a certain mania uglevodofobii . Product and suffered along with potatoes became little used for human consumption.

It is necessary to understand what food and energy value is fraught with corn.

The content of useful substances

Corn immediately stand out favorably to its mineral and vitamin content. Each ear is rich in vitamins A , C , group B , ascorbic acid, and various organic compounds of natural origin.

It should be noted a high content of magnesium, potassium and iron. Upon closer examination of the chemical composition of the product, the use of corn becomes apparent:

Nutritional value, c Energy value kcal Vitamins mg mineral substances, mg

Nutrients in eggs Despite the fact that corn is quite useful, do not forget the berries. Many do not know how many calories a watermelon, and its beneficial properties. And we often underestimate these berries like grapes. However, any berry has its own nutrients.

Damage from corn

how many calories in corn flakes and popcornThe body can get from corn injury if the person regularly uses the refined products made on its basis. It can be a variety of sticks, overcooked popcorn porridge with sweet syrup and sugar, baked goods made from corn flour.

Whether or not to use the product or "Six facts about corn"

Useful properties of corn

  1. Cobs contain many nutrients and are of no harm to health, in spite of the high content of starch.
  2. The product contains a lot of solid fibers , which are not absorbed by the body, they pass along the digestive tract. These fibers are a valuable nutrient for beneficial bacterial flora of the colon.
  3. Mature corn - a valuable source of two antioxidants - lutein and zeaxanthin .
  4. Product, contrary to popular belief, is not modified. If such a process and occurs, in relation to those varieties which are entered in the oil refining.
  5. Cob contains from 6 to 8 grams of sugar, which is twice less than a banana.
  6. Grass has a positive effect on the metabolism, it prevents the processes of putrefaction and fermentation in the gut. It is often prescribed for enterocolitis.
Cereal will help people who want to get rid of a few kilograms. As dietary components used in canned corn and boiled. diet course will help improve the condition of skin, hair, stabilizes mood and sleep.

corn diet

Diet with corn Author diet based on this cereal, Ishmael Kitner , after deep study of the beneficial properties of the cobs. He showed the ability of corn to break down fats that enter the body from the place of food.


A diet designed strictly for four days and has a meager daily ration. However, complex carbohydrates help to get rid of the obsessive hunger.

Benefits corn diet Kitner:

Effect of corn on the body

  • cleansing the body of unoxidized products, toxins;
  • diet can be followed at any time of the year;
  • accessible and inexpensive;
  • products do not require additional complex processing;
  • the wonderful rapid effect;
  • People do not lose muscle mass;
  • easy to carry.

Cons: a four-day have to give up salt, there is no diversity.

how to count calories to lose weightThere are many diets, some are bad for the body, the second - does not help. We suggest you to visit our section "weight loss diet", can you pick up something for yourself. But every diet should be supplemented by physical exertion. The load can always be selected individually.


This is counter to eat corn

  • idiosyncrasy of corn;
  • exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease;
  • reduced / overweight - 120 kg;
  • diabetes;
  • pancreatitis;
  • poor appetite.
Some diseases require that corn was used in limited amounts and with caution, for example, in case of problems with blood vessels.

How to choose the right product, what to look for

Choosing a good product will get the maximum benefit from its consumption. In the summer period it is recommended to eat fresh cobs in the winter - canned corn.

Young ear:
  • Milk maturity;
  • juiciness;
  • cob should be taut;
  • on the stem should be cut fresh;
  • fibers should not be dry, and grain darkened.
Canned corn:
  • Most Valuable Ingredients: water, salt, sugar, corn;
  • recommended to check the expiration date;
  • Bank must be an integer, no dents, scuffs and bombazh.

Product specification per day

In the absence of serious diseases, the seeds can be used in the following amounts:

  • adult - no more than 150 grams;
  • Children - 50-75 gr.

Recipes healthy dishes with corn

With the grains of corn can be prepared a variety of dishes. However, it can be called healthy ones in which balanced composition of all components. The principles of proper nutrition allow the use of the following recipes:


healthy food made from corn

  1. Risotto with chicken and corn. The dish consists of a diet of meat, rice and maize. Cooked on a frying pan by quenching.
  2. Corn, baked in the oven in foil . Cobs are placed in a foil wrapper and cooked in the oven for about an hour.
  3. Corn with lettuce and greens . Any vegetables and herbs - to taste combine with corn and dressed with vegetable oil.
  4. Corn barbecue with herbs . This summer version, the code on the cob and baked on the barbecue grill with basil, thyme and Provencal herbs without oil.

To summarize

Close to the composition of corn have wheat and oats. You can eat these grains, receiving roughly the same nutritional value of products. However, corn is much tastier and allows you to cook a variety of fine dishes. If there are no contraindications to enjoy a product everyone can.

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