Despite all the love for certain types of cheese, sometimes you want to try something "sort of." Therefore, we offer you the most interesting and unusual varieties of cheese, which is worth a try in Russia.

Nutty cheese with fenugreek TM "Joy of Taste "

This cheese is really worth a try, because the taste of it the most unusual. Against the background of the familiar aftertaste quality cheese feels taste of walnuts and a small note, indicating the presence of legumes, to which the genus belongs fenugreek. Read more about this truly extraordinary cheese on the official website http: //radost-vkusa.rf/

Melted milk TM "Joy of Taste"

Amazingly fragrant, reminiscent of childhood cheese. While preserving the feel of the cheese tastes wonderful smell of warm milk and a light caramel flavor. Most interesting is that this variety is not sweet, and a little less salty than usual.

Italian Provolone cheese

It is produced by several Russian brands that have managed to retain its natural flavor. It has a spicy taste, slightly salty and very flavorful. Especially interesting are his smoked varieties. It stands out among the other cheeses, and even the original packaging in the form of a bag with stylized zavyazochki.


Now it is made virtually all Russian manufacturers of cheese. Additional product details: juiciness, milk cream flavor, moderate salinity, and rapid melting. This is one of the most useful cheeses, since it has more than the other contains calcium and protein.

Lionheart TM "Joy of Taste"

Done on the basis of melted cream. This gives it a truly creamy taste and tenderness. It refers to new varieties of cheese, so it is worth a try at least once.

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If you like the taste of cheese in salted crackers or chips, then you definitely need to try the "original" - cheddar cheese. He has a solid number of species, so that everyone will find a suitable to your taste. Incidentally, this is the best selling and most popular cheese in the world.


This is yet another global leader among cheese. In Russia, it is quite decent learned to produce a number of companies. Despite its softness, it has a dense texture and also the cheese has nutty flavor. Nominally refers to varieties of mold as a crust in his mold. It is certainly worth savoring those who want to, but is afraid to try Roquefort and similar varieties. Unlike the latter, the smell is less pronounced.


French cheese is clearly an amateur. For those who are used to the usual cheese, tasting it becomes extreme. Not only is the mold rind gives much ammonia as the product itself smells like smelling salts. Color is gray, the top covered with white mold.


A real Swiss cheese, known since the 13th century. It boasts a very large holes in, the more of them, the more pronounced taste. He really cheesy, slightly tangy and salty. Emmental is always yellow. It is this variety has all the taste that we so appreciate in solid syrah.3

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