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A lot of parents familiar with the situation when the kids do not want to eat and have to make them. And in the course are a variety of ways to get a child to eat.

Some promise to do something, to reduce to the zoo or to the park, buy a toy, while others can be punished, but the most effective and simple method to force the child to eat - it is interesting to issue food to children, beautifully decorated with children's meals.

How you arrange meals for children and to decorate children's meals do not know how all parents, so we decided to help adults as the original draw food kiddies and show you the best pictures of ideas as simple and decorate baby food quickly and arrange food for children, from which your kids will love .

Simple ideas on how to decorate a photo baby food, or how to decorate the children's meals, you can easily replicate, or inspired by the examples of how to arrange food for children, will be able to come up with their own versions of how to decorate the children's meals.

How to make food for children - a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner

Very many children it is difficult to get there in the morning, so good for you to learn how to draw an original baby food.

Beautiful and delicious breakfast for the child in the form of oladushek in the form of the sun or small animals, an unusual eggs with vegetables or the same oatmeal or cream of wheat, decorated with fruit composition will not leave anyone indifferent child.

How to make food for children for lunch if it is predominantly soup. Here, too, there are plenty of original ways to decorate children's meals. Slicing vegetables in the soup, try to make them into figurines.

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Of carrots will turn out beautiful flowers of potatoes can be cut geometric figures or animal silhouettes. How do you kids soup with asterisks month and vegetables, certain to please and your kid.

You can approach the question of how to decorate children's dishes are very creative and arrange food for children, making a real masterpiece on a plate.

From garnish perfectly impossible to make silhouettes of animals or children's favorite characters. Vegetables will add brightness and will be the main components in the design of children's dishes. From these beautiful and original decoration of dishes, your children will not be able to refuse.

How to make food for children in school - "funny" sandwiches

Prepare child sandwiches to school, even a meal can be interesting to formalize and make children's dish appetizing in appearance. How to decorate the nursery foods like sandwiches? Pretty simple.

Slicing cheese, sausage or ham and laying it on the bread, make sandwiches more interesting and lay out of the products of animals or cartoon characters as seen in the photo how to arrange food for children.

How to decorate a children's meals for the holiday

Ideas of how to decorate the children's meals, and how to arrange food for children suitable for children's birthday parties or fun baby shower.

On these holidays, children pay more attention to sweet, so you need as much as possible to draw their attention to ordinary food extraordinary and simple way as the design of children's dishes.

Delicious canapés decorated with ladybirds of cherry tomatoes, boiled eggs in the form of mushrooms, mice or chickens, fruit and vegetable appetizers on skewers - this is what can please the children at the children's festival.

Beautifully decorated with food to children, you can have peace of mind if the kids do not eat the beautifully designed children's meals, make sure you try them.


Inspiring ideas, how to decorate the baby food by looking at a small selection of photos from the original design of children's dishes.

How to decorate a children's meals: how to decorate food photo baby, ideas for a beautiful children's breakfast, lunch or dinner

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