How to lose weight COFFEE WITH GARLIC

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Coffee with garlic - at first glance, both extravagant and spicy drink. Immediately I try to reassure you - the head of this spice in the dish will not float.


When I invite guests to your home, and I want them to impress and impress, I make this drink .    In various sources, he called for in different ways: "In Israel," "in Hebrew," "in Serbian." After drinking a cup you can safely go on a date, and even kissing, because the garlic will not leave a specific smell and taste. The drink gets rich aroma and strong taste. On the palate there is some new depth. When you cook, then maybe I better title is!

Coffee with garlic recipe classic

Cooking time is not more than ten minutes, of course, when everything is at hand and not have to run to the store for ingredients. You will need ground coffee beans, sugar and a clove of garlic.

Into two portions will need:

  • 200 gr. water,
  • 2 teaspoons ground beans - best varieties of Arabica,
  • 1 small clove of garlic

Take a slice, cut it and then it cut rub the inner surface of the Turks or pan with a long handle. I agree with small Turku to do this will be difficult, but I adapted and prick clove flavored vegetables on wooden skewers and everything turns out fine. If all goes well, then continue pre-ground grains and throw necessarily a little sugar. Fry in the fire a little longer.

These simple actions we awaken the aroma of ground beans, and sugar are enabling zakaramelizovatsya and also give their caramel flavor to our drink. Do not forget to stir or shake the contents. Then pour the contents Turks boiling water. The shape and size of the Turks is also important. How to choose a Turk I am describing here

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Bring to a boil three times, but, more importantly, do not give a boil, if all boil, then continue cooking loses its meaning. Therefore, we keep the Turk over the fire so that the foam would cap three times up and down, but do not let it break, and it will take all the flavor.

Next, remove from heat, add two or three drops of cold boiled water, give the drink a little brew and enjoy. You can use the "gnawing" plitochki with bitter chocolate.

In addition to the recipe, there are other methods of cooking. Most importantly, do not overdo it with the vigorous product.

Coffee with honey and garlic

First option

Cook drink as love. The ready add the crushed clove and, optionally, a teaspoon of honey. We give it brew for one or two minutes. not more.

The second option

Through the "chesnokodavku" squeeze in Turku clove, pour the ground coffee. Add sugar or honey. Pour hot water and cooking in a conventional manner.

The third version of the antiviral

Boil in a familiar way for you to drink from ground coffee beans. Mash large garlic clove, and may be two or three cloves obtained fragrant slurry mix with honey. Fill the coffee freshly brewed nectar, stir and drink immediately. And can be a bit of sugar. Many do so, because they believe that by contact with hot honey loses its beneficial properties. The use of such mixtures for health undeniable.

Recipe with sugar

Mention may be made such variant prophylactic. During influenza epidemics can be used not only at home but also at work in the office all the friendly team, getting fit and at the same time to decontaminate the organism. Many people go to work in this period, and in order to take preventive antiviral drugs, and I suggest that harmless option. And if you have to communicate with a large number of customers, then for you it is a godsend. Brew ground coffee like your heart's content, they are used to, as you love. In the middle of the process simply add tonyusenkoy struzhechku with garlic cloves. You can add sugar if you do not like without him.

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Recipe without sugar

Coffee beans in a frying pan fry, add to the same 3-4 cloves of garlic, then grind everything in a coffee grinder and brew. Simply, juicy, delicious. This way you can improve the taste of the coffee beans is not the best varieties, taste acquire depth and strength.

Bon kofepitiya!

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