Pike is very tasty and tender fish.

From it you can cook a lot of delicious and healthy dishes.

However, the hostess is not very fond of cooking pike, and all because of the fact that it has a rather peculiar smell slime.

We'll show you how to get rid of it, and we have collected for you the best recipes of the pike.

Multivarka pike - the basic principles of cooking

If pike prepare properly, it turns out the meat juicy and very tasty. Cook pike can be whole or cut into its portions. For pike cutlets of meat make stuffing.

Pike thoroughly washed, cleaned of scales and gut. Then again thoroughly washed. Cut off the head and tail with scissors remove fins. To get rid of the smell of slime, pike sprinkled with lemon juice and leave it for a while.

If the fish is fried, it is cut into pieces and paneer with flour or breadcrumbs, salt and seasoning it with spices.

On the festive table can cook stuffed pike. To prepare the stuffing of minced vegetables, mushrooms and bacon.

Pike in multivarka can extinguish in cream or other sauce. Ear, made from pike multivarka, it turns fragrant and richness.

For pike cutlets cut into fillets and minced cooked out of it. Add to it soaked into the bun milk, onion, eggs and garlic. Stuffing is kneaded and cooked patties.

Recipe 1. Pike in multivarka stewed with spices


  • kilogram pike;

  • salt;

  • 80 g flour;

  • freshly ground pepper;

  • two bulbs;

  • spices for the fish;

  • 250 drinking water.

Cooking method

1. Pike clean of scales, cut the belly and take out the insides. We clean the fish from the inside black film and the carcass thoroughly washed under the tap. The tail and the head cut off, using kitchen scissors, cut off the fins. If carcasses are small, leave them whole. Large pike cut into chunks. Sprinkle with lemon juice.

2. Place the flour in a shallow dish and mix it with spices and salt.

3. Pike rolled in a mixture of flour and spices, and also rub the inside.

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4. multivarka include in the "Quenching" mode. The pour cup small amount of oil and warm up.

5. Fry the fish on both sides until golden brown. We shift finished fish on a plate.

6. The capacity to add oil. Onions clean and shinkuem semicircles. Fry chopped onion, stirring constantly, until transparent.

7. leveled roasted onions and spread on top of the fish. Remains of flour with spices diluted with water, mix thoroughly to avoid lumps remain. The resulting mixture pour the fish with the onion and cook, without changing mode, a half-hour. Serve with potatoes or rice side dish, garnish with slices of lemon and herbs.

Recipe 2. Pike in multivarka a couple


  • two kg pike;

  • salt;

  • bulb;

  • spices for the fish;

  • pepper;

  • lemon;

  • carrot.

Cooking method

1. Clean the pike from the scales, rip the belly and remove the entrails. Strip the black film. Remove the head and tail. Kitchen scissors to cut off the fins. The prepared pike rinse thoroughly under running water, dry towels and cut into pieces. Each grate mixture of salt and spices. Put aside for a while to fish marinated.

2. Onions clean, wash and chop half rings. Purified carrots cleaned and cut into very thin strips. Remove peppers from stalk and clean out the seeds. Cut it into bars.

3. In a saucepan put Multivarki pike, sprinkle it with lemon juice freshly squeezed. On top of decomposed fish vegetables and salt. Multivarku close the lid and start the program "Putting out" for half an hour. Serve the pike with vegetables as a separate dish.

Recipe 3. Fried pike multivarka with anchovies and capers


  • half pike kg;

  • bunch of fresh parsley;

  • 50 g lard;

  • cooking salt;

  • 50 g of mayonnaise;

  • 8 anchovies;

  • black pepper;

  • olive oil;

  • 30 g mustard;

  • 30 g gherkins and capers.

Cooking method

1. Thoroughly clean the carcass of pike from the scales. Remove the entrails, head and tail. Cut kitchen scissors fins. Rinse the fish under cold water.

2. Cut the bacon slices.

3. Take on the carcass in the most fleshy places shallow incisions and insert slices of bacon and anchovies.

4. Cut a piece of foil, a good brush with oil and place it on the carcass of a pike. Tighten.

5. Pike in foil Put in a bowl Multivarki. Close the lid and activate the "Bake" for half an hour.

6. capers and gherkins melenko crumble. Pour into a cup, add mayonnaise and mustard. This also send the finely chopped parsley. Stir.

7. Pike remove, turn the foil and place the fish on a large platter. Garnish with lemon slices. Serve with sauce.

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Recipe 4. Pike in multivarka potatoes


  • kg pike fillet;

  • vegetable oil;

  • two bulbs;

  • salt;

  • four potatoes;

  • spices for the fish;

  • 80 ml apple cider vinegar;

  • half a lemon;

  • 100 g of the cream;

  • 100 g of mayonnaise.

