Dessert of yogurt

Mix 100 grams of yogurt and your favorite cheese (by the way, can use ricotta) in a blender - the consistency should be smooth and thick. Put the resulting cream in a glass and dunks him figs, peaches, figs, apples or any other fruit. Add the yogurt pinch of red chili pepper and cinnamon to warm up and at the same time make the metabolism work faster.

2. Pumpkin Pudding

This dessert is not terrible, even Monday night! Mix 100 grams of yogurt 100 grams of baked pumpkin (you can also use sweet potatoes if you can find it). Add the chopped pumpkin seeds and a few drops of honey. Before serving Put the pudding in the ice-cream bowls and garnish with pecan nuts. Well, or walnuts - they will also be very tasty.
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3. This fruit yogurt

In a blender or food processor, mix one glass of yogurt and frozen fruit or berries. Add a little vanilla. Serve immediately, laid out in a jar of yogurt or ice-cream bowls.

4. Chocolate Mousse

Ever heard of vegan chocolate mousse, which is taken as the basis of avocado? So, we offer the avocado substitute yogurt. To do this, melt a couple of squares of dark chocolate in a water bath, cool slightly and mix with yogurt. By the way, you can add a tablespoon of strong coffee and a pinch of red hot peppers - we believe this combination in the dessert caused to wake up even Sleeping Beauty.
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5. Pineapple parfait

Attention all lovers of Pina Colada. This dessert you enjoy no less! The beaker mix fresh pineapple cubes (100 grams will suffice) with 150 grams of yogurt and tablespoon coconut. Before serving, sprinkle with a pinch of nutmeg dessert. That's all!

6. Yogurt-brulee

Just because you can do brulee anytime, anywhere! The main thing - to have to do a special burner. So, take a 120-gram jar of natural yoghurt, put it in kremanku, sprinkle with brown sugar. With burners melt the sugar in the caramel, then place the dish in a refrigerator until the crust of dessert. Serve with fresh berries.

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7. Nuts dessert with chocolate

Do you think that in this recipe will be a lot of description and not less sugar and flour? Wrong. Mix 100 grams of yogurt with a teaspoon or peanut almond oil, honey pair droplets pinch vanillin and tablespoon chopped nuts. Put in the ice-cream bowls and sprinkle with chocolate chips. Perfect dessert is ready!

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