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Pink salmon - is not very expensive, but very useful fish in all respects. The salmon meat contains a complex of microelements that are beneficial to human health.These include iodo, fluoro, calcium, sulfur, and other elements that enhance the functioning of the digestive system, brain, heart and blood vessels. If the fish is prepared properly, most of the components simply evaporate. Most remains of nutrients, if not pink salmon be heat treated. In this regard, the best fit for its preparation - it is salting.

Nowadays, most housewives do it yourself, as to count on the purchase a quality product is not particularly necessary. Very often people speak out on the subject of low-quality salmon purchased in stores. Basically, it's overdue fish product, which can seriously affect human health.

salmon meat is suitable for use in a variety of dishes: from it we can cook the soup, it is possible to salt, cook on the grill, add to salads or eat raw. Cutting red fish is always one of the components of the festive table. As a rule, the presence on the table red fish points to family welfare and its good taste.


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    • 4.3 Pink salmon "for Salmon" with lemon
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Salted salmon at the salmon

Salted salmon at the salmon

The recipe of this preparation is very simple and it is able to master every housewife. This recipe does not involve the use of sugar, so, in a very short time turns into a lean salmon dish that can be eaten.

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To prepare you need:

  • 1 kg of salmon fillets.
  • 100 ml of vegetable (sunflower) oil.
  • 1.3 liters of boiled water.
  • 5 tablespoons of salt.
  • Black pepper.

First we need to cut the fillets into suitable pieces. Then proceed to the preparation of brine. To do this, take the already cooled down, but boiled water and dissolve in it the salt, stirring regularly composition. Then, in this pickle, somewhere minutes at 10 be placed fish pieces. After this time, pieces of fish accrue from the brine and dried with a paper towel.

In the next stage, these same pieces of salmon carefully, the layers are stacked in a suitable container. In this case, each layer watered oil. The final stage - this room fish in the refrigerator, somewhere in half an hour. After this time, pink salmon pickled thus ready to be served, together with herbs, onions and lemon.

Why not salmon, and salmon?

Why salmon rather than salmon

Naturally, the salmon, if it is prepared in a similar way and to submit to the holiday table, will cause a stir because it tastier salmon. But here there is one "but", which has to always consider. The thing is that salmon is very tasty fish, in some Western countries are grown artificially, using genetically modified chemical compounds. Besides the fact that salmon is a much more expensive salmon, it can be dangerous to human health.

As for salmon, its small growers artificially. Therefore, to buy an artificial pink salmon is practically impossible. If the salmon is commercially available, it is likely to fish caught in the ocean expanses, and not on some farm, located in one of the countries of America.

How to prepare the fish for salting?

It is important to properly prepare the fish to the pickling process. Better, of course, if it is fresh fish, but it can be purchased only in those places where it engaged in fishing. Most likely, it will be frozen carcass, which should be thawed, and correctly. You can never force this process and allow the fish to defrost naturally in the refrigerator. Should be given the opportunity to all the water is gone, and then it is cut and washed under running water. When cleaning fish care should be taken not to leave the meat bones.

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Fillet of salmon should be soft. To accurately calculate the right amount of salt, it is desirable to weigh the fillets. It is advisable as well to cut off the head and tail with fins. Sliced ​​into slices with a thickness not more than half a centimeter to a well soaked meat seasoned brine.

Simple and inexpensive recipes for salting salmon salmon

The three most common and cheapest method of preparing salmon. Despite this, quite delicious salmon turns to her to put on a festive table in the form of cuts or cook classic sandwiches.

Pink salmon "for Salmon"

salmon by salmon

This will require not a large range of products:

  • 3 tablespoons of salt.
  • The same amount of sugar.
  • 100 ml of vegetable (sunflower) oil.
  • 1 kg of salmon fillets.

The fish is cut into large chunks. Salt and sugar are mixed together. Taken tableware for salting and at its bottom is filled thin layer of sugar and salt. Thereafter, in the mixture from above stacked pieces of salmon and sprinkled on top again a mixture of salt and sugar.

Prepared in this way the fish is placed on the refrigerator 3 hours. After this time the pieces are removed from the excess of a mixture of salt and sugar, then poured fish oil.

Salted salmon in brine under the "salmon"

Salted salmon in brine for salmon

The range of products:

  • Pink salmon fillet.
  • Salt, 5 tablespoons.
  • Water 1 liter.
  • Sunflower (or more) oil.

The salt dissolves in cold, clean water, preferably boiling. Fish fillets cut into small pieces. These fillet slices are placed in brine for half an hour at room temperature. If you want, you can add any spices, but there should be very little, or lost all the taste of fish. If they are few, they do not interfere.

Pink salmon "for Salmon" with lemon

humpback salmon under lemon

Pink salmon, cooked with lemon, is very popular among fans of fish dishes. In fact, to prepare this delicacy is quite simple, even at home.

To prepare this tasty dish you will need :

  • Salmon fish - 1 kg fillets.
  • Salt - a tablespoon.
  • Sugar - one and a half tablespoons.
  • Ground black pepper - 1 pinch.
  • Vegetable oil - 100 ml.
  • Two lemons.
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Prepared from salmon fillets should be cut into chunks, depending on personal preference. In this case, you should take into account the fact that the larger the pieces, the longer they will be prepared. Salt, sugar and black pepper mixed together. Pieces thoroughly rubbed dry mixture on all sides. Lemons, cut into thin slices. The prepared dishes are laid out pieces of fish, thus, each piece should shift with a slice of lemon. Thereafter the fish is left to 10 hours. After this time the fish is filled with oil and is left for another 3 hours, after which pink salmon can serve.

How to apply and use the pink salmon

Since the meat pink salmon has a whole range of vitamins and minerals, it is desirable to use every day, leading to a balance of all the vital components of the human body. To the holiday table pink salmon fed with onions and herbs, cutting it into small pieces previously.

Actually, quite a lot of supply options. Broad popular toasts and sandwiches with red fish, decorated with leaves of parsley, while others prefer conventional cutting, so as not to mix the flavor of the meat pink salmon with condiments.

How useful are salmon

salmon meat is valued not only for the presence of vitamins and minerals, but also for the protein content, which is easily assimilated by the human body. But all the advantages of salmon can be reduced to zero if it is properly prepared.

Before cooking salmon, it is better to use some tips, such as:

  1. It is better to buy a whole carcass freshly caught salmon.
  2. To speed up the pickling it is desirable to increase the amount of sugar.
  3. Frozen fish is best cut into pieces before defrosting.
  4. Fish cooked quickly, if it is put under pressure.
  5. The longer the fish is in brine, so it will be salty, but more than 3 days to keep her in the brine can not.
  6. To pieces uniformly impregnated with brine, they should be regularly turn.
  7. The fish was salted, it can be soaked in water and dry.
  8. The meaty fillets, the easier it is preparing.

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