As it is called alcoholic drink of oranges

Orange juice - healthy and tasty drink. One of the most popular, including in the preparation of cocktails - alcoholic and non-alcoholic orange the same. In addition, mixed drink with orange juice is quite easy to make at home, which, of course, also contribute to their popularity. Today we offer our readers the recipes orange alcoholic cocktails, and the next time will focus on the non-alcoholic cocktails.

Features orange alcohol cocktails

One of them we have already pointed out - is the ease of manufacture and the absence of many ingredients, some of which may not be easy to find on sale.

The second thing that distinguishes orange cocktail - alcoholic and non-alcoholic - it is a high content of vitamin C. Vitamin C - an element, of course, useful, but remember that in the non-alcoholic cocktails its positive effect will not be offset by the negative effects of alcohol, so that you need to follow the basic rule - drink in moderation, even those alcoholic mixed drinks, which include such important and necessary components, such as containing the vitamin orange juice.

Finally, another feature - a refreshing and invigorating effect of several citrus due to the special composition of essential oils - no chance in aromatherapy orange and lemon oils are considered to be most important when subjected to the depressive state customers.

It is best to use the orange alcoholic drinks fruit juice, of course. But nothing terrible will happen if the quality packaged orange juice will be taken in the absence of time or themselves fresh fruit.

Simple orange alcohol cocktails

The most simple, we can even say primitive orange alcoholic cocktail - is known to everyone , "Screwdriver" , which is traditionally considered the Russian mixed drink, but the most popular for a long time may have to be called a cocktail, having an international character. SmileAnd if you look at history, we find that invented the "alcoholic tool" Americans are in the middle of the last century - the first mention of a mixture of vodka and orange juice can be found in the publication of "The Times" forty-ninth year of the twentieth century.

Interesting explanation of the origin of the name of the alcoholic cocktail. Orange juice initially adding to vodka was intended to hide the presence of a glass or glass with alcoholic ingredient liquid. And it is not so important, whether it was in the days of "dry law" in the United States, or in the days of the work of American engineers in the oil companies of Iran, where the laws of Islam are not allowed to drink alcohol openly. And in fact, and in another case, a masking feature orange juice served perfectly. As well as having a hand in every engineer's screwdriver perfectly fulfills the function of a cocktail spoon.

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And now recall recipe itself "Screwdrivers" - indeed, the very simple orange alcoholic cocktail. Juice of one large orange or a hundred milliliters of orange juice from a packet mixed with the amount of vodka, which is twice less - approximately fifty milliliters. The pre-placed glass pieces of ice, and after the infusion mixture decorate orange alcoholic cocktail circle of citrus. And it serves to stir the ... No, of course, is not a screwdriver - a cocktail spoon or straw.Smile

The second recipe is simple - I would even say, a primitive - alcoholic orange cocktail - a mixture of orange juice with champagne . As you can guess, it is considered a ladies' cocktail, and even to some extent symbolizes the New Year, so often called also the New Year's drink.

And the champagne and orange juice previously required to cool thoroughly. If you decide to take the juice is fresh squeezed, not packed - so cool in front of the juice you need to squeeze the fruits. Cool the need and intended for alcoholic orange cocktail with champagne glasses. They fill the first half orange juice, then pour the champagne. That is, the two components - the juice and champagne - are taken in equal proportions. Ornament as unpretentious - orange circle or ribbon from its peel on the edge of the glass. Yes, I almost missed: Champagne should be dry.

And finally, yet another unpretentious two-component combination - orange juice martini . The proportion of one to one, that is, and a martini and orange juice are taken equal, the total alcoholic orange cocktail per serving is supposed to be about one hundred and twenty milliliters of liquid. For this mixed drink packaged orange juice is better not to use, and a little tense and squeeze fresh. The components are mixed in a shaker and then poured into a glass with crushed ice. Decorated glass - guess what? winking smileyYes, a thin slice of orange.

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More sophisticated orange alcohol cocktails

When you read the words "more complex", I hope, desire for the preparation of alcoholic drinks of orange, they do not repulse you. Because it means only - not as primitive as the previous ones, which were present in fact only two ingredients - orange juice and some kind of alcohol. Well and ice. In the following recipes only there are some ingredients.

Alcohol orange cocktail "Mojito". Take half of the fruit of lime and orange, cut everyone else into three equal parts and put in a glass. Sprinkle with two tea spoons of fine sugar. Top omit a couple of sprigs of fresh mint. Now we take a pestle and mash them thoroughly the contents of the glass, rubbing slices of citrus with mint and sugar. When the glass is a lot of juice and almost homogeneous mass of the rest, pour sixty milliliters of light rum, then add crushed ice to the glass edges. Now pour the entire mixture into a cocktail shaker, shake or actively returns to the same glass.

Orange alcohol cocktail under the code name "James Bond girl." We assume that this drink she will not drink alone, and in the company of James, so prepare two portions. We need these two portions to clean two large orange, run them through a juicer, getting the juice with pulp. Add to the sifted cocoa powder in a quantity of one teaspoon of sugar and the same amount of powder. To avoid lumps formed, it is possible to pour the cocoa powder and then directly through the strainer and stir gently. And you can take instead of cocoa and powdered sugar bags ready for a hot chocolate and pour one for each piece of orange alcoholic cocktail.


Next, pour into glasses for twenty milliliters of vodka and forty milliliters martini. And then equally divide derived from oranges, cocoa and icing sugar mixture and also pour it into glasses, being careful not to mix with the already available there and the vodka martini. Carefully omit a few ice cubes in each glass, decorate their umbrellas and a ribbon of orange peel and - voila! - Enjoy a romantic evening!

Alcoholic cocktail "Orange Flip". Initially it flips considered - and not just a thought, but really were hot mixed alcoholic drinks of beer, spices and eggs. It appeared in the days when Britain was the largest colonial power. Almost immediately after his appearance in the preparation flips beer began to replace the sometimes hot rum. Over time, however, flips popularity has led not only to the fact that their production has been put on an industrial basis, but also to the fact that they have ceased to be hot. But the presence of the egg dictate its terms - to the external appearance of the beverage did not repulsive, it was necessary to drink it immediately after cooking. A vkachestve alcohol bases used in almost any alcohol: it may be all the same beer, and rum, and brandy and wine, vodka, cognac, and even champagne. Flips are considered to be ladies and cocktails are served, as a rule, "for dessert."

We will prepare an alcoholic orange cocktail - flip with orange juice. In mixer bowl put once all the necessary ingredients: per serving cocktails take twenty milliliters of brandy and sugar syrup, forty - orange juice, ten - liqueur "Cointreau", one chicken yachnomu yolk and half a teaspoon of finely chopped pistachios. Do not forget to add a few ice cubes. All this is thoroughly mixed, filtered in a glass. Top orange alcoholic cocktail - Flip sprinkle with a pinch of unsalted and again finely chopped roasted pistachios edge of a glass decorate with a slice of orange.

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