Cooking method

1. Pike cleaned of scale, gut, cut off the head and tail. Special scissors to cut off the fins and rinse well under running water. Make an incision along the back and remove the backbone. Tweezers select small bones and remove the skin from the fillets stocking.

2. Fillet again obmoknut wash and wipes. Cut it into portions. Drizzle with vinegar and leave for a few minutes. The pieces are then season with salt and pepper.

3. The bulbs are cleaned and chop half rings. Purified potatoes washed and cut into thin slices.

4. Multivarki oiled saucepan. At the bottom of the expanded even layer of potato slices. On top of it decomposed pike fillet. Sprinkle onions. All pritrusit spices.

5. Mayonnaise combine with sour cream and mix well. Lubricate the mayonnaise and sour cream sauce dish surface. Close the lid and activate the program "Bake". Cook a pike with potatoes for an hour.

6. Put the finished dish on a plate and sprinkle with finely chopped fresh herbs.

Recipe 5. Stuffed pike multivarka


  • one pike;

  • salt;

  • three potatoes;

  • black pepper;

  • two bulbs;

  • four cloves of garlic;

  • 30 ml butter;

  • carrot;

  • Lemon - half;

  • 60 g lard;

  • two slices of wheat bread;

  • 100g of mushrooms.

Cooking method

1. carcass clean of pike scales, ripped open the belly and take out the insides. Remove the head and tail. Remove the skin and carve stocking fish into fillets. Take out therefrom small bones with tweezers. Once again wash fillets obsushivayut his cloths and chopped.

2. Net peel potatoes, wash it and cut into small cubes.

3. The purified, washed onions and carrots with a blender grind into mush.

4. Mushrooms rinse, clean and trimmed legs. Crumble mushrooms thin slices. Fillet of pike combine with vegetables and mushrooms. This also add the lard, seasonings and mix well.

5. melt the butter and mix it with the crumb of white bread. Add it to the rest of the products. Thoroughly knead minced to homogeneity.

6. Stuffed with minced meat obtained peel pike and sewn along the abdomen. Sew his head and lay the fish on the bottom Multivarki capacity, pre-lubricated with oil.

7. Turn on the hour of the program "Bake" and close the lid. Ten minutes before the end of the program spread on a pike lemon, sliced. Serve the pike with boiled potatoes, richly sprinkled with fresh herbs.

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Recipe 6. Ear pike in multivarka


  • pound pike heads;

  • salt;

  • two bulbs;

  • black pepper;

  • Five potatoes;

  • sweet bell pepper;

  • sunflower oil;

  • Bay leaf;

  • fresh greens.

Cooking method

1. From the heads remove the gills and eyes. This is to ensure that the ear is not bitter. Wash the pike head under the tap.

2. Put them in a pot and pour Multivarki three liters of purified water. This also put the cleaned bulb completely and two bay leaves.

3. Turn the program "Putting out" for an hour.

4. Cook the ear after boiling for ten minutes. Then take out the head, and the broth filter. Again, we pour it into pieces and add multivarku pike fillets.

5. peeling potatoes peeled and coarsely chopped. If the use of small young potatoes, it simply wash with a stiff brush.

6. spread the potatoes in a broth, add the sweet pepper and cook for another half hour. At the end of the program season with freshly ground pepper soup and give it brew in the "heating" a quarter of an hour.

Recipe 7. cutlets pike multivarka


  • kg pike;

  • breadcrumbs;

  • two slices of white bread;

  • salt;

  • 100 ml of milk;

  • black pepper;

  • four cloves of garlic;

  • sunflower oil;

  • 30 g butter;

  • two eggs.

Cooking method

1. Pike clean from the scales, cut off the head and tail. Disemboweled and butchered carcass into fillets. Wash under running water.

2. The resulting fillet mince or shred in a blender.

3. Peeled onions crumble very melenko.

4. Add the ground beef, soaked in milk, white bread, passed through a press garlic, egg, onion and melted butter. Salt, pepper and knead thoroughly, slightly beating. We reserve the stuffing to infuse for ten minutes.

5. Form the patties, paniruem them in breadcrumbs and fry in multivarka activating mode "Baking." Ready cutlets served with a salad of fresh vegetables.

Pike in multivarka - Tips and Tricks

  • To get rid of the smell of slime, sprinkle the fish with lemon juice, or pour water with apple cider vinegar and leave for ten minutes.

  • Before the fish stew, fry it, breaded in flour, so that all the juice was left inside.

  • Pike turned to fragrant, bake it with herbs and lemon slices.

  • Serve the pike with a garnish of vegetables or rice. To fish, you can file a sauce based on sour cream or mayonnaise with dill and garlic.

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