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How to fry fish?

How to fry fish?

Eating at home
Eating at home
July 24, 2014

No matter where you usually take fish: catch yourself or bring to market. Virtually any fish turns out tasty, if it fires. But the fish fry need to be able to.

Fry the fish in the pan

How to fry fish?
Once you have chosen the right fish, it should be cleaned and gutted. It is not difficult, but requires caution, if fins are spiny fish. Also be careful when pulling out the insides, so as not to damage the gallbladder. In other fish meat becomes bitter. Fish head for frying is not necessary, so it is usually cut and used for cooking fish broth. And the rest of the carcass is washed and salted at least ten minutes before frying to fish meat has absorbed the salt. However, it is not critical, and salt fish can be in the process of obvalivaniya in flour.

Fish fry is always better in the batter of flour, or crunchy crispy crust does not work, and the fish will stick to the pan tightly, no matter how much oil you poured no. In a large bowl poured flour and crumble pieces of fish in it from all sides. Some clever hostess poured the flour in a plastic bag, and one lowered to the pieces of fish. And the fish is breaded in flour, and the kitchen will remain clean. Pieces of fish should not be too thick, otherwise the fish in the middle is not fried, and the outside will burn. Small fish cut is not necessary - it is fried whole. Breaded possible and differently: first dip in the piece of fish egg mixture (beaten egg and a pair of spoons milk), and only then roll in flour it.

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Roll pieces of fish are placed in a heated pan, wherein poured desirable refined vegetable oil. Regret oil is not necessary: ​​it is best if the fish is immersed in it to half. The oil can be mixed with butter or ghee. The main thing - a good warm oil, then the fish, as it were "sealed" toasted crust and will not absorb the excess fat. Fry should be 5-7 minutes on each side. It is very important not to disturb the fish until her bottom is not formed strong crackling, or just a piece out of shape. Cover the pan with a lid must not be, because our goal - fried, not fish stew. Serve the fish with the table piping hot, otherwise it has cooled, it is saturated fat, and will not so tasty. Garnish for grilled fish and can serve as an ordinary mashed potatoes, and pasta, and just a couple of slices of lemon.

Grilled fish

How to fry fish?
The fish can be fried in a pan, not only, but also on the grill. Especially this method is good for oily fish which usually develops in misshapen unattractive pieces in a frying pan. The main problem, which bothers those wishing to taste the grilled fish - the fish during cooking stick to the grill. As a result, when you try to separate from the lattice pieces of fish are broken and hopeless cook spoil the mood. Only one way out: to clean the grill to perfection and well lubricated. Fish grill clean as well, as usual, very large pieces of incision to the skin shrinks as not to deform the entire piece. You can stuff the fish with herbs or lemon wedges. Above the fish oil is rubbed with salt and pepper. Prepared fish is placed on the grate over the well raskochegarennym grill and roast for about 10 minutes on each side. If the pieces are very thick, increase the cooking time. If you still are not afraid to deal with the adherent grill, wrap pieces of fish in foil: the fish still get a very tasty.


